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Heartwarming / Madeline

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  • When Genevieve returns home safe and sound in Madeline's Rescue. Doubly so as they're finally allowed to keep her at the end and she gives birth to a litter of puppies!
  • When Mr. Grump asks the girls to call him "Gramps" at the end of Madeline's Holiday With Mr. Grump.
  • When Madeline sings Without You in Madeline and the Science Project. Also a Tear Jerker.
  • The ending exchange of "Goodnight little girls, thank the Lord you are well." "Goodnight, goodnight dear Miss Clavel!", cements Miss Clavel's devotion to the girls and vice versa.
  • After Pepito is attacked by the pack of dogs his parents realize that they haven't been spending enough time with him and resolve to change that. Plus they're just so overwhelmingly relieved when they find out he's okay.
  • The entire last act of Madeline's Christmas, where Madame Marie cures the sick girls and Miss Clavel with her special porridge, then lifts their spirits with the song "Never Give Up on Wishes," and the girls' families all arrive at the school to celebrate Christmas with them.
  • Madeline at the Ballet:
    • When Madeline is the only one in her class not chosen to perform in The Happy Swan, Tatiana the prima ballerina persuades the dance master, Gaston, to include her as well.
      Gaston: Her legs are too short. She's entirely too small! And she...she wobbled!
      Tatiana: (laughs gently) I wobbled, too, the first time I auditioned for you, Gaston.
    • After Madeline accidentally causes a disaster during dress rehearsal while trying to impress Gaston, she finds a back room to hide in and cries in despair. Tatiana finds her and gives her a pep talk, telling her about when she was a young ballerina and caused a similar accident by trying to wear toe shoes before she was ready. She gifts Madeline a pair of ballet slippers and insists that she perform on opening night with the other girls, which is enough encouragement to make her want to come back. On opening night, everyone's performance — including Madeline's — is flawless.

Lost in Paris

  • The scene where, during what may be their last night together, the girls are telling each other about how they'll always be friends. Also a Tear Jerker so sad, even the moon cries.
  • Before leaving for Vienna, Miss Clavel gifts Madeline one last keepsake: her mother's necklace. In an sweet/awesome way, the necklace is also what helps her friends find her again.
  • Madeline and Miss Clavel's reunion.
  • During the epilogue, Madeline's hair has grown back, but the rest of the girls have cut their hair in a similar fashion that LaCroque did to Madeline, most likely so she wouldn't feel ashamed of how her hair looked. Double heartwarming, they are proving to be Madeline's family in spirit by doing this.
  • The ending: Madeline donating all of her reward money to funding a brand new school at which her new friends from LaCroque's shop can finally have a real home. Doubly heartwarming is when Fifi reappears, cleaned up and healthy with her hair finally regrown.

1998 film

  • Miss Clavel's unwavering dedication to her girls. Upon hearing that one of them (this one being Madeline) is missing, she rushes out to find her. Also, during her search, she finds Genevieve and lets her ride in the car despite her allergy flaring up around the dog.
  • At the beginning, instead of just letting the doctor take the sick Madeline to the hospital as in other versions, Miss Clavel goes with her the way a mother would, even protesting when she's made to stay outside of the operating room, and giving Madeline courage by having her repeat the mantra "I can do anything."
  • Miss Clavel comforting Madeline when she cries over the pending closure of the school. Doubles as a Tear Jerker, but it definitely highlights their close bond.
  • Madeline reunited with the girls, even Vicky
  • Pepito reunited with his parents.