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Girls und Panzer definitely has a sizeably-large Cast of Snowflakes that, due to the vastness of the contents in the original page, broke the folder system. Twice. Thus, it has been split into the following groups:

  • Girls Und Panzer Oarai Academy — The protagonist school of the series. note 
    • Anglerfish Team note 
    • Duck team and Hippo team note 
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    • Rabbit team and Turtle team note 
  • Girls Und Panzer Rival Schools — The various schools they faced throughout the story.
  • Girls und Panzer der Film — Characters introduced in Girls und Panzer der Film. note 
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  • Girls Und Panzer Das Finale — Characters introduced in Girls Und Panzer Das Finale. note 
  • Girls Und Panzer Other Characters — Characters not affiliated with any of the schools. note 

We TOLD you it had Loads and Loads of Characters, didn't we?

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