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Nightmare Fuel / Tomorrow Never Dies

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  • In his Establishing Character Moment, Stamper ruthlessly guns down all of the HMS Devonshire survivors.
  • Bond throws one of Carver's mooks into a big newspaper printing machine. Cue a flow of blood-tainted newspapers.
  • Bond's execution of Dr. Kaufman; Even though he totally had it coming, his is an especially cold kill as Bond shoots him in the face.
  • Stamper intends to torture Bond and Wai Lin using the methods he learned from Dr. Kaufman, and shows them the instruments.
    • Specifically, the torture is one that's based on the Hindu concept of the Chakra; which are parts of the body that were seen as centers of life force (the body parts Carver mentions as an example are the heart and genitals). The very sharp instruments used in this type of torture are designed to probe those body parts and inflict the maximum amount of pain...while keeping the victim alive for as long as possible (apparently the aforementioned Dr. Kaufman once managed to keep a poor sap going for 52 hours). If all that doesn't give you chills, then this line from Carver will:
    Carver: When you remove Mr Bond's heart, there should be just enough time for him to watch it stop beating.
    • Even more horrifying is that Kauffman tells Bond that torture is a hobby for him. Aside from the thought that someone could do that to amuse themselves, imagine what the good doctor could do if this were his actual profession.
  • Elliot Carver gets shredded by his own sea drill in a Gory Discretion Shot.


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