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Nightmare Fuel / Darkstalkers

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Darkstalkers, being a series that has monsters and supernatural entities as fighters, should serve as no surprise that there's some legitimately terrifying stuff in this series.
To answer your questions, yes, he's talking about a child, and no, he's not making this up...

  • Getting hit by a cutting attack (caused by Lilith, Donovan, and especially Bishamon) or Jedah's San=Passare move generally tends to bisect the character mid-match in the appropriate spot, only for the halves to rejoin themselves in a comical manner right away, such as the character's upper torso doing a swift backflip and landing to its original spot without any consequences. Vampire Savior introduces vertical bisecting with Talbain's Moment Slice and the ES version of Bishamon's Kien Zan which shows the insides of the character once they hit the ground and slides both halves back together to continue the fight. However, continuing a tradition in Capcom games such as Captain Commando, The Punisher, and Red Earth, if the character is defeated by any of these attacks, the effect sticks until the next round. That is, if there even is one. After winning a match, Jedah will sometimes split his opponent in half anyway to absorb their soul.
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  • The "Fetus of God" stage from the third game. Spoiler for the faint of heart: it's a rather realistic literal Womb Level, with a giant horned fetus with no skin, just covered by muscles and veins, in the background. It awakens and stares at you while pulsating at the end of the match.
  • Most of Jedah's moves involve extremely bloody self-mutilation, and one of his counters even involves decapitating himself and growing his head right back after spraying his blood all over the opponent. Also his laughter.
  • Jedah's ending. The villain successfully massacres all life throughout Makai, preparing to target the human world next, and his specially designed fetus awakens. We then hear a baby's cry as the fetus looks straight at the screen.
  • The art direction for Vampire Savior, in a general sense, is much darker than the previous two games. Not only are the new characters a whole new order of creepy (except maybe for Lilith), some of the new stages are also pretty frightening, such as Forever Torment (which is essentially a torture room with neat implements such as a guillotine for three and a meat-grinding wheel), Abaraya (a run-down Japanese shack, dark enough to be scary complete with a lantern yokai hanging from the ceiling), War Agony (a bombed-out ghost town) and the aforementioned Fetus of God. And yes, they mostly have nice names like these.
  • The Midnight Bliss move from Demitri can change guys to hot girls, and hot girls to hotter girls in most cases. But it's particularly disturbing to see that right afterwards, Demitri picks them up and literally sucks the life and blood out of them, leaving the girls a shriveled, skeletal corpse. The fact they explode and return to their normal forms, even after being defeated can offset this, but the brief images are still a little disturbing, to say the least.
    • In addition, after transforming the unfortunate victim, Demitri takes on his true form as he drains them. Said form is that of a horrific humanoid gargoyle/bat hybrid.
  • Demitri's Nightmare Face in the first episode of the Night Warriors OVA. It is full of more sharp, long, ROTTEN teeth than a vampire should have. On top of that, we even have a few scenes where the aforementioned true form is shown, while literally taking a huge bite out of Morrigan and later attempting to stab Pyron with his sharp-nailed hand followed by soft yet creepy cackle.
  • B.B. Hood herself is ultimately one of the scariest characters in the series. While she may appear to be a innocent little girl, she is anything but. The development team themselves have stated that she herself is supposed to show how humanity can be much darker and frightening than any monster in fiction and it shows. She herself is an S-Rank Darkhunter whose heart and soul are so twisted and filled to the brim with malice and hatred that she was genuinely mistaken by Jedah Dohma to be a Darkstalker. In fact, her reasons for hunting the darkstalkers isn't out of atonement like Donovan or to make the world a better place like Hsien-Ko and Mei-Ling. She is, in fact, a Sadist who is driven by Greed and the sheer hatred she has for darkstalkers. Not to mention, because of her heart being so dark in the first place, a simple gaze from her is enough to put fear into lesser darkstalkers.
    • BB Hood's ending. We see that a family of wolves are watching the news about a psychotic murderer on a violent rampage, but the family dismisses it as nothing. Then, we cut to outside their home, where BB Hood is standing, brandishing her knife, while watching them through the windows.
    • Her intruduction trailer in Resurrection is terrifying too. All of the introductions are fairly omnious, with the castle and cementery landscape, the arm of an undead rising from the grave, the wind effects and soundtrack, and the narrator's dark and omnious voice. All this is scary enough on its own. Hood's trailer? In addition to the above, the narrator is ceaselessly throwing warning upon warning, as though despite being The Stoic he was genuinely terrified of this new character more than of any other. The viewer (if unspoiled) is expecting the series's single most terrifying Killer Rabbit ever when traditional shadow is revealed... and a human shows up.
  • Q-Bee's ending involves her taking over Makai with a growing army of soul bees. Increasing rapidly to the point of where they will eventually doom themselves due to overpopulation.
  • Lord Raptor's ending after he takes down Pyron. As reward for defeating the Evil Overlord, Raptor is given ultimate power, enough the rule the world. We then see an unholy formation of Raptor being fused with what appears to be Pyron's corpse, in order to become a stronger demon. It ends with Raptor promising to take down his "ruling" master after he's done killing all humans.
  • Pyron's ending, which involves enlarging himself to become the size of the solar system, and bringing the Earth into his reach which causes gravitational stress to increase and the planet's temperature to skyrocket. In short, he's pretty much bringing Hell to Earth and causing the death of all humanity by burning up the planet.
  • Morrigan is turned into this in the UDON comics, probably going as far as to surpass BB Hood and Demitri in this area. She is portrayed as a malevolent, amoral and evil succubus who has no qualms about murdering humans for fun or drain their souls, and since she has shapeshifting powers, she could be any woman you meet every day. The aftermath of her victims after being drained of their souls is horrible, as they are left as sucked skeletons with an horrified expression. The allegedly eternal bliss the souls are put into does NOT make said state any less horrible.