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Recap / The X-Files S04 E21 "Zero Sum"

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Season 4, Episode 21:

Zero Sum
Another day, another cover-up.
Written by Howard Gordon & Frank Spotnitz
Directed by Kim Manners

Cigarette Smoking Man: This only happened because you left your job unfinished.
Skinner: I handled him just like I've handled everything else you've asked me to do. I followed your instructions.
Cigarette Smoking Man: You failed to neutralise a potentially compromising situation.

Assistant Director Skinner finds himself in a difficult position as a result of his deal with the Cigarette Smoking Man.


  • Badass Boast: CSM gives Skinner a simple but effective one.
    "This isn't the first gun I've had pointed in my face, Mr. Skinner. I'm not afraid to die."
  • Bee Afraid: Genetically modified bees attack several people in this episode.
  • A Day in the Limelight: For Skinner.
  • Deal with the Devil: Skinner covers up evidence for the Cancer Man in exchange for him saving Scully's life.
  • Did Not Think This Through: If Cancer Man didn't kill the police officer, his photographs wouldn't have been sent to Mulder, and Mulder wouldn't have even known about the case.

"I saved her life once before, when I had her returned to Agent Mulder. I may save her life again. But you'll never know if you pull the trigger, will you?"

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