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Film - Animated

  • Cars 2: In Paris, we see a restaurant named "Gastow's".
  • Inside Out: Remy appears as the dead mouse in Riley's new room, which later appears during a nightmare sequence.
  • Tangled: This might just be a coincidence, but the rats seen in the Snuggly Duckling look rather similar to Django.
  • WALL•E: Skinner's scooter can be seen among the trash. In addition, the robot mouse that appears on the Axiom is known as REM-E.

Video Games

  • LEGO The Incredibles: Linguine is an unlockable character, unlocked by building Gusteau's Restaurant in New Urbem Downtown. Linguine can summon Remy, who can travel through pipes.

Web Video

  • An episode of SuperMarioLogan is entitled "Ratatouille!", which features Remy helping Chef Pee Pee make a special soup for Bowser.

Western Animation

  • Kid vs. Kat: There is an episode titled "Rat-a-Phooey".
  • MAD:
    • In the sketch "TransBOREmores", Remy appears as the waiter in a restaurant.
    • In "Mickey Mouse Mouse Exterminator Service", Remy is among the mice and rats that Mickey captures.
  • The Simpsons:
    • In "Gone Maggie Gone", Homer says that having rats in the kitchen is like "that delightful movie I taped in the theater" and holds up a bootleg copy of the movie (misspelled "Ratatooey"). One of the rats then controls Homer with his two hairs to help him cook.
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    • In "The Food Wife", Marge shoots some delicious food into a meth lab worker's mouth, causing him to have a flashback just like Ego's.
    • One episode has an Itchy & Scratchy episode where Scratchy is a chef and Itchy controls him to kill and serve cats to other cats and then let the customers know they're eating cat. They're disgusted.

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