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Nightmare Fuel / Licence to Kill

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And you thought your migraines were bad.

Licence to Kill is certainly the bloodiest and goriest James Bond film ever made. In fact, when it was originally submitted to the MPAA, it was given a Restricted Rating and had to be toned down to get a PG-13 note . Here's why.

  • Milton Krest's death by Explosive Decompression (photo). YEEEESH.
    • The lead-up to said death, which has no background music but does have the sound of the depth gauge machine reaching a crescendo and then releasing air as it is punctured. Then Krest's head inflates...
    • What makes it worse is Sanchez's expression: it's completely blank during the entire death scene, and he actually takes the time to let Krest know he's screwed by showing him the axe he uses to destroy the pipe for a few seconds.
    • Also of note: as gruesome as the scene is, it was actually toned down from the original concept where the figure of Krest in the window had an even more strong resemblance to Anthony Zerbe. It ended up this way due to producers wanting to avoid censorship. Think about that for a moment.
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    • A subtle moment occurs shortly before this. When Sanchez arrives at the WaveKrest, he questions Krest himself while sending Perez and Braun to look around the ship. When they find the money, Perez goes to Sanchez and whispers the news into his ear, and while Sanchez keeps his cool demeanor, his eyes go wide with murderous rage.
  • Dario's run in with a cocaine grinder. You don't see him directly being shredded, but bloody bits coming out the other side of the grinder, blood-dyed cocaine dust and a vivid imagination can fill in the details, not to mention Dario's screams. He very much deserved it for raping and killing Felix Leiter's wife, that being said.
  • Sanchez feeding Leiter's legs to a shark and Dario informing him that he raped and killed Della ("We gave her a nice honeymoooon!"). Especially after Bond visits the now-empty house and sees everything destroyed and Della's dead body on the bed, eyes still open.
    Felix Leiter: See You in Hell!
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  • Heller meeting his dead end - impaled on a forklift.
  • Sanchez's Establishing Character Moment at the beginning of the film: killing his mistress Lupe's lover (and cutting his heart out, to boot) and then whipping her with the tail of a stingray, made even worse by the downright ominous music, and his Faux Affably Evil tone. Not to mention the scream the guy makes as his heart is cut out (offscreen). By the way, Dario was the one who did that.
    • And when Bond sees her scars later, it's clear from Lupe's response that Sanchez manipulates her into thinking it's her fault that he whipped her. Yeah.
    • Sanchez himself is pretty terrifying, if it's when he's being Faux Affably Evil, or when he goes into a rage (which he does very often). But when he undergoes his Villainous Breakdown near the end of the film, it really peaks.
    • The scariest thing about him is that there really were people like him at the time (Pablo Escobar, anyone?) Most Bond villains want global domination. But Sanchez - he's already achieved global domination in the drug lord business... and he didn't have a laser or a superweapon or anything.
  • Bond's killing of Ed Killifer, the DEA agent who sold Leiter out, by tossing him into a shark pool where he's killed by the same shark that mauled Felix. The death isn't even the scary part - it's Bond's expression. No quip and raised eyebrow, just blankness, one of his most cold-blooded moments in the whole series and aided immensely by Timothy Dalton's absolutely chilling delivery. The posters said that his bad side is a dangerous place to be. They weren't kidding.
  • When this Bond sneaks aboard the WaveKrest and threatens Lupe with a knife, you're genuinely scared for her. The Unfortunate Implications is that she's an abused wife to begin with.
  • The manner in which Bond finally kills Sanchez, by setting his gasoline-soaked body alight with his lighter — the same one Felix and Della had given him as their wedding gift. Sanchez is then left to burn alive before stumbling into the leaking gasoline tanker. It is as brutal and terrifying as it is truly karmic.
  • Krest's men are so nonchalant about killing Sharkey that the guy who catches him even laughs about it when he brings the body in, hung up like a fish.
    Krest: Nice work, Carv!
    Carv: Thanks, Mr. Krest! Guess what, his name was Sharkey! [laughs]


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