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Tear Jerker / Licence to Kill

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  • The death (and strongly-implied rape) of Della and Felix Leiter's own mauling by a shark, all courtesy of Franz Sanchez.
    • It's even worse when Fridge Horror sets in: Bond and Felix have both lost their brides on their wedding day.
      "He was married once. But that was a long time ago."
    • Bond's sheer horror when he finds their bodies in their house. He is overcome with grief at Della's lifeless expression, and by the time he finds Felix, the man has already resigned himself to what is in the body bag left in the man's office. And then Felix starts regaining consciousness. He immediately moves to stabilize his friend and calls for an ambulance.
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    • Worse still, even though he survives, Felix is still without a good portion of his leg and nearly lost his arm as well. His CIA days are almost certainly over, and it'll be a long road to recovery for him without his wife by his side. Sharkey in particular reacts as well as anyone would when Bond tells him the severity of Felix's injuries.
  • Sharkey's death; not helped by the fact that he was such a Nice Guy. Bond doesn't take his demise that much better.
  • Loti starts crying by Kwang's side as he's dying. The two of them were shown in a more sympathetic way with that scene, they were just doing their job and Bond got in the way, leading to their deaths.
  • Lupe's life might be full of riches since she's very much a Gold Digger, but it isn't the happiest there is, what with Sanchez's domestic abuse on her.


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