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     DiC animated series 


  • A Lampshade Wearing moment in the episode "Madeline and the Big Cheese". Danielle and Madeline has to come up with an impromptu way to lull Lord Cucuface to sleep so... well, see the summary.
    Madeline: Psst, Danielle, you be the queen
    Danielle: Me? Queen who?
    Madeline: (thinks) AHA! (Puts lampshade over Danielle's head) Queen Lampshade!
    Danielle: Fine, and you be Princess Drapery!
  • In Madeline and the Pirates: "Greybeard?! How terrible!" "Terrible indeed. Especially since he died 200 years ago."
  • Whenever Maestro Stroganoff hammily bursts into tears in "Madeline and the Old Violin."
  • While it was certainly not funny, and even kind of scary, seeing the girls all catching chicken pox in "Madeline and the Costume Party", what preceded it was quite funny: Madeline shows off her Joan of Arc costume, not knowing she now has visible spots on her face, prompting Nicole to announce, "Whoever heard of Joan of Arc with polka dots!?".
  • One of the lies in "Madeline and the White Lie" was that the crown belonged to King Louie the Nineteenth-and-a-half, and they only know half as much about him because he's half a king. Then, she imagines the statue telling her off.
    Imaginary Statue: There were not 19 Louies. And there was not half a Louie! You lied!
  • In "Madeline At The Cooking School", the girls' initial recipe is so horrible, not only Even the Rats Won't Touch It, Lord Cucuface turns green (in the face)!
  • From the original special, after Madeline has her appendix taken out:
    • When the other girls are talking the morning after Madeline's appendix is removed, they try to imagine how that'd work. Chloe thinks the appendix is located in the head and imagines Madeline with a chunk taken out of her head. Nicole thinks it's a part of the arm and imagines Madeline with a chunk taken out of her arm. Yvette knows that the appendix is in the tummy, but then Danielle says, "Now Madeline has a hole in her tummy!" and imagines her with a chunk taken out of her side.
    • Funny, but also a Tear Jerker: the other girls are so shaken up from missing Madeline and/or from the prospect of her getting surgery that they keep getting things wrong. They end up frowning at the good and smiling at the bad, claiming that they love their butter most of all instead of each other during grace, and thinking that they should brush their bread and break their teeth.
    • When the other girls want to have their appendixes removed so that they can have scars, they draw fake scars on their bellies... except for Nicole, who draws a letter "B" instead, and Janine, who draws an "A."
  • In "Madeline and the Gypsies," when the circus lion gets sick, the strongman and clown go out to look for a new lion in the forest. They come back with a squirrel and a bluebird, somehow thinking that these would make a decent substitute.

Lost in Paris

  • When Madeline asks why LaCroque got her name (she used to be called "La Jolie Fleur"):
    Henri: She wilted.
  • LaCroque demanding no laughter but stumbling on her words.
    LaCroque: "There will be no laughing here! Laughing is banished! Smiling is banned! Happiness is... is..."
    Henri: Verboten?
  • Henri (who is trying to dispose of Madeline's suitcase) claims the suitcase belongs to him. Ms. Clavel calls him out on his lie when she opens the suitcase to reveal what is clearly Madeline's belongings.
  • Everytime Pepito takes out his fake shrunken head.
    Miss Clavel: Put it away!

     1998 Film 
  • During the scene where Madeline has appendicitis at night, another girl wonders if she ate something bad, which leads to the others freaking out because they all ate the same thing. Also, the Literal-Minded girl Chantal wonders if they should call the fire department due to Madeline "burning up", and when told it's a metaphor, Vicky says, "Like Chantal's thick as a plank!"
    Serena: "That's a simile!"
  • Initially exaggerating about her surgery process (namely by saying they "stuck their bare hands in and pulled out some of [her] guts"), Madeline admits to being asleep during the surgery (thereby not knowing exactly what happened), and Alpha Bitch Vicky replies, "So basically, all you did was take a long nap?".
  • After Madeline is released from the hospital, Helen's car is forced to wait behind a lorry, causing the cook to remember her first husband, who was a lorry driver, and call him a stupid man. After a minute, she gets frustrated and proceeds to go around it over the sidewalk, much to Madeline's shock.
  • Upon seeing Pepito and mistaking him for the ambassador, Madeline says, "The Spanish ambassador's a midget?".
  • The debate on eating a chicken, "Fred", that Madeline "befriended" in Helen's car. It turns into half the class making chicken noises at Vicky, who gleefully chose to eat it. Then Lord Covington catches them in the act.
    Miss Clavel: Everyone is entitled to her opinion. If Vicky wants to eat "Fred"... the chicken...
  • When the girls wake up hungry in the night after the chicken debacle:
    Girl 1: "I'm super hungry!"
    Girl 2: "You're 'super' everything!"
    Girl 3: "It's better to be 'super' everything than 'super' nothing!"
    Girl 1: "I don't think I'm super super everything."
  • When Pepito describes his guillotine as quick, silent, and deadly, Aggie whispers, "Just like Helen's cheese!"
  • Madeline sees that people are being shown the house the girls and Miss Clavel live in, then sabotages parts of it. This one part sells it:
    Lord Covington: They don't make doors like this anymore!
    *he knocks it and then it falls down off its hinges*
    Prospective Buyer: That’s probably a good thing.
  • Lord Covington stepping on dog poop before he discovers they’re hiding Genevieve somewhere. His reaction is hilarious!
  • ANY scene with the clown troupe The Idiots, from being shouted to by Leopold, to setting each other's helmets on fire.