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  • Ego's review of Gusteau's in the finale. Yes, the restaurant was closed by health inspectors and he ends up losing his job and credibility, but it's truly incredible if you don't come out of that monologue feeling inspired, or with a new respect for some critics, to a degree.
    • Don't forget Ego's Flashback upon actually tasting Rémy's ratatouille. If that sunny kitchen and the warm, reassuring smile of Anton's mother as she cheers her son up with a bowl of her own ratatouille don't melt your heart... No wonder he gave them a rave review.
      • It's so simple and sweet — and a perfect example of everything Pet the Dog should be.
      • Fridge Brilliance: Ego considers his mother to be the best cook he ever knew, and holds all other cooks to her standard.
      • And then, there's the way Ego reacts after tasting the dish: he drops his pen in shock and, for the first time in the whole movie, he starts smiling as he eats the ratatouille with delight. He's not evaluating the quality of the meal: he's actually enjoying it! and what is more, shortly before he drops the pen, you can see color slowly start to return to his face, which had been very pale up until that point.
      • Not the same impact as this iconic scene, but earlier during the meal, Ego is served soup as an appetizer. While it doesn't have the same effect on him that the main course does, he looks mildly impressed at the dish, presumably not expecting any food from the restaurant to come close to his standard. Remember, what he doesn't love, he doesn't swallow. And apparently, he loves this!
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    • Which segues very nicely into his review of the restaurant: even after meeting Remy and having the situation explained to him, he gives it a highly positive rating, which eventually costs him his job. And just as a pick-up-and-cuddle-the-dog moment, Anton loses his credibility but becomes a regular customer at Remy's new restaurant, where he consistently orders the ratatouille. Say it with me: d'awwwww!
      • Not only ratatouille. He trusts whatever he is served. When asked what he'd like to order for dessert:
        Linguini: Can I interest you in a dessert this evening?
        Ego: (nearly chuckling) Don't you always?
        Linguini: Which one would you like?
        Ego: (loudly, in Remy's direction) Surprise me!
      • Not just a regular customer. It's highly suggested that Ego helped front the money to open La Ratatouille in the first place, making him co-owner along with Linguini and Colette.
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    • A subtle moment during that scene: Colette has mentioned how being a woman has handicapped her and forced her to work twice as hard to get where she is. Then she goes out to speak with Ego, who immediately assumes she's the head chef responsible for the ratatouille and begins congratulating her. The fact that she's a woman doesn't make any difference to him.
      • Fridge Brilliance again: Of course he's not surprised by the (admittedly false) notion of her being the head chef. The best chef he's ever known is, as always, his mother.
    • Though he's still unquestionably a bad guy, Skinner's reaction to tasting the ratatouille could also be seen as a (very brief) heartwarming moment. After having ordered "whatever [Ego's] having", his initial reaction to being presented with the ratatouille is to scoff at it, but as soon as he tries some he whimpers and even bursts into the kitchen demanding to know who made it. It's fairly reasonable to assume that he went through a similar experience Ego did upon tasting it.
  • Colette signals Remy that it's time to get back to work with a look of warm acceptance, a look that says she truly accepts him as her comrade and a master of the kitchen.
  • Not to mention Remy's teeny-tiny little chef's hat. Awwww.
  • Remy's dad whistling for the rat colony to come out of hiding and help Remy save the day. He was opposed to Remy's wide-eyed cooking dreams from day one, but when his son needed help, he was they were there. He caps it off with just nine words.
    "We may not be cooks... but we are family."
    • Actually, Remy's dad gets a fridge instance of this much earlier. Remy's activities alerted the old lady the colony was living with to their presence, and eventually, resulted in them being forcibly displaced, separating Remy and his family. His father's reaction to his return is a big party in his honor. Prodigal son much?
  • "And this rat... this brilliant, little chef... can take us there." No wonder it convinces Remy's dad that he was "wrong about... your friend."
  • The kiss between Linguini and Collete: instead of pushing him off, she passionately kisses him back, even though Remy was the one who forced the kiss.
  • Remy's final conversation with the imaginary Gusteau.
    Remy: I'm sick of pretending. I pretend to be a rat for my father, I pretend to be a human through Linguini. I pretend you exist so I have someone to talk to! You only tell me stuff I already know! I know who I am! Why do I need you to tell me? Why do I need to pretend?
    Gusteau: [chuckles] But you don't Remy. You never did. [disappears]
  • The montage of Colette helping Linguini to learn how to operate in the kitchen - she starts off very harsh and often corrects his mistakes with yelling, but eventually their interactions turn friendly.
    Linguini: ..."we"?
    Colette: Of course. You're one of us now.
    • Colette starts off harsh and cold to Linguini because she's used to not being taken seriously. She's fully expecting Linguini to just dismiss her, but he doesn't. He listens to everything she tells him, taking notes, never questioning her. This is what makes her soften up, and she point-blank thanks him for listening.
    • Th exact defrosting happens when she talks about how Gusteau was always about trying something new, to surprise his customers. As Linguini writes that down, she clarifies that only the head-chef can be creative; he quickly scratches it out to add, "Follow the recipe." Colette can't help but smile that Linguini is this attentive.
  • Although he causes trouble later, Emile and Remy have a strong family bond. Even though he doesn't really understand Remy, Emile accepts his brother unconditionally, which is saying something considering what their dad thinks.
  • After his first night of sleeping in Linguini's sad-looking apartment, Linguini wakes up to find Remy gone—along with his eggs. For a moment, Linguini thinks Remy's played him for a fool...until he walks into his kitchen to find Remy cooking breakfast for him, most likely as a sign of gratitude for not killing him and giving him a place to stay. Linguini then sits down and tries it, marveling at how delicious it is.
  • When Linguini ducks into the food storage to rant at Remy for running up and down his body and biting him, he notices the rat staring longingly at some cheese. Linguini realizes that Remy is hungry and breaks him off a piece to feed him and in a much calmer tone talks about how they have to figure out a better solution to make their partnership work.
  • How about Remy’s return to Linguini after initially fleeing his confinement by the river? The dejected sigh from the latter as his last hope has just run off... and then we hear the sound of little rat feet getting closer once again, with Remy’s big bright eyes staring up at Linguini, who smiles back in awe and disbelief! The accompanying music swells perfectly as their unusual yet strong bond is highlighted for the first time.

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