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  • Actor Allusion: Very cryptic reference: Arisa's CV Aya Hirano voices Suzumiya Haruhi, and her boyfriend is called Takashi. It's a nod to Takayuki Narumi whom Suzumiya Haruka is in love with.
  • Aluminum Christmas Trees: The miniature tank in the tank cafe bears a striking resemblance to the real Fiat 2000
  • Anime First
  • Career Resurrection: The role of Saori Takebe was this for Jessica Calvello. She originally was best known as Excel in Excel Saga, but doing the character's voice put a ton of strain on her vocal cords (this was exacerbated by ADV ignoring her medical professional's suggestions to give her plenty of rest). After that, she quietly moved to New York, but only could have minor roles over there (her only known major role there was Karin Aoi from DNA²). In late 2013, she moved back to Texas again, returning to major anime roles starting with Girls und Panzer, then landing high-profile roles like Eclair in Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess (which was released around the same time as the dub of Girls und Panzer), Kanako Miyame in Maria†Holic and Hange Zoe in Attack on Titan (which Jessica was a fan of when it was simulcasted).
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  • The Cast Showoff: During Episode 8, Nonna, Pravda's XO, leads The Team in singing the Russian song "Katyusha"; her voice actress, Sumire Uesaka, is a Russian language major. Unfortunately, the song was removed from Crunchyroll's stream due to copyright issues. Its replacement with an instrumental version of "Korobeiniki"note , while Katyusha and Nonna just stare silently forward like a couple of spare pricks was not massively well-received.
  • Colbert Bump: In scale modelling, the popularity of this and World of Tanks has resulted in increased sales of model tanks.
  • Defictionalization: some of the tank-related foods, like the Tank-Katsu, Tank-shaped pastries, and the like, have become available foods in several Ooarai restaurants.
    • Tank racing is defictionalized itself in Russia.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • The series as a whole got the nickname Girls und Pantsu or Girls Underpantsu (Apparently, this was Jossed by Word of God).
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    • The OVAs were given nicknames as well, to wit:
    • As for the characters:
      • Kampfgruppe Miho for A Team/Team Anglerfish.
      • "Tank Fairy", "Fluffy Hair", "Floof" and "The Tank Pope" are just some of the many nicknames Yukari has.
      • Hippo Team's driver Oryou is usually just nicknamed as "Oreo".
      • The Sodoko Collective for the Morals and Discipline Committee a.k.a. Mallard Team.
      • Tank Teru for Maho, due to her similar role in the series, although Maho is shown to care significantly more for Miho than she lets on.
      • Tank Sumire for Erika. Both of them are the sidekicks to the main leader of the opposing team, and they both fall prey to attempts by their opponents to hinder them, leaving them unable to fight at full effectiveness. Sturmdere is also a common nickname for her particularly in /a/.
      • Tank Touka for Kay of Saunders.
      • "Wani" (Crocodile) for Erica, because of a typo in Phase Erica.
      • Gunner-chan and Loader-chan for two of the nameless crewmembers of Alisa's crew.
      • As for the notable crew members from Kuromorimine, pixiv have given them the following names: "Ritaiko" for the Jagdpanther commander (which the Hetzer tracked Twice), "Geshiko" for one of the Panther Commanders, and "Mauko" for the Maus Commander. The former two are usually also called by way of the tanks they commandeered: Jagdpanther-chan and Panther-chan, respectively.
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  • No Export for You: As of November 25th, 2020, the Girls und Panzer is irredeemably blocked in Latin America, except Mexico. During many years, this franchise has no legal option to watch in Spanish-speaking territories since neither Crunchyroll nor Sentai Filmworks managed to get this anime in those territories. Eight years later, the series was finally announced by Arcade Media. However, and to the regret of the fans of the series, it was confirmed that's exclusively for Mexico. Due to that, people in the rest of Latin America has no legal option to watch this legally.
  • Real-Life Relative:
    • Genevieve Simmons, who plays Noriko Isobe, the leader of Duck Team, as well as Miho's Jerkass mom, Instructor Shiho Nishizumi, as well as a Pravda Member, is the older sister of Juliet Simmons, who plays Rabbit Team gunner Aya Oono.
    • Newcomer Natalie Rial, who does the voice of Nekonya, as well as several members from the rival schools of Pravda, Saunders, and St. Gloriana, is the younger sister of veteran voice actress Monica Rial, who voices Rabbit Team member Karina.
  • Recursive Canon: Girls und Panzer draws a lot of influence from "Moeyo! Sensha Gakkou!" (and indeed, the book series' writer is part of the production staff, and the books are constantly referenced in-show). Guess what's included as a limited-edition extra for the fourth Blu-Ray release? A volume of "Moeyo! Sensha Gakkou"... except all about Girl und Panzer's setting.
  • The Red Stapler: The show put the real Japanese town of Oarai in Ibaraki prefecture on the anime map, seeing an increase in tourism especially after episode 4, which featured the town. For a more specific example, the hotel/restaurant that was shown wrecked by a drifting Matilda got a spike in reservations following the episode.
    • This [1] video gives a tour of Oarai, showing the real life version of locations that were used in certain scenes of the anime.
    • The annual Anglerfish Festival usually draws about 25,000 people to Oarai. On November 17-18, 2012, it drew 65,000 people, because of Girls Und Panzer. Attendance at the 2013 festival was 100,000. Apparently the cast who played the Anglerfish Team all turned out for the event in costume, which presumably helps to account for the boom.
    • As noted elsewhere, Oarai has turned itself into an anime pilgrimage city, milking the show's popularity for every last Yen. Since the city was devastated by the 2011 tsunami, this has not created any fandom backlash. Comments usually go along the line of 'they really need it'.
    • Ooarai has remained an anime pilgrimage city, with an entire episode dedicated to a visit in Anime-Gataris, and its inclusion in a 28-city package tour for foreign otaku tourists.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: The English dub seems to be quite a reunion for certain VAs from various Houston-based dubs as evident below:
    • Infinite Stratos VAs:
      • Maya plays as Duck team's driver Shinobu.
      • Hippo team has Char's and Chifuyu's respective VAs playing as Caesar and Erwin, respectively; the latter also lends her voice to Leopon team's driver Tsuchiya.
      • Houki gets behind the wheel of Rabbit team's M3 Lee Tank as Karina.
      • Laura takes command of Mallard Team as Sodoko.
      • Cecilia voices Leopon Team's loader Suzuki and Saunders' Arisa.
      • Meanwhile Rin takes command of Pravda's Sensha-do team as Katyusha, while Char double-roles as her second-in-command Nonna.
    • AKB0048 VAs:
      • Nagisa co-leads Hippo Team as Erwin along with Sae Miyazawa the 10th as Caesar, while Haruna 'Kojiharu' Kojima the 8th is Oryou, the driver, and Yuko Oshima the 9th (Tiffany Terrell) is Saemonza, the gunner
      • Suzuko (Caitlynn French) plays Hana Isuzu
      • Yuka is the driver of the M3Lee tank, Karina, while Sonata (Juliet Simmons) plays Aya Oono, one of the gunners for Rabbit Team.
      • Makoto (Molly Searcy), the most cowardly of understudies for the next generation of AKB0048, plays the tired, sleepy, but smart driver of Anglerfish Team, Mako.
      • Yuki "Yukirin" Kashiwagi the 6th plays the show's protagonist and leader of Anglerfish Team, Miho Nishizumi. (note: Margaret is credited as "Meg".)
      • Two next generation AKB0048 understudies, Kanata Shinonome (Genevieve Simmons) and Mimori Kishida, play Duck Team (The members made up of the Volleyball Club) members Noriko Isobe and Akebi Sasaki. Also, AKB0048 Successor Minami Takahashi the 5th is the driver Shinobu Kawanishi.
      • Tomomi "Tomochin" Itano the 11th (Allison Sumrall) commands Rabbit Team as Azusa Sawa.
      • Tsubasa Katagiri plays Sensha-do instructor Ami Chouno. She also doubles as Mallard Team's driver, Moyoko Gotou.
      • Megumi Wanaguchi (Meaghan Avocado) is Yuzu Koyama, the Student Council's Vice President and driver of Turtle Team (which consisted of the Student Council members).
      • Chieri Sono leads Saunders College High's Sensha-do team as Kei, while Orine Aida is Saunders' cheating third in command, Arisa.
    • Excel Saga: Excel is Saori Takebe, the radio operator for Anglerfish Team, while Hyatt is Karina, the driver for Rabbit Team (they also would go on to be in Maria†Holic, about one year later as Kanako and Mariya).
    • Princess Nine:
      • Ryo Hayakawa plays the bratty half pint leader of Pravda's Sensha-do, Katyusha.
      • Yoko Tokashiki is Midoriko "Sodoko" Sono, the hall monitor of Orai Girls Academy, and leader of Mallard Team.
      • Hikaru Yoshimoto is Duck Team's driver, Shinobu Kawanishi.
      • Izumi Himoru is Rabbit Team's driver, Karina.
    • The World God Only Knows VAs:
      • Elsie is now Hippo Team's co-commander Erwin, as well as Leopon Team Driver Tsuchiya.
      • Keima's mother Mari now teaches Sensha-do as Oarai's instructor Ami Chouno. She also doubles as Mallard Team's driver, Moyoko Gotou.
      • Kanon (and in Season 2, Chihiro) plays Leopon Team loader Suzuki, as well as Saunders' Arisa.
      • Shiori now takes command of Pravda High's Sensha-do team as Katyusha.
      • Meanwhile, her fellow librarian Fujidera has taken the wheel of an M3 Lee as Rabbit Team's Karina
      • Kusonoki (via her VA Maggie Flecknoe) does double duty as Rabbit Team radio operator Yuuki, as well as Anteater Team loader Piyotan.
      • Jun is now driving a Type 89 Medium Tank as Duck Team's Shinobu.
  • Schedule Slip: Due to a major blunder by a staff member in English here: link, the production of the series was pushed back, and instead of airing episode 6 as intended, they were forced to use episode 5.5 instead (1-cour series never have to air extra episodes, and usually use them as extras for DVD or Blu-Ray releases). Mizushima was not pleased, to say the least, given the content of the tweet he made almost immediately after the news broke:
    It's all because someone didn't do his job, it's causing everyone to be at a loss. I will never forget that person's name.
    • As a result, instead of ending around Christmas Eve 2012 as it was supposed to, the airing of the final episode was in doubt. All the production team could promise at the time was that an announcement will be given at the end of episode 11. One station had announced they will broadcast Episode 12 on January 9th.
    • Yet another minor slip happens later on, with the Blu-ray disc release moved a month to February, meaning the release of the second OVA/disc-only special was delayed as well.
    • Happened a third time, to the dismay of watchers, with news that Episode 10 might not be ready in time (and as such would have to be aired unpolished), and that Episode 11's airing will be pushed back further, with episode 10.5 shown instead in its timeslot. The official announcement also mentioned that the final two episodes will be aired in March 2013 instead, almost three whole months after the show should have ended.
      • When a different, unrelated show by a different studio, but with a similar premise (schoolgirls operating WWII equipment) and which shared scriptwriter and military advisor with GuP, announced they were having schedule troubles for their episode 5, fans of both series started joking about the "Girls und Panzer curse"
  • Screwed by the Lawyers:
    • The songs "Katyusha" and "Polyushke Polye" aren't available for any editions outside Japan. In Crunchyroll and Sentai's case, the credits from the Crunchyroll and Sentai releases are different from the Japanese one. The reason is that the authors obtained the license for the Japanese broadcast free of charge from the original Russian copyright owners, but in the US, the copyright for the song is owned by a different entity, so for Crunchyroll and Sentai Filmworks, it would have to be licensed separately since the original Japanese licensor was unable or unwilling to do that, and it would simply cost too much for Sentai and Crunchyroll them to obtain that license from the US holder.
    • Also, the animation was changed for the parts that were deleted in the footage for the Sentai release, plus the subtitles can't be changed in order to prevent reverse-importation. Those parts were deleted altogether for the Crunchyroll version.
  • Sleeper Hit: As noted on the main page, Girls und Panzer was consistently a top-5 rated show in Japan while it was being broadcast, completely surprising EVERYONE.
  • Talking to Herself: The Mallard Team in the original Japanese dub are all voiced by Shiori Izawa. Averted in the Sentai Filmworks dub.
  • Troubled Production: It says a lot that a 12-episode series like this has to resort to airing two recap episodes to buy time (again, it bears mentioning that such episodes are usually used as Blu-Ray or DVD extras, and never shown during TV airings), where many multi-cour shows rarely do more than one. Not only that, but the airing of the final two episodes were pushed back three months to March 2013.
  • What Could Have Been: In the 6th OVA, when Duck Team does it's Hidden Talents sketch of impressions, originally, they had the voice actors for Momo (Kendall McClellan, Darjeeling (Kara Greenberg), Orange Pekoe (Ally Piotrowski), Miho (Margaret McDonald), Saori (Jessica Calvello), Hana (Caitlynn French), and Yukari (Rebekah Stevens), doing the voices for the Duck Team members when they were doing the impressions, before ultimately deciding to just have the actual Duck Team voice actors (Genevieve Simmons, Carli Mosier, Cynthia Martinez and Kalin Coates) just voice their characters doing impressions of the other cast members. This alternate take was included as a bonus feature on the Sentai Filmworks Blu-Ray and DVD release of the OVAs.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Girls und Panzer Wiki, and another Girls und Panzer Wiki.


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