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  • Who is the trouble man?
  • Okay, is B.B. Hood's grandma alive or dead? In-game, she has a move that implies her grandma is dead, fitting in with her whole "Ax-Crazy Red Riding Hood" theme... but I've read fluff that describes visiting her grandma's house for errands as part of her normal routine.
    • Sounds pretty "Psycho" to me...
    • I go with B.B. Hood being crazy, but visiting grandma's house for errands as part of her routine doesn't mean Grandma's alive. I think Grandma may have been killed by a werewolf/wolf, thus B.B. Hood's hatred of wolves/werewolves and her psyco behavior is the result of the truma of seeing this happen (combined with some already existing psycological issues)....I guess this belongs in Wild Mass Guessing though.
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    • This troper thinks that little B.B needs no explanation for her insanity. Even though she's the only pure human in the group, I don't think this crazy psycho bitch is capable of feeling any form of meaningful emotional attachment to anyone. In fact, the move in question actually suggests that she finished her grandma off herself and gleefully threw the body in a lake!
      • Or maybe she just snapped after her grandma was killed. Imagine that.
    • I like to think she's taking advantage of the cliche using memories of loved ones to fuel your power. She's probably not really bothered about granny at all.
      • Adding to that, she might not even HAVE a granny. Girl is nuttier than squirrel poop.
    • Hmm aren't there normally TWO grandmas? ^^ Isn't it possible that one of them got killed and now she is doting on the other?
      • Or, knowing her level of insane, her grandmother is dead and she's got a Norman Bates thing going on
  • Does Darkstalkers take place in the same universe as Street Fighter and Final Fight?
    • Not clear. There's a fan theory that it does, and Anita grows up to be Rose from the Alpha series, but... yeah.
      • Rose? Where'd you get that from? Not only they don't look alike (thus shooting down the theory from the get-go), but it's been stated by Word of God that Rose is a Soul Jar for the long-lost good portion of Bison's soul (for some time, this troper even thought she was the corporeal form of said soul fragment, given how Bison pulled a Grand Theft Me on her between SFA3 and SFII and all, but SFIV apparently shot this down as well for me).
      • Erm, the "But... yeah" was about how this theory doesn't really make any sense and seems to just be an attempt to forcibly weld the two together — I'm not the one who made it up.
      • It seems to come from that in Donovan's Vampire Hunter ending, the grown up Anita is seen wearing the exact same outfit that Rose did in the Alpha series. (Coincidental, it was most likely just Capcom making the same JoJo reference twice over)
      • Uh... No. No, she's not.
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    • Morrigan and Felicia are on Ken's stage in Street Fighter Alpha 2 and Blanka is metioned in one of Felicia's endings.
      • It might be another Blanka, or an in-joke by the Capcom staff. Considering the game's timeframe (see ahead in the "Donovan in Vampire Savior" section), that could've been just after Jimmy's plane was shot down and he ended up in the Amazon jungle, and the second World Warrior tournament wouldn't have been for some years now. That, if there was a Shared Universe.
      • Hsien-Ko, Mei-Ling, and Lord Raptor are also in Ken's stage as humans, and Raptor's skin isn't blue like when he tries to assume a human appearance. Also the presence of captain commando, who won't be around until the future, and Strider-fricking-Hiryu being on that stage implies that all the "Capcom characters" are just cosplayers.
      • Maybe Hsien-Ko was kit with a truck of flesh colored paint on her way to the party
      • Was referring to Raptor, but I guess that applies to her as well. Apparently that flesh colored paint also had a magical side effect of making her and her sister shorter and younger like in their midnight blissed/"reincarnated as human" appearances (other than her MVC3 ending, in which she looks exactly the same, only human, though it was technically a drawing). Speaking of MVC3, its somewhat implied that the Capcom World is a shared universe in specifically that game (or possibly mvc series), seeing how its the Fate of TWO Worlds (the other obviously being Marvel) and how some of the Capcom characters act as if they already know each other in the episodic trailers (i.e. Haggar and Felicia), though Zero's ending may disprove that theory.
    • Absolutely not. The mythology behind both universes makes that abundantly clear. The earth of Darkstalkers is a completely different place (also, in the past). Any cameos of Darkstalkers characters in Street Fighter are to be considered not canon, and can be hand waved away as somebody cosplaying it up... which brings up the interesting question: does the Darkstalkers game exist in the Street Fighter universe? Ken's stage is choc full of not canon appearances, as it's a long list of references and homages Leaning on the Fourth Wall. Example: Strider Hiryu playing with a teddy bear (also a non canon appearance) is a homage to a former Capcom dev who had died (of over-working!) shortly before that SF game was made, and had previously worked on the Strider game.
      • It's extremely likely Darkstalkers exists as a game in the Street Fighter universe, given Mega Man exists as a game in the Dead Rising universe.
  • Why are Morrigan after being united with Lilith, and Lilith-dominant Morrigan or "Liligan" both about the same as Morrigan or Lilith in power in gameplay? According to the canon materials, they should be at least twice as powerful as either alone, but they seem to be about the same when they appear.
    • That's only in crossovers, and is therefore not canon.
    • Because Competitive Balance, only boss characters are purposefully made into game breakers, she's stronger according to the storyline and that should be good enough.
    • Also, Morrigan/Lilith may be holding back so as to enjoy the fight a little more. Remember, she feeds on excitement, so a good, hard fight may be what she's after
  • As much as I love the Darkstalkers games, you know what's something that always annoyed me to no end? Donovan and Anita's appearance in Vampire Savior. Vampire Savior takes place exactly 16 years after Vampire Hunter. I know because Lei-Lei/Hsien-Ko and Lin-lin/Mei-Ling "died" were resurrected as humans at the end of Vampire Hunter, and exactly sixteen years after that happened (their sixteenth birthday), they were teleported to Jedah's new world. I understand characters like Demitri and Morrigan not aging due to being demons with much longer lifespans, and I can sort of understand Donovan as he is a dhampir. But why has Anita not aged at all?! My guess is that "Dee" (the Evil Ryu equivalent to Donovan) is canon, and Anita's psychic powers have grown to the point that she can mentally project an illusion of her younger self as well as a false Donovan created from her memories of him to deceive her opponents. Either that or Capcom can just completely retcon Donovan's appearance in Vampire Hunter as not canon, just like how Guy and Sodom were technically guest fighters in the first Street Fighter Alpha.
    • The Adult Anita and more original non-Dimitri Dee were planned as playable characters, but were scrapped due to time constraints. And after that Capcom became lazy with the sprites so they just used the existing sprites to get Donovan and Anita in the Updated Re-release that people usually ignore anyway in favor of original Vampire Savior.
    • I actually knew that they were planned characters already, I'm just trying to make sense out of the story's canon
      • And what makes you think all Updated Rereleases are canon? It's not because Night Warriors/Vampire Hunter replaced the original as canon (that, or it's been aggregated; not really sure) that anything that came after the original Vampire Savior will. I say they just threw Donovan in as a Guest Fighter without really linking him to the story.
      • I wouldn't mind it so much, but they did link him to the story. Jedah tells Donovan that Anita is destined to become the new ruler of the world. The fact that they at least attempted to integrate him to the story rather than give him just a credits ending means there is the chance of a retcon. Someone like Yun in SFA 3 goes so blatantly against the canon that it is obviously not canon. The developers never explicitly stated that this game was not canon and nothing really goes against it, unlike something like Street Fighter EX. Besides in Capcom games rereleased games (or at least the latest one) like SSF 4 are often considered canon unless retconned by a later game. Besides, almost all of the events in SFA 1 was basically written out of canon due to conflicting events in Alpha 2 and 3. Even though adult Anita was planned but removed later, the fact that they went through the effort of putting her in Dee's ending was what led to the possibility.
    • The official explanation is that on the day Donovan meets Anita, she has a prophetic dream/nightmare of the events to come. Donovan is absorbed into that dream during his meditation. Also Dee was planned to be a Demitri headswap from the beginning, what you see in the PS2 collection was mostly finished back in 1997, just left unused.
    • So...Anita's dream absorbed herself as well?
  • In the cartoon, why are Morrigan amd Huitzil on opposite sides than in the games?
    • To my recollection, Morrigan's working for Pyron in the cartoon whilst Huitzil attempts to sacrifice Pyron to a god (Which could cause bad things for the world Pyron's trying to conquer.)
  • What does Midnight Bliss do in a Mirror Match?
    • It varies based on the game. In darkstalkers he becomes a damsel in distress looking woman, while in CFE he becomes a young sorcereress looking girl with bats flying around her I think. In SVC, he becomes a Morrigan clone with his own hairstyle.
  • Okay, so: the power-levels given for various demons say that a less-than-average demon can take out a small army of humans by themselves, right? So how on Earth do B.B. Hood, and the other Darkhunters make a living killing them? Further, how could B.B. Hood possibly compete with the other characters?
    • She's psychopathic remember.
      • That has nothing to do with it. The Darkstalkers have DBZ-style power levels, and again: an average demon can take out a team of humans who are in great shape, and trained and equipped to fight. The only way they can do that is by being miles beyond human capabilities or heavily armed. Further, the Darkstalkers (ie: the bulk of the playable cast) are miles above average demons. B.B. Hood shouldn't even be able to dream about scratching them.
      • Perhaps the "darkness in her heart" does the real work and the bullets are just superfluous? That doesn't explained why she is fast enough to catch or avoid anything from Pryon, who casually travels between galaxies or bother the robot Huitzil know what? Game Play And Story Segregation. The same reason characters who hover above the ground can slip on a dropped banana peel. The same reason Donovan bothers with fighting at all instead of letting his flying sword and summons do all the work.
      • As for Dark Hunters in general, not all of the monsters are from Makai and not all of the Makai monsters are actually that strong. The most numerous are the D class, who are roughly human in ability and while the C and B types would be harder to defeat, it would be theoretically possible. Add some game play and story segregation and there you go.
    • I like to think that in-universe, she's essentially an even more unhinged Batman, and while they can't show it in the context of a 1-on-1 fighting game, she comes into the fight having already prepared the area to her advantage, and every weapon is customized to attack the weakness of her current for, and she doesn't just stand there, but use cover, misdirection, and otherwise fight a one-woman guerilla war against far more powerful foes.
  • Could Morrigan be considered a Memetic Molester due to the amount of short fanfics that have her raping other characters and taking them as sex slaves?
    • Putting aside the fact that we're drawing our conclusion from saucy fanfics (nice find, by the way), Morrigan has a habit of popping over to Earth for in the grand pursuit of fun. Be it beating someone into the ground or adding another bat to her wardrobe. She also has a biological time limit; she can't survive two whole days without stimulation. So yes, she counts as a Memetic Molester to anyone not of the main cast.
      • Can you really call people writing a succubus as being sex-driven taking something to the level of "memetic molester", though? I mean if anything, adding a more sexual component to her behavior is more just sensible than anything else, considering that Capcom seems to have taken "succubus" to mean "sexy female demon that really really enjoyed fighting".
      • Fanfiction, art, crossovers and comics are all non-canon, and these are the only confirmed moments of Morrigan molesting anyone. Despite her suggestive dialogue, there's nothing in the canon confirming that she's truly 'molested' anyone, as she does NOT need sex to survive; only excitement. Morrigan could hypothetically survive entirely on fighting. Lastly, the whole idea that Morrigan's bats are the souls of people she's defeated/seduced is NOT true; it was invented entirely in non-canon comics, and is even classified as an aspect of her that's exclusive to the comics, according to many sources. So as for the original question; no.
  • Why does Marvel vs. Capcom 3 even bother having Morrigan speak with a Scottish accent if she was raised in the Makai from infancy and thus shouldn't have it, has never been portrayed with an accent until this game (and don't be a smartass and say "She had a Japanese accent before!" because Yayoi Jinguji only spoke the lines in Japanese), and her actress doesn't even hold it for half her lines anyway?
    • Nearly all of the characters in this series have a "nationality" a la Street Fighter (the game's sister-series), because they are based on the legends found in or based in various diverse countries. Morrigan herself is named for a Celtic war goddess, and Scotland is her earthly dwelling of choice, and has been listed as such since her debut, so it stands to reason that if she communicates in the earth-realm, she would do so in the accent of her locale. What accent should they give her? Generic "American" would make even less sense.
    • Perhaps it's a nod to her date of birth? 1678 is when the first succubus apparently appeared in Scotland.
    • Morrigan having an "Scotirish" accent is not without precedent, the terrible American cartoon and some of the dubs of the anime have used it too. Presumably turning her name into a reference.
  • In Darkstalkers Resurrection, if you play Hsien-Ko's training mode, her sparring partner is supposed to be Mei-Ling manifesting in the form of a Hsein-Ko recolor. Apparently, that's a thing she can do, but she still makes Hsien-Ko do all the fighting. She teaches you about Dark Force, which lets you summon her to empower you... and you use it on her... to summon her... against her... and she can also use Dark Force on you.
    • Probably just a fun little nod to the canon the writers didn't think through too much.
    • Who ever said it's canonically something she can do?
  • What's the difference, if any, between Morrigan's Astral Vision and Darkness Illusion attacks? Both create Dopplegangers, and one is probably stronger from an in-game perspective, but beyond that, in universe, is there any functional advantage to using one over the other?
    • Darkness Illusion is a combo where she does attacks automatically, while Astral Vision keeps her under player control. You could say, then, that she casts Astral Vision as a part of Darkness Illusion.
  • How does that eternal bliss thing from the UDON comics works? I really hate the comics for what they did to Morrigan, but even today something I've never could quite get in my head is how does the so-good "eternal bliss" that UDON Morrigan gives to the souls of the poor men she tricks and kills. She briefly mentions it in the first issue of the comics after just draining the soul of a poor fisherman she tricked, trying to explain her servants why she likes to stick around the human world so much. And that's it.
    • Supposedly, those little bats she uses to create clothes and weapons are each a physical form of a person's soul. The soul, rather than being aware of its fate, seems to think its in some state of bliss so it can't object. Exactly WHAT that state is, however, is open to interpretation—maybe they're living out their greatest fantasies, maybe they're peacefully sleeping, maybe they're spending some "alone time" with Morrigan herself.
    • No, they are not spending "some time alone" with that unfaithful version of Morrigan. Their souls and therefore their awareness are still alive, and that version of Morrigan even says "goodnight" to the soul of her most recent victim. The people definitely are aware of what's happening, and the fact that they can't escape Udon Morrigan's body makes it clear that they are slaves. And her bats being her souls, when is ever mentioned that? At no point in the comics does she ever says the bats are the souls.
    • Speaking about Morrigan, why is she portrayed as an evil demon lacking of redeeming qualities so often? She is perhaps the most heroic and friendly succubus in fiction, and Capcom has even confirmed she has never killed a human in her life and that she feeds from dreams and excitement, not souls. The comics, in particular, introduce her doing something as low as faking being a homeless widow and killing a innocent man who let her stay at his house and gave her food and his bed to rest, he even allowed her to grab the only picture of his deceased parents and shared a little of his life with her. Nothing of that stopped that version of Morrigan from tormenting and killing him later.
      • The guys at Udon either never did the research (which is bizarre, considering they get most of Street Fighter's story right) or they deliberately chose to make her evil for some reason.
      • They didn't, they didn't search anything about Morrigan beyond being a succubus and as a result they made her even worse than the USA cartoon did.
    • As a matter of fact, what happened between Udon Morrigan and Jack? Jack is the innocent man who fall for her trap and let her stay at his house. When Morrigan attempts to seduce him in order to "thank" him for his kindness, he turns her down because he believes she is just a confused and broken widow, but then Morrigan reveals her true form and identity as Darkstalker and succubus and stops him from leaving. What exactly happened before she drained his soul? Did she told him her real name and her story, thus explaining that she wanted his soul?
      • Its left entirely to interpretation.
      • No, it's not.
  • How come one of Jedah Dohma’s grab moves has him bloating up one of the opponent’s body parts?
    • He's pumping that part of the opponent's body full of his own blood until it bursts. His whole thing is manipulating his own blood into weapons and attacks.
      • Right. It’s just a bit curious since he seems to be targeting very specific parts... like Raptor’s asscheeks..


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