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  • General:
    • At the end of some videos (before Jack moved to L.A.), Jack's (former) girlfriend Kristen will be there with him, apparently to talk about upcoming videos...but every time, he tells her to shut up as soon as she opens her mouth, leaving her standing there awkwardly.
  • At the end of some of his videos, someone will say "MOTHERFU--" before it cuts to his ending logo.
    • Jack coughing/vomiting up blood or liquid. In the middle of a sentence.
    • Acrostic poems, usually seen during the sponsor adverts at the end of Jackask episodes, as well as in the Apple Watch parody.
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    • Kermit's specific abuse of a kid he calls Billy (even though that's not even his real name).
    • People asking about Jack and Erin are getting divorced, which is always treated as an inevitability.
  • In JackAsk, getting asked in various ways if he is gay.
  • Sarcastically hyping up The Emoji Movie, which somehow got him invited to its world premiere.

  • YGS:
    • Upper-Class Twit, Christopher Walken and Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions in Your Grammar Sucks.
    • Reusing the ":a what a fucke?!" soundbyte for the comments that defy more logic than usual.
    • Jack reading the user corrections to a grammatically wrong comment, which often as bungled in grammar as the original comment itself.
    • The whole "rapping vs. raping" thing, which earns a lampshade in the YGS Christmas Special.
    • The "Spanish Break", where Jack acts Spanish when a comment seems to imitate Spanish words.
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    • Starting around episode 32, he's been including at least one tweet from fellow YouTuber Olga Kay in every few episodes of YGS, followed by an exclamation of "OH, OLGA". He even managed to fit it into the Christmas Special, which is a song.
    • Jack refusing to read a horribly mangled comment by staring and shaking his head in disapproval.
    • "Whoopsie Daisy", used as a reaction to comments that are mostly grammatically correct but have a single, huge mistake (for example, confusing the words gentle and genital).
    • "Poor Brian" from episode 51, whenever somebody makes the mistake of spelling "brain" as "Brian".
    • A sarcastic "OOOOOOOOOOOOH!" to insults that really don't deserve to get one, originally done by Cyr and sometimes by Jack.
      • More recently, this seems to have been replaced by "REKT U M8".
    • A disgusted "EUGGHHHH!" to comments that are usually a dumpster fire of taboo topics or innocent comments that were misspelled to mean something completely disturbing.
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    • Rage and disbelief at large numbers of likes to terrible comments.
    • "That's almost a hundred."
    • Reusing the "Watch your langwing" comment after reading, well, profane comments.

  • YIAY:
    • A whole slew of daddy issues.
    • Forehead jokes
    • "YouTube isn't a real job", etc.
    • Comments that just don't get the game or don't play along
    • "Waiting until marriage".
    • "Bad day?"
    • "Y'all need Jesus"
    • "A light switch"explanation 
    • Jaden Smith-esque cryptic/reversal responses
    • "Y-you too"
    • The Avengers: Infinity War
    • Fedora/"m'lady" jokes
    • "Hi, I'm Brianna."
    • The traaaash (used for bad comments)
    • "Get paid, get laid, Gatorade"explanation 
    • Pointing out unintentional coordinationnote , often with repeated "no" comments or "'don'ts' in a row".
    • The "Unexpected John Cena" internet meme made its way into several YIAYs. The crowning moment was a comment giving the musical notes to John Cena's theme for Jack to play, and his realization when playing it at the right tempo.
    • Jack will often lapse into a monotone Voice of the Legion for answers that are occult or sinister in nature.
    • The Nepali flag, capped off when 60% of his "Christmas Flag" submissions consist of the Nepali flag mirrored to form a Christmas tree.
    • Jack's meme-stealing templates, poking fun at those who repost memes with minimal commentary to make it "their own".
    • For particularly rude answers, Jack will angrily approach the camera and say "YOU MOTHERFUC--" before cutting to the next answer.
    • "Me me big boy."explanation 
    • People using their answers to try and guess who the sponsor is going to be. Jack usually makes sure they're wrong.
    • "Uhh, judges?"explanation 
    • "Boooooooooo."explanation 
    • For particularly repetitive answers, Jack starts rapping the answers while a beat plays in the background.
    • References to Garfield are common, depending on the question.

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