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Nightmare Fuel / Ratatouille

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"Now, this is what happens when a rat gets a little too comfortable around humans."
  • The rat-catcher's shop, which is a Real Life store in Paris.
  • Linguini's anxiety-filled nightmare of him asking Anton Ego what he'll order for his upcoming visit.
    Linguini: Do you know what would you like this evening, sir?
    Anton Ego: Yes. I would like your heart...roasted on a spit. (cue Evil Laugh, which ends with a short Jump Scare yell)
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  • Even as a regular person, Anton Ego is scary. Not only does he resemble a vampire, being tall, gaunt and almost preternaturally imposing, he's also an infamously caustic food critic with standards so high that practically no one can meet them and when they inevitably fail, he flat-out eviscerates them in his reviews. His nickname in universe is "the Grim Eater," because when he decides to review a restaurant, that generally means the end has come for them. His reputation holds such sway over the general populace that one negative review from him will condemn a restaurant to the tourist trade, assuming the establishment doesn't close down outright. It's terrifying to think that one man holds what essentially amounts to the power of life and death for any place that sells food.
  • Whenever the rats appear in large groups. First there's the scene where the old lady shoots down her ceiling, revealing that ALL the rats have been living IN HER ROOF.
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  • Then there's the bit near the end where a swarm of rats chase the health inspector, swarm over his car (with him inside), interfere with the car's mechanics, and eventually bring him back, bound and gagged, to the kitchen, where they lock him in the pantry for who knows how long (they eventually release him).
  • Seeing a swarm of rats chasing after him is clearly Nightmare Fuel for the health inspector. His failed escape attempt plays like something from a horror movie, running for his car, not being able to start, then being rushed by a swarm of rats.
  • Skinner threatens Linguini with the Cruel and Unusual Death of being drawn and quartered for the grave crime of tampering with soup. Most people would use a threat like that in a joking manner considering how hilariously illegal following up on it would be, but the way Skinner acts you get the feeling that if it hadn't turned out that the guests liked the new soup more he really would've tried to follow through (or at least do something similarly brutal).
  • While the bulk of it is Played for Laughs, Remy suffers a lot of near-death experiences during his first visit to the kitchen. Not only does he almost get stepped on or crushed several times (showing just how fragile he is compared to the humans), but he almost gets burned under one oven and cooked alive inside another. The music suddenly amping up, the hellish-red tone and Remy's own Oh, Crap! face really drive home just how close to death he truly was had he not leaped out at the last minute.