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Nightmare Fuel / GoldenEye

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  • Xenia Onatopp qualifies for a number of instances across the film; as stunning as Famke Janssen is, Xenia's actions easily make her more than a little terrifying;
    • The murder of the technicians in the Severnaya bunker, but particularly Xenia's... moaning while she's shooting. Even the ruthless General Ourumov, who has no problem expending hundreds of infantrymen in the name of carrying out Trevelyan's dirty work, looks disturbed by her behavior.
    • The final fight Bond has with Xenia can hardly be called that, as she easily overpowers Bond, and then puts him between her legs to kill him... and begins creepily grunting and making the creepiest faces ever. Bond only wins by using her gun to kill the helicopter pilot, causing her to be strangled as the plane crashes.
    • Xenia's two sex scenes of the film, where her victim's reactions are entirely at contrast with hers, could count as this; The first, a womanising Admiral, dies crying with pain between her thighs - the novelisation goes one step further and specifies he can tell his ribs are breaking as he dies. The second is the sauna bench scene with Bond, and his expression is borderline terrified as he realises what her killing technique entails, while she grunts and writhes with pleasure. Bonus points go to the fact that Xenia appears to be curling her toes while she squeezes Bond; Is Famke Janssen putting genuine thought into her role, or actually enjoying it? After this, she even mocks his attempts to free himself - essentially shrugging off his trying to wind her by mocking him and then tries to drain the life from him during another kiss; when she finally breaks something - enough to scare Bond some more - her response is to hold him against her and laugh.
  • Following the detonation of the first satellite and the incoming Russian Air Force responding to the distress call; we're treated to close-ups of the pilots seemingly being electrocuted and screaming with terror as their jets go out of control, quickly followed by Natalya's harrowing near-death experience in the bunker, capped off with the satellite frame nearly crushing her to death.
    • One of the pilots is shown beating on the canopy from the inside of his plane as it crashes into the satellite dish.
    • While the film's depiction of the effects of an EMP blast is ridiculously over-the-top, it does lead to some Fridge Horror when you remember that Trevelyan's plan was to use the second GoldenEye satellite on London. The level of carnage that would have been caused by every single electrical device in the UK's capital city exploding like a bomb, all at the same time, hardly even bears thinking about.note 
  • The frightening speed at which the treacherous General Ourumov pulls off a Boom, Headshot! on both Mishkin and his guard when his cover has just been blown. Both men are dead in a fraction of a second.
    • Just Ourumov in general. He may be answering to Trevelyan, but he more than holds up by himself as a formidable adversary to Bond, with Russia's entire military at his disposal as he sees fit to use them. It's the power he enjoys even as he has betrayed his own country that makes him so frightening.
  • At the end of the movie, the second Alec hits the ground after he falls from the antenna, there is a Jump Scare when the movie cuts to Boris screaming like a lunatic at the camera.
    • Though for some, due to Boris's entertainingly hammy character his scream could qualify as a humorous Villainous Breakdown
    • Let's talk about Trevelyan's near immortality, and his actual death-scene. Despite being played by Sean Bean, who is legally obligated to die in every film, Trevelyan takes a damn long time to actually kick the bucket. First he gets shot in the head, which was a faked death but we don't know that until he appears again in a graveyard like a ghoul, appearing amidst tombstones and fog to haunt Bond for his apparent failure. That alone is creepy enough. But then in the finale during his fight with Bond on the satellite rig, he tumbles to what appears to be another death, landing with a crash on the ground and visibly breaking his leg (bonus points for being gross about it too), but he's STILL not dead. He only dies when the satellite rig collapses and flattens him, but even then you can see a thin needle-like spire entering his chest first. To sum up: he not only fell and broke his bones, he then got stabbed in the chest mere seconds before being crushed under tons and tons of burning steel and iron. And with Trevelyan's track record so far, let's just assume he survived even THAT.
  • At one point during the credits, a woman's mouth opens and a gun comes out and fires several shots. It's a disturbing image already, even more so if you consider the likely sexual symbolism behind it.
  • After surviving Severnaya, Natalya makes contact with Boris, who tells her to meet her in a church. Several creepy angled shots and movements give a very claustrophobic shot of Natalya worried she's followed, eventually causing her to run right into Boris...and Xenia.