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Tear Jerker / Licence to Kill

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  • The death (and strongly-implied rape) of Della and Felix Leiter's own mauling by a shark, all courtesy of Sanchez.
    • It's even worse when Fridge Horror sets in: Bond and Felix have both lost their brides on their wedding day.
      "He was married once. But that was a long time ago."
  • Sharkey's death; not helped by the fact that he was such a Nice Guy. Bond doesn't take his demise that much better.
  • Loti starts crying by Kwang's side as he's dying. The two of them were shown in a more sympathetic way with that scene, they were just doing their job and Bond got in the way, leading to their death.
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  • Lupe's life might be full of riches since she's very much a Gold Digger, but it isn't the happiest there is, what with Sanchez' domestic abuse on her.


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