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References to The Incredibles in other media.

Film -- Animated
  • Cars 2: A drive-in marquee says that The Incredimobiles is playing there.
  • Finding Nemo: In the dentist's waiting room, a boy is reading a Mr. Incredible comic book.

Video Games


Web Original

  • In Part one of The Happy Video Game Nerd's review of Disney Capcom games, when the Nerd plays Darkwing Duck, in response to not being able to shoot while using Darkwing's cape as a shield, he says that he's with Edna Mode on her decision to have superheroes not wear capes.
  • Honest Trailers:
  • How It Should Have Ended
    • One episode provides an alternate beginning to the original film, where Mr. Incredible likes the idea of Buddy's rocket boots and lets him be his sidekick. 15 years later, Mr. Incredible (who is now dressed in a mechanical suit that Buddy made for him) is seen talking to Batman and Superman in a coffee shop as Buddy saves the city. In The Stinger, Edna tells Batman and Superman, "No capes!" as she walks by the coffee shop.
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    • Another episode provides an alternate ending to Incredibles 2. In the prologue, Spider-Man stops the train before Elastigirl can. Also in the episode, Violet uses her invisibility and Dash uses his super speed to remove Screenslaver's goggles from all the supers, which they later talk to Batman and Superman about in the cafe. Superman also questions why the supers didn't just apply for the Police Force or the Fire Department when superheroes were made illegal, and Jack-Jack uses his morphing powers to look like Batman.
  • The Nostalgia Critic:
    • In his review of The Lorax, the Critic says of O'Hare, "If you're gonna steal Edna Mode's design sheet, pick a voice that matches."
    • In the editorial "Does American Beauty Still Hold Up?", Critic points out The Incredibles as another movie that explores self-identity.
    • In his review of The Iron Giant, when Annie asks Hogarth if he remembers the time he tried to keep a raccoon as a pet, the Critic says "Don't worry, he got his in another Bird production", and plays a clip from Incredibles 2 where Jack-Jack battles Rocky the Raccoon.
  • SuperMarioLogan:
    • In "Cody's Revenge!", Cody decides that he wants to watch a movie with Bowser Junior. Junior suggests that they watch Inside Out or The Incredibles, but Cody rejects those because he finds them too good to watch. He decides to watch Big Hero 6, much to Junior's disdain.
    • In "The Costume Contest!", Cody dresses up as Mr. Incredible.
    • In "The Movie Date!", Brooklyn T. Guy and Sparkle watch a much more mature version of Incredibles 2 in the movie theater.

Western Animation

  • Robot Chicken: A sketch from "Not Enough Women" features Edna Mode as a judge on Project Runway.
  • The Simpsons: In "Angry Dad: The Movie", a poster for The Not-So-Incredibles is hanging on a wall at the animation studio.

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