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Recap / The X Files S 04 E 18 Max

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Season 4, Episode 18:

"You're saying the man sitting in seat thirteen-F was abducted mid-flight without any depressurisation of the cabin, without any effect on the plane."
Written by Chris Carter & Frank Spotnitz
Directed by Kim Manners

"Max is the key to all this. He knew that plane was in danger even before it took off, before it entered military airspace. How would he know that? And what would be worth taking that risk?"
Fox Mulder

Mulder and Scully continue their investigation of the plane crash and Max Fenig's death.


  • Anyone Can Die:
    • Agent Pendrell who had a crush on Scully
    • Max Fenig, a conspiracy nut who was a fan of Mulder
  • Bond One-Liner: Mulder has one of his best at Skinner's prompting after Agent Garrett is abducted by aliens in mid-flight.
    "I think he got the connecting flight."
  • Character Title
  • Deadly Nosebleed: Scully has two of them, the first is when she checking on Pendrell and Frisch, the second when she is being debriefed by Skinner.
  • Fall Guy: Frisch is blamed for the plane crash.
    Scully: Sir, the military is responsible for the downing of that plane.
    Skinner: They are admitting that much. But Sergeant Frisch's story is not the one they're telling.
  • Killed Off for Real: Both Pendell and Fenig never returned from the dead.
    Scully: What are these people dying for? Is it for the truth or for the lies?
    Mulder: It's got to be for the truth. If we owe them anything, it's to make sure of that.
  • Made of Iron: Scully shoots Garrett in the kneecap, but it doesn't hinder his mobility in the slightest.
  • Missing Time
  • Myth Arc: Though there is little connection to the Syndicate plotline, and Cigarette-Smoking Man is conspicuously absent, two people close to Mulder and Scully die, Scully's cancer is briefly referenced along with a possible implication that Skinner's office has been compromised. Also, the aliens seemingly working against The Conspiracy suggest they may be part of Season 5's rebel faction.
  • No-Sell: Mulder threatens Agent Garrett similarly to how he threatened the Red-Haired Man in "731". It doesn't work this time; Garrett simply reminds Mulder of his surroundings.
    Mulder: There's a weapon pointed at you right now. If I shoot you at this range, it wouldn't just hit you in the leg. If you so much as raise your arms off that armrest, I'm going to test that theory.
    Garrett: What if you miss?
    Mulder: I won't.
    Garrett: Do you know what happens when a plane suddenly depressurizes at thirty-thousand feet, Mister Mulder? After the cabin fills with fog and all light objects - anything not tied down - including your weapon, go flying toward the breach?
  • Shoot the Shaggy Dog: Pendrell's death.
    Scully: I realized I didn't even know his first name.
  • Zipping Up The Body Bag: One of the men with radiation burns.