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This page covers the current and growing list of Running Gags in the The Mark Remark.

Spanning several videos:

  • Taking a piss break during Divas wrestling matches. Ultimately dropped in-series when the matches actually start carrying some type of merit, though references to them being piss breaks are still alluded to.
  • His "adoration" of Lumberjack matches.
  • Referencing Roman Reigns and his "mild smugness".
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  • Having fun with a wrestlers name (especially "Bah-rock Lesnar" and Seth Rollings).
  • Playing the clip of Jerry Lawler acting surprised that The Big Show was showing up despite his theme already playing.
    • Subverted with the 12/5-6/16 episode with Michael Cole acting excited instead of surprised.
  • "Big Show, stop doing ___!" "I'm having fun!"
  • Anything Big Show-related, for that matter.
  • Exaggerating JBL's Texas accent when he says the name of Daniel Bryan. ("DANIEL BRAAAAAAAAAAN")
  • Replacing Daniel Bryan's "YES!" chant with less catchy synonyms, like:
  • Any time he tells a bad joke, he leans into the camera with a silly grin and double thumbs up while a TERRIBLE JOKE caption blinks underneath.
  • Wrestlers pointing at the WrestleMania sign.
  • Bray Wyatt is coming to challenge someone for WrestleMania 31 (The Undertaker). His opponent is an unknown person (The Undertaker). Whose identity is a secret (The Undertaker). Who knows who he could be talking about it's The Undertaker it's the fucking Undertaker.
  • Dean Ambrose being compared to a chipmunk/squirrel/small rodent.
  • Repeated jabs at Booker T's ridiculous statements on commentary. ("2 and 99 percent" "Shucky ducky quack quack")
    "Yes, Booker. I also think that ______"
    • Now has a female version, as Martin often pokes fun at pay-per-view pre-show host Lita's incoherence on commentary.
    • In addition, Shawn Michaels' incoherent gibberish during commentary, primarily because of how much they contrast with his clear-cut promos.
  • Laughing at Curtis Axel's mere existence, after the announcers basically declared him to be a joke contender.
  • ADAM ROSE! beat Adam Rose! beat Adam Rose!
    • With Adam Rose having been future-endeavored by WWE in 2016, it seems like Apollo Crews has taken his place for this gag as of the 2017 Royal Rumble.
  • Also, did you know Sin Cara is Spanish for ______?
  • Making fun of Sin Cara's tendency to botch, even if his character is now played by the far more reliable Jorge Arias, a.k.a. Hunico.
  • Getting censored anytime he mentions Chris Be<SOMEONE ELSE> or the Cri<DINOSAUR VAGINA>.
  • Erick Rowan... talking... very... slowly... taking five minutes to get from one sentence to the next. When he does speak up again, it makes Martin jump.
  • Kofi Kingston is 'The Guy' who has 'done it' in the WWE (as christened by Booker T), and any mention of other guys being 'The Guy' is mocked, because there can only be one 'Guy', guy, as they haven't 'done' anything.
    • Regrettably, Kofi Kingston is no longer 'The Guy' as of the Money in the Bank 2016 review, as 'The Guy' is now Roman Reigns.
  • Renee Young 'smiles and nods'.
  • Being surprised that wrestlers, on a wrestling show, are having a wrestling match.
  • And sometimes, while they are wrestling, they will do something that will cause a bunch of referees to come out and wave their arms around saying "No, no, don't do that." This usually has mixed results.
  • "OHHHH FORT LAUDY DAUDY! You've got to feel it in your body!" or other over-the-top Big E exhortations.
  • Having a reaction sketch where he goes on a ridiculously long trip with his mouth 'smiling' wide open the entire way, after a lame or offensive joke by Jerry Lawler.
  • Replacing numbers with Booker T yelling "NINE NINE NINE NINE!"
  • Using a clip of Booker T saying the word "goaded" whenever the word comes up.
  • Intentionally mishearing the Usos' Siva Tau. "THEY POST OUR PORN! THEY POST OUR PORN!"
  • He insists that the largely inconsequential Intercontinental Title Belt is "prestigious", often following or preceding a joke about said belt being worthless.
  • A small Irish bloke named Greg is now part of the TV Tropes Page! Also Sheamus.
  • Luke Harper's body odour.
  • Rolling another verb in the sentence with Seth Switchings' last name.
  • Are there any other running gags?... Hold on, lemme call my people to check.
  • Pushing for the "Glass of Milk" as a legitimate title contender. "GLASS OF MILK! GLASS OF MILK! GLASS OF MILK!"
  • Describing Crazy Senile Grandpa Terry's misadventures, as he runs around blathering with insanity and committing random violence.
  • On the rare occasions Zack Ryder makes an appearance, Martin claims Ryder legally doesn't exist or is just a mirage.
  • Referring to Mark Henry as "Sensual Candybar Mark Henry" or similar terms.
  • Getting increasingly scared by Sting screaming.
  • Anytime he has an idea of what he thinks is gonna happen, he gets told the truth by someone offscreen. He replies, "You're fucking lying."
  • Referring to Charlotte as "Ric Flair's daughter Charlotte" or conversely, Ric Flair as "Ric Flair's daughter Charlotte's father."
  • Copies of video games (e.g. Destiny), TV shows (e.g. "THIS IS MY HOUSE!!!"), or movies appearing in wrestlers' hands when they drop those names, even if unrelated to the game/TV show/movie.
  • Mentioning Randy Orton going AWOL during his time in the military or poking fun at him being a Flat Character despite being an A-lister.
  • Whenever Bo Dallas shows up, Martin says JBL's favorite game is PaRappa the Rapper.
  • Mentioning Braun Strowman being a seven foot tall baby, often needing his diaper changed.
  • Saying the crowd isn't booing Roman Reigns, they cheer for him in some unorthdox way.
  • Referring to Tom Phillips as a grade school-aged boy pretending to be an adult.
  • Claiming that Kevin Owens resembles "Team Four Star's Lanipator".
  • He's definitely not bitter about having to spend several hours waiting to get to his seat at WrestleMania 32.
  • Martin describes an unlikely event. PSYCHE! WE BURNED THAT FOOTAGE!
  • Champions coming out first, which usually goes against wrestling tradition, but this definitely doesn't bother Martin. Nope.

Limited to one video:

  • Big Show growling "WRONG!!!" whenever a wrestler or announcer says, or is quoted as saying something stupid. Or if Martin himself makes an amusing or sarcastic quip.
  • In the 4/20-4/23/15 episode, he keeps making jokes about shampoo after he brings up that Edge and Booker T's feud at WrestleMania X8 was all about getting to star in a shampoo commercial.
    • Also in that same episode, he adds wrestling themed names to other reality shows when talking about Tough Enough.
  • During the Extreme Rules, he constantly references how "extreme" they are when they follow the rules.
  • Dean Ambrose saying "aaaaanyway" whenever a joke falls flat.
  • Referencing Kevin Owens' warning "don't believe everything you read on the Internet, Michael" when talking about unfounded or made-up dirt sheet rumors.
  • Fastlane 2015 has two, courtesy of Booker T. He refers to things as "Ex-trah-ordinerey!" in an stereotypically exaggerated Chinese voice, and when Martin optimistically hopes for something cool to happen, Booker issues a rebuttal with "That's not gonna happen".
  • For WrestleMania 33, he repeatedly alludes to JBL's incessant backstage bullying of Maruo Ronallo, which caused the latter to suffer a depressive breakdown and temporarily leave the company.
  • Punctuating jokes with Becky Lynch saying "Zing!"


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