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  • Character Tiers: Sasquatch is infamous for being top tier in every game of the series, even as he received various nerfs along the way. He's a common pick in tournament play.
  • Divorced Installment: The original game was supposed to be a licensed Universal Horror fighting game, much like how Star Gladiator was going to be a licensed Star Wars fighting game.
  • Executive Meddling:
    • The creative teams at Capcom want to do a fourth one (Yoshinori Ono in particular is interested in making the project happen), but the suits won't let them, even despite A) the massive fan demand for one, and B) Capcom constantly including the series' characters in crossover games.
      • This came to a head when Capcom released Darkstalkers Resurrection, effectively the arcade builds of Night Warriors and Vampire Savior with a minor use of HD graphics and no real unlockables. note . To say the fandom was pissed when Capcom declared it's failure meant a full fourth game release was cancelled is understating it.
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    • The american cartoon. In short, all the characters were pretty much In Name Only caricatures of themselves filtered through heavy Disneyfication.
  • Fake Russian: The cartoon version of Hsien-Ko, despite still being from China.
  • Franchise Killer: The hastily-released Japan-only arcade updates Vampire Savior 2 and Vampire Hunter 2 are widely regarded as having heavily damaged public interest in the series. On top of being slightly modified versions of Vampire Savior (and said modifications being largely disliked), the roster was split between two separate games due to hardware limitations, and the Vampire Hunter 2 title was misleading due to the original Vampire Hunter being a fairly different game gameplay-wise. Even the fact that three previously dropped characters were brought back into the mix wasn't enough to counter all the negatives, and series' remaining fans quickly abandoned these versions in favor of previous entries. Every Darkstalkers release since has been some kind of port of the existing entries in the series.
    • Darkstalkers Resurrection, a decently-featured but still overpriced port of Vampire Hunter and Vampire Savior. It failed to meet its projected sales. Unfortunately, Capcom took that as a sign that interest in the franchise was overestimated, and as a result decided against making a new Darkstalkers game.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The OVA was initially released by Viz Media on VHS and DVD, but those releases are now out of print. Fortunately averted now that Discotek Media has picked up the license.
    • The american Darkstalkers cartoon, along with the Street Fighter and Mega Man cartoons, was distributed on DVD by ADV Films, before going out of print due to the company going under. Sadly, while the Street Fighter and Mega Man cartoons have been license-rescued by Discotek Media, the Darkstalkers cartoon has yet to be rescued, though Discotek license-rescuing the OVA as noted above has given rise to some hope.
  • No Export for You: Vampire Hunter 2 (Which features everyone in Vampire Savior sans the characters introduced in that game) and Vampire Savior 2 (Which features everyone in Vampire Savior except Jon Talbain, Rikuo and Sasquatch; plus Pyron, Huitzil and Donovan) never left Japan. We did get Darkstalkers 3 though, which is sort of a mash-up of the two.
    • There's also Vampire Chronicle for Matching Service for the Dreamcast (though the PlayStation Portable port known as Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower was brought over to the States) and Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection for the PlayStation 2.
  • Playing Against Type: Demitri's voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama. This doesn't stop him from having some hot blooded battle cries.
  • Talking to Himself:
    • Nobuyuki Hiyama voices both Demitri and Pyron. In Night Warriors/Vampire Hunter he gets a third character in the form of Donovan.
    • Yuji Ueda voices Jon Talbain, Lord Raptor and Rikuo.
    • Kan Tokumaru voices Anakaris, Bishamon, Sasquatch, and Victor.
    • In the western cartoon, Scott McNeil voices both Rikuo and Lord Raptor.
    • Miyuki Matsushita voices both Q-Bee and B.B.Hood in Darkstalkers 3/Vampire Savior.
  • Un-Canceled: Yoshinori Ono of Street Fighter IV fame is pushing to invoke this with the series. A teaser trailer was released affirming the possibility of it happening, but he said it will only be greenlit as long as enough fan demand gets through to the higher-ups. This is part of the reason Darkstalkers Ressurrection was announced, though that only resulted in underwhelming sales and the teaser was never followed up on. As of March 2016, Ono is still trying to invoke this, and at the very least, Capcom has shown some interest in reviving their forgotten franchises, bringing some hope for this series.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Capcom's original intention was to make a licensed fighting game starring monsters from the Universal Horror franchise, but the deal fell through. The initial premise can still be glimpsed in certain characters who were obviously modeled after Universal monsters (Demitri = Dracula, Jon Talbain = The Wolfman, Victor von Gerdenheim = Frankenstein's Monster, Rikuo = The Creature from the Black Lagoon, and so on).
    • There were plans for a fourth title in development for the CPS-III system. It is said that Vampire Ace (or Vampire Soldier as it's been called in some places) would have had the core gameplay of Vampire Savior with CPS-III fluid characters. The reasons for the cancellation are unknown.
    • Every character's final design and story is a far cry from the original intention:
      • Demitri had a much more minimalist, agile-looking design.
      • According to the Darkstalkers Graphic File, Morrigan was originally going to be the "cute" character of the series, while all of the sex appeal would go to Felicia.
      • One of Morrigan's preliminary character designs eventually became Jedah, which is probably where they got the preliminary sibling relation from.
      • Lord Raptor was supposed to be a vengeful zombie soldier from WWI, hence his birthdate being stated to be in the 1800's—they forgot to change it to reflect the metal image.
      • Bishamon himself was going to be possessed and not wear any armor.
      • Rikuo looked "like something straight out of the Cthulhu Mythos".
      • Anakaris was a slender pyramid guardian.
      • John Talbain looked more man than wolf and had extremely long claws on one hand.
      • Sasquatch was an animalistic brute bound in chains.
      • Victor was a complete lift of Karloff's Monster before being modified into a robot.
      • Huitzil was a much more modern robot designed for labor. He also had an unfinished super in the first game that was abandoned and never brought back in any of the sequels.
      • Pyron's looks varied too wildly to do justice in such a small space as this.
      • Donovan underwent through a large amount of changes:

        He was originally a stereotypical Caucasian Vampire Hunter with a broad-brimmed hat that covered his eyes, resembling a masculine Vampire Hunter D or Van Helsing. As designs changed some Asian martial artist themes were added with braided hair and a nunchaku like weapon. Finally we were given the Hinduism/Buddhism themed dhamphyr.

        He was also much stronger in the location test build of Vampire Hunter than he was in the finished product. Some of his strengths that were lost include a completely different Blizzard Sword special that caused his ice-covered sword to come crashing down from the top of the screen, a Kill Shred special which had his sword spinning through the air vertically rather than horizontally, thus covering a much wider area, and a Change Immortal EX that would cause huge amounts of chip damage when blocked.
      • Hsien-Ko's design, though consistent throughout the games, was originally going to be much younger.
      • In the early stages of development, Lilith was Morrigan's older sister who had the blood of angels mixed in her. She physically resembled Morrigan, the only exception being a pair of angel wings on her head that she hid out of embarrassment.
      • Q-Bee was a mutated insect with command over other bugs.
      • Early in development, Jedah was an angelic bishie called "Belial, Jr.", which would have made him Morrigan's adoptive brother.
      • Some rough animation concepts shown in Darkstalkers Official Complete Works give insight into ideas for moves that didn't make the cut. An anchor could have been among the many weapons Hsien-Ko produces from her sleeves, Huitzil's Confusioner could have involved him summoning a large radio-controlled drone with a grabber claw, and Demitri's Demon Billion seemingly could have been a utility super that allowed him to perform different moves while transformed into a cloud of bats, including jabs, uppercuts, and converging bites.
    • The first game was planned to be ported to the Sega 32X.
    • Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes original character Ruby Heart was originally conceived as a character for Darkstalkers.
    • The "Darkstalkers Are Not Dead" teaser, which was never followed up on after the poor sales of Darkstalkers Resurrection.
    • Much of the cast from this series were considered for the roster of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (specific ones include Talbain and Donovan, the former being Ryota Niitsuma's personal choice for a fourth Darkstalkers character). Only Morrigan, Felicia, and Hsien-Ko were included in the final game, though at the very least Amaterasu got a Talbain-themed alternate costume and many of the characters appeared as cards in the Ultimate update's Heroes and Heralds mode.
    • After the success of their Street Fighter toys, SOTA announced plans to produce a Darkstalkers action figure line. Prototypes for figures of Morrigan, Lillith, Demitri, Anakaris, Donovan, Lord Raptor and Jedah were produced, but the line never officially made it into production.
    • In 2011, UDON (the makers of the American Street Fighter comics) pitched an HD update of Darkstalkers in the vein of their hit Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix, which would have featured newly redrawn sprites. The proposal was rejected, but the prototype Morrigan sprite later found its way online.
  • The Wiki Rule: Darkstalkopedia.

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