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  • Almost every joke in Da Suisa, you know is improvised when the actors laugh.
  • In The Stinger of the seventh episode of Echo Chamber, Zack falls over while walking backwards. The clip appears to be an accident that occurred while filming the third episode. Also, on a meta-level, everything in Echo Chamber's Frame Story can be called a Throw It In!, since it's all cobbled together from tapes the cameraman recorded because he was bored.
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  • Fight of Epic DOOOOOOOM!!!!! Part Two was originally meant to be uploaded here, but the camerawoman thought the dissonance would probably be taken as an excellent piece of satire. See also the adverts on the same channel.
  • JonTron includes many outtake-worthy scenes as part of the show's humor.
  • According to bloopers, most Channel Awesome crossover videos thrive on this.
    • According to one of Linkara's video logs on the filming of an episode of The Nostalgia Critic, the Zuul joke in The Pagemaster review was originally a throwaway joke from Doug's brother, and the two decided to keep it in the video anyway. It got to the point of becoming a proper Running Gag in future Critic videos, and Doug and his brother can apparently no longer watch Ghostbusters without shouting "Zuul, muthafucka! Zuul!"
    • More dramatically, Critic's rant in the Scooby-Doo review was only meant to be two lines, and Doug improvised a whole Despair Speech.
  • Marble Hornets:
    • A special-effects example: at the end of entry 22, when Alex bleakly informs the camera how his situation has hit rock bottom, a shadow passes over him in a way that makes it look like it's reaching into his head. The shadow was intentional, the way it ended up looking wasn't. They kept it in.
    • In Entry #9, Tim's line to Alex about 'not having enough money to pay because he spends it all on tapes' was completely improvised by Tim Sutton (as in the real-life actor) himself. They decided to add the line into the script, but first they had to stop the take and re-shoot it because the original improvisation sent Troy Wagner into a laughing fit.
  • In Ben McYellow Returns Part 1, one of the Gas Mask Mooks aims a rocket launcher at the eponymous hero, but instead the projectile flies a few inches forwards before falling straight down off the barrel in a rather cartoonish fashion. This was in fact a genuine prop malfunction with the toy rocket launcher they were using, and the failed take was deemed way too funny not to use.
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  • Most Shiny Objects Videos involve at least a little ad-libbing. The Stinger at the end of the board game segment from "On The Couch" is a good example—the actor Nathan Schneekluth found Catch Phrase so amusing he kept pressing buttons during takes. One of them made it in.
  • ''Mr. Mendo's Hack Attack' is created almost entirely this way. The show is co-written by two men, Mendo and Winston O'Boogie, who live on opposite sides of the country. By their own admission, when they write their scripts, nine times out of ten, Mendo will reference a film Winston (the editor) has never heard of (which leads to changes in the script without Mendo's knowledge) or Winston will call for a prop that Mendo doesn't have access to (leading him to improvise with whatever props or stock footage he has lying around his house). Since neither one knows what the other is doing until the editing process, each episode is wildly different than what either intended, giving the show an anarchic appeal. The most infamous examples being:
    • The crossover review of Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood originally called for a joke about Mendo eating a salad. At the time of filming, he didn’t have any in his house. He did, however, have an inflatable Charlie Sheen doll...
    • The American Virgin review, had a running gag of Mendo wearing a completely different outfit every other line, culminating in shot of him in the editing booth blaming the bad continuity on society…while doing cocaine off the edge of a knife. The episode was filmed right after Mendo moved to a different house, and between working out the bugs in his new set-up and getting settled, the shoot went on for two weeks; Mendo decided it wasn’t worth remembering what shirt he was wearing and played the bad continuity up for all it was worth. And as to why the cocaine gag offered a rare glimpse of his eyes? He came up with that line while on a Skype call in a different room of the house and just didn’t feel like going back for his sunglasses. To make the episode even stranger, Mendo had employed a different editor, who kept adding caption gags. Not to be outdone, Mendo responded by adding in various clips from YouTube. The resulting episode is a fan-favorite!
  • The "Wild Card" epsiode of Trifecta on PJTV (the one regarding Obama's current vendetta against the SCOTUS regarding their lack of support for the Obamacare bill) was one big Throw It In!, as the topic was chosen at random and the answers were done without any prior scripting.
  • It was mentioned by FTA during the Hellfire Commentaries Playthrough of Sonic Unleashed that his outburst in the Captain mission of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) was unscripted, but, due to Skype being rather finicky, he did it in every take after that. Bonus points for Sonic saying "That was incredible!" when FTA goes ranting.
  • In the Escapist News Network episode Games for Pets, Kathleen was supposed to just run off at the end. However, in her haste, her chair hit the background, which caused the "ENN" logo to break and the "E" to fall off. They left it in because it was just hilarious.
  • Coyle Command:
    • Agent B ended up stranded in The Void due to a teleportation mix up in the episode He Blinded Me With Science. Originally this was just a one-off gag, but Simon (B's actor) proceeded to film a video depicting the character's escape. The video was held off on release for comedic purposes, until the character ended up trapped for almost an entire year.
    • Most of Anni and Dr. Pocalypse's dialogue is improvised.
  • According to the commentary on Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, when Captain Hammer tries to shoot Dr. Horrible with his own malfunctioning death ray and sneers, "I don't have time for your warnings", it was one of a very few ad-libs in the feature. He also apparently improvised wailing "Why is this fire exit locked?!" on his way out.
  • In episode 1 of Ten Little Roosters, Michael and Barbara start getting into a No, You shouting match, with Michael ending with "You're sucking eight dicks... from every direction just like an omni-directional dick-suck fest!" It was left in because it was hilarious.
  • When Suzy Berhow first told her husband, Arin Hanson (a.k.a. Egoraptor), about her idea for Table Flip, she compared it to a Victorian dinner show, where Suzy and Barry would bring in a different guest every game. Polaris greenlit it under the assumption that the show would be framed to actually take place in Victorian times and provided the resources needed to film it as such, so Suzy and co-host Barry Kramer decided to take the new spin on the concept and run with it.
  • In Epic Rap Battles of History "Genghis Khan vs. Easter Bunny" there's a part where Lloyd (playing Khan) smashes an Easter egg with his sword. The behind-the-scenes reveals that they thought the idea wouldn't work well, so they only did one take before moving on. When Lloyd actually does hit the egg in one take, they decided to add it to the video.
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd:
    • A minor one pops up in his Dracula review were he flubs a line and accidentally doesn't let an F-Bomb slip, only to quickly correct himself and go on, creating a line that was a lot funner than just an F-Bomb.
      Nerd: Aw eff— I mean fuck!
    • His review of Kid Kool has a literal example of throwing something in that ends up thrown in. It ends with him throwing the cartridge blindly over his shoulder... and landing it perfectly in a garbage can by sheer luck. His look of amazement at the camera was genuine.
    • Prior to his review of Game Boy accessories he was unboxing the Handy Boy and it broke the second he tried to unfold it. Thankfully he was filming the whole thing, which made it into the review in all of it's unscripted and hilariously bemused glory:
      Nerd: Got the light there— oop, oh shit! Wow that just flew across the room, okay, uh, wow, uh, well that really sucks, that really sucks, I broke that...
    • His review for EarthBound was originally meant to be a break from all his online activities. After completing the game, he was originally going to do a regular review, but then realized more than a few things worth reacting to as the Nerd.
  • In one ProtonJon Fortune Cookie gaming stream, the next game Jon was going to play was Super Mario Bros. 3. While setting it up he accidentally kicked the cartridge, which caused the graphics to corrupt horribly. He decided to play it in this state instead, and you can see it here (WARNING: Not recommended for those vulnerable to seizures. It's that bad.)
  • The Cinema Snob:
    • In the review of Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, he does a fake out ending where it ends with Tommy Jarvis in jail saying "Someone needs to stop Jason! Too bad I'm in jail" as it cuts to the credits with Alice Cooper playing. He repeats the fake out ending gag twice more, but with an elongated "jaaail" playing before the song. He admits in the "Top 10 Snob Moments of 2015" that he found the blooper so funny he decided to leave it in.
    • Happens again in his review of Rob Zombie's Halloween II during the inexplicable scene where Michael's ghost family sends him after Dr. Loomis for daring to write a book and make money off him. The Snob comments how the original movie barely touched on the root of Michael's ruthlessness being his hatred of capitalism, Corpsing as he reaches the end of the line. He then breaks character and says he's leaving that flub in.
  • Talltales's pratfall in Episode 9 of World's Greatest Adventures was unscripted (and painful); the actor just went with it.
  • In the "Thomas the Tank Engine" episode of Caddicarus, while miming the "Look what you've done to our breakfast!", Caddicarus slammed the front door... and the letterbox fell off. As confirmed by the outtakes, that wasn't planned.
  • Loading Ready Run's Crapshot #408, "The Decorations", has a moment near the end where Paul bumps the candy cane decorations in front of him, causing them to swing downward and hit the fence. It's confirmed in their Crapshot Bracket Top 32 video that it was an accident; Beej comments that he thought "oh no, we're gonna have to set everything up" until Paul improvised the "there, see?" motion.


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