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  • Blooper: In the original Madeline, after Madeline is rushed to the hospital with appendicitis, the illustrations show only eleven girls brushing their teeth and going to bed. But at the dinner table, the illustration still shows twelve girls eating dinner.
  • Died During Production: Ludwig Bemelmans passed on in 1962, leaving Madeline in America unfinished (the story has already been completed, but the illustration hasn't). Bemelmans' grandson, John Bemelmans-Marciano, eventually completed the illustrations and got the book published. He has written and illustrated all-new Madeline books published since.
  • What Could Have Been: "Madeline at the White House" was originally going to be a collaboration between Ludwig Bemelmans and Jacqueline Kennedy, under the title "Madeline Visits Caroline." Due to the former's death, it was not written until his grandson John Bemelmans-Marciano took up continuing the series.


     Western Animation 
  • Billing Displacement: Whoopi Goldberg as Miss Clavel gets a "starring" label during the credits of My Fair Madeline with Chantal Strand (who plays the titular character) coming in second even though the former didn't appear much after her one musical number during the beginning.
  • Celebrity Voice Actor: Christopher Plummer narrated all of the original specials and the 1993 and 1995 series, and won an Emmy for his efforts.
  • Channel Hop:
  • Children Voicing Children: Usually played straight with Madeline (although Andrea Libman continued to voice the character until reaching the age of 18) and always played straight with Pepito. Sometimes averted with the other eleven girls, though, who were occasionally voiced by late teenage or adult actresses.
  • Franchise Killer: My Fair Madeline, which was one of Nickelodeon's "Sunday Movie Toons". Did anyone really want to see Madeline being punished in any way, let alone by being forced to go to charm school, for anything, let alone for something she didn't do?
    • Although they did another feature, Madeline in Tahiti a few years after, but it never got noticed until 2015. Plus, it never got released physically, only on Amazon, iTunes Store and YouTube.
  • Fridge Brilliance/Shown Their Work: Amidst the errors in the episode Madeline and the Mummy, most Muslim countries, Egypt included, do close for extended lunches on Fridays, due to extended Islamic prayers/sermons being held on Friday afternoons.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: For a while. After the Golden Books Video/DVD releases and the show being pulled from DiC's Saturday morning block, it was nowhere to be found... Until Shout! Factory started releasing new DVDs of the series.
    • However, while the specials are finally released, for a while they were only available from digital download stores, which are region-locked and thus pushed the official releases into No Export for You territory. They have since been released on DVD by Mill Creek Entertainment in September 2013.
    • Hulu has 59 episodes, but none of the specials. Also, did we mention that Hulu will not let you have a crack at the videos if you're neither in the US nor Japan?
    • Though everyone thinks that My Fair Madeline is the last animated project of Madeline, it's actually not. That title should belong to Madeline in Tahiti; a direct-to-video film made in 2007 (merely 5 years after My Fair...) but its mainstream obscurity was so great, it has nary a mention on The Other Wiki's Madeline page, much less This Very Wiki even though it's available for download in iTunes and can be purchased on Amazon. Trailers and clips do exist on YouTube but the movie would not be seen publicly until 2020 when the WildBrain channel finally uploaded it in its entirety.
  • No Export for You: The early specials still have not aired in several countries to this day, they can only be watched by means of importing the DVD. Likewise, the Hulu and Unbox videos aren't available in countries where the services refuse to cater to.
    • The abovementioned Madeline in Tahiti is not available in two thirds of the world where Hulu, Unbox Videos (and forget Amazon Prime, it's not available there) and Youtube Red isn't available. iTunes also only offers the special in a handful of countries and not worldwide. Averted as of 2020 when the "Madeline - WildBrain" YouTube channel has uploaded the movie for the world to see.
  • The Other Darrin: Madeline has changed voice actors no less than 4 times, once a season (Marsha Moreau was Madeline #1. Tracey-Lee Smythe was Madeline #2. Andrea Libman was Madeline #3. And Chantal Strand was Madeline #4). And none of them played Madeline in the live action movie, either. Come to think of it, most of the characters changed voice actors at least once in the entire run. Sometimes they even switched from one role to another: for example, Tracey-Lee Smythe took over as Danielle when Andrea Libman replaced her as Madeline.
  • Relationship Voice Actor:
  • Screwed by the Network: Playhouse Disney continued airing it long after people stopped watching it on that channel and were paying more attention to Rolie Polie Olie, PB&J Otter, Out of the Box etc.; eventually in June 2002 it was pushed back to 6 A.M. in the morning when kids weren't even awake to watch it, and eventually when block rearranged it's schedule in January 2003 it was quietly removed from the block (Though this was more likely due to their liscense expiring and them not wanting to renew).
    • ABC removed the show after seven airings in 1995.
  • Talking to Herself: You get that when Miss Clavel talks to Genevieve in the animated series. Although Genevieve could only bark back.