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Recap / The X-Files S04 E19 "Synchrony"

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Season 4, Episode 19:

"The iceman cometh."
Written by Howard Gordon & David Greenwalt
Directed by James Charleston

Scully: Mulder, this is a photograph. It is a documented moment in time.
Mulder: In a future that somebody is trying like hell to prevent from happening.

A man is arrested after apparently pushing his colleague in front of a bus, but claims he was actually trying to save him from that fate, which was predicted down to the exact time by a strange old man they met earlier.


  • Kill It with Fire: The older Jason Nichols ends up killing the young Jason Nichols by hugging him. Since he will burn due to his temperature leaving absolute zero, both men burst in flames.
  • Oceanic Airlines: "Pan-Oceanic flight #1701" is mentioned on a notepad when Scully searches the hotel room.
  • Set Right What Once Went Wrong: The older Jason goes back in time to prevent his world's Bad Future from happening. Whether he succeeded is ambiguous.
  • Time Travel: A man came from the future and tries to prevent the invention which gets him to the episode's present time.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Older Jason Nichols is trying to stop his younger self and others from creating a compound that allows time travel. It turns out, a society where everyone can know everything that's happened — and everything that will happen — is one robbed of hope and free will.

"Although multidimensionality suggests infinite outcomes in an infinite number of universes, each universe can produce only one outcome."