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Welcome to the recap page for the The Powerpuff Girls (2016) cartoon.

As per wiki rules, all spoilers on Recap pages are unmarked.

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     Season 1 
  1. Escape From Monster Island: Bubbles wins some tickets to a concert for the girls' favorite boy band. Unfortunately, she only won two tickets. Before she can choose which of her sisters to bring, the Mayor crash lands on Monster Island, and the girls go rescue him. Meanwhile, Blossom and Buttercup keep arguing on who should get the second ticket.
  2. Princess Buttercup: Buttercup meets a group of roller-derby girls called the "Derby-tantes", who invite her to join their team. However, this prevents her from hanging out with her sisters, so Princess tries to weasel her way into the group as Buttercup's replacement.
  3. The Stayover: During a slumber party, the girls binge on candy and go into a sugar rush high. Blossom and Buttercup wake up the next day with barely any memory of what happened that night, and try to recall in order to find a missing Bubbles.
  4. Painbow: A rainbow in the sky causes all the citizens of Townsville to act overly happy, to the point they're unaware of their destructive actions, forcing the girls to investigate the cause.
  5. Horn Sweet Horn: Bubbles meets a talking pony named Donny, who wants to be a unicorn.
  6. Man Up: After going on a destructive rage when she's insulted by Man-Boy, Buttercup seeks anger management training from a New Age guru.
  7. Bye Bye Bellum: Ms Bellum cashes in on her vacation days that have been building up, leaving the Mayor on his own to run Townsville. When he feels he can't do it, the girls find a replacement assistant...who unfortunately turns out to be one of their newer enemies, Bianca Bikini.
  8. Little Octi Lost: Angry at Bubbles for losing a kickball game, Buttercup decides to hide her toy doll, Octi, only to come to like playing with him. However, when she gives it an embroidered studded jacket, it draws the attention of Packrat, who loves shiny things.
  9. Strong-Armed: During a fight against Packrat, Bubbles breaks her arm, and is given a cybernetic cast to allows her to continue fighting crime. However, she lets the new found power go to her head.
  10. Power Up Puff: During a fight against a food monster, Buttercup and Bubbles discover a new power; The ability to make hard light constructs. However, Blossom feels left out, since she's the only one who didn't get it.
  11. Tiara Trouble: Bubbles enters into a beauty pageant, but faces competition from Mojo, The Gangreen Gang, Fuzzy Lumpkins, and Princess. There's also the little matter that The Mayor got the prize, a crystal tiara, from Him.
  12. The Wrinklegruff Gals: The girls are enrolled into an elementary school after Pokey Oaks Kindergarten was destroyed during a show and tell. But after a rough first day due to the meanness of the older students, the girls have the Professor make them a potion to make them older, only for them to take too much and turn into seniors.
  13. Arachno-Romance: The Professor gets a new girlfriend, who gains the jealousy of the girls when she takes his attention away from them, prompting the three to try and split them up. Said girlfriend has a bit of a secret, however.
  14. Puffdora's Box: The Professor leaves the Girls in charge of cleaning the house while he runs errands. While cleaning, Blossom come across a strange chest, and accidentally releases monsters that will destroy the world if she doesn't find a way to get them back in.
  15. Blue Ribbon Blues: Midway Elementary's Science Fair is coming up and is to be judged by a famous scientist who happens to a be a favorite of Blossom. However when the two meet, he convinces Blossom to help him build a device with ill-intentions in mind.
  16. Frenemy: The girls make friends with a cool new girl at school who uses them as an accomplice in her crime.
  17. Once Upon A Townsville: A princess falls from a fairy tale realm and into Townville, dead set on finding her prince much to the girls annoyance when they're forced to save her from self-inflicted peril.
  18. Man Up 2: Still Man-ing: Man Boy returns and steals Townsville's water supply.
  19. Viral Spiral: The Amoeba Boys invade the Internet.
  20. Bubbles Of The Opera: Bubbles gets extremely upset after seeing her school photo.
  21. Sister Sitter: Buttercup has to take care of Blossom and Bubbles, who are sick.
  22. Odd Bubbles Out: Donny returns for a student/unicorn exchange program (to Bubbles' delight), but ends up having competition for Donny's friendship.
  23. Presidential Punchout: Blossom is running for student body president, and wants to run a clean campaign, but after Princess Morbucks launches several smear tactics opposing her, Blossom stoops to Princess' level of campaigning.
  24. Cheep Thrills: Bubbles finds a furry creature out in the woods and brings it home with her against Blossom's wishes. Naturally taking it out of his habitat leads to consequences.
  25. Fashion Forward: The Fashionistas, paroled from prison, launch a line of trendy multipurpose scarves that the Professor forbids the girls from having.
  26. In The Garden Of Good And Eddie: The girls take a shortcut to make their garden grow for a veggie festival contest, causing a small tomato caterpillar named Eddie to grow gigantic.
  27. Road Trippin': Bubbles feels left out because she feels no usefulness to the Professor, so she gets him to take them both on a road trip to an art show, but Bubbles still feels like she and the Professor have nothing in common.
  28. The Big Sleep: The girls are tasked with stopping the Professor's creation, a pillow that is so comfortable it puts its user to sleep instantly.
  29. The Secret Life Of Blossom Powerpuff: After being denied admittance to a school club, Blossom imagines what it would be like joining other clubs.
  30. Halt And Catch Silico: The girls track down Silico (from "Viral Spiral"), who has been putting up scandalous lies about the girls on the Internet.
  31. The Secret Swapper Of Doom: The girls benefit from a paper prediction swapper in exchange for their innermost secrets, but when they giveaway the Professor's secrets, the swapper turns into a monstrous origami dragon.
  32. Rainy Day: The girls are stuck in the house due to a thunderstorm. Against the Professor's orders and Blossom's objections, Bubbles and Buttercup go to play in the professor's lab and end up affecting Blossom when she's knocked into one of his machines.
  33. The Squashening: While trick-or-treating, the girls are captured by a giant monster squash who will release them if they tell him a story that will frighten him.
  34. Electric Buttercup: The girls enter into a battle of the bands. But after Buttercup smashes her guitar. She inadvertently makes a deal with HIM to get a new one.
  35. Professor Proofed: The girls become over-protective of the Professor after one of his experiments results in him getting injured.
  36. Poorbucks: When Princess Morbucks goes broke, Blossom tries to show her how to be nice.
  37. Snow Month: Blossom becomes nervous in answering classmate Jared Shapiro's letter that asks if she likes him, so she causes an extended snowstorm to put it off, but winds up attracting yetis to the town. note 
  38. Somewhere Over the Swingset: A mysterious person comes to Townsville challenging anyone who can to last on his swingset. Against the Professor's wishes, the girls take up the challenge and swing so high that they end up in an alternate dimension where everything is perfect.
  39. People Pleaser: Blossom agrees to help Bubbles with a project for school, but she likewise ends up promising other people favors as well and ends up neglecting Bubbles

     Season 2 
  1. The Last Donnycorn: Donny comes to the girls for aid when he accidentally unleashes evil unicorn onto his dimension.
  2. Green Wing: The girls and the Professor spend a Saturday volunteering at a senior retirement home where Buttercup tries to bond with a lady who used to be a superheroine.
  3. 15 Minutes Of Fame: Bubbles lets success go to her head after a video she made of Blossom and Buttercup goes viral and becomes a hit.
  4. Splitsville: Each of the girls have a separate dilemma to deal with and discover what each other deals with in accomplishing their goals.
  5. Clawdad: While visiting a lake, Buttercup and Bubbles pursue a legendary crawdad while the Professor and Blossom take a disastrous hike in the forest.
  6. Super Sweet 6: Blossom is the only person in Townsville who didn't get invited to Princess Morbucks' birthday party.
  7. A Star Is Blossom: Blossom gets insanely jealous when Bubbles wins the lead in a school play.
  8. Mini Golf Madness: A robotic mini-golf course mascot goes on a rampage after Buttercup takes a game-winning golf ball with her.
  9. Summer Bummer: Townsville Beach is taken over by the Bro Sharks.
  10. The Tell Tale Schedulebot: Blossom and Buttercup destroy Schedulebot and hide it in the ground. They do everything they can to hide the truth.
  11. Musclecup: Thinking she's inadequate because she's not in shape, Buttercup bulks up.
  12. Take Your Kids To Dooms Day: For a video on why their parent is great, the girls are at the Professor's job where his special power suit is stolen by Silico.
  13. Bubbles Sitters Club: Bubbles want to prove she's responsible enough to own a dog by taking a job as a dog sitter. But her pug charge is really a mug.
  14. Buttercup Vs. Math: Buttercup tries to prove she's not a "math nerd" after being advanced in math class.
  15. Home Sweet Homesick: The space camp the girls attend isn't what Blossom thought it would be.
  16. Memory Lane Of Pain: While going through the Professor's collection of memories of the girls' exploits, Bubbles finds nothing about her and thus questions her worth as a superhero.
  17. Spider Sense: The girls' vacation at a fancy resort is interrupted by the invasion of a creature, leading to them meeting up with a familiar face.
  18. Imagine That: Him uses Bubbles' imagination to trap the girls in a hellish landscape.
  19. Phantasm Chasm: The girls and Jared get sucked into the fantasy game they're playing. Buttercup has to team up with Jared when Blossom and Bubbles are captured and taken to a mysterious castle.
  20. Tooth Or Consequences: When Blossom is stricken by a toothache, she does all she can to avoid seeing the dentist.
  21. Monkey Love: Mojo Jojo starts a romance with Barbarus, the simian sidekick of Fashionistas leader Bianca Bikini.
  22. Bridezilla: Bianca asks for the Powerpuff Girls' help in stopping the wedding of Mojo Jojo and Barbarus.
  23. Power of Four: The girls discover that they weren't the first Powerpuff Girls created, as it turns out the Professor made a previous one before them, Bliss, who returns in the hopes of getting her powers under control. note 
  24. Midnight At the Mayor's Mansion: On Halloween night, the girls investigate the Mayor's mansion for a monster.
  25. You're A Good Man, Mojo Jojo: When Mojo sets about ruining the holidays for everyone in Townsville, he is visited by the ghosts of three figures resembling the Powerpuff Girls who try to make him change his ways.
  26. The Trouble With Bubbles: When Bubbles finds herself swamped with things to do, she creates a duplicate of herself through her 3-D printer to help her.
  27. Never Been Blissed: The girls help Bliss track down an alien outlaw bent on destroying Earth. During this search, Bliss discovers love.note 
  28. Sugar, Spice and Super Lice: Buttercup comes down with a case of super lice, prompting Blossom and Bubbles to go into her hair to fight them.
  29. The Buttercup Job: Jemmica returns and ropes Buttercup into a heist.
  30. A Slight Hiccup: The girls develop super hiccup which affects their surrounding and become a problem when the Gnat attacks the town.
  31. Toy Ploy: Mojo tries to find out the girls' weaknesses by stealing their toys.
  32. Derby Dollies: One of the Derbytants is injured, so Bubbles fills in for the missing Deathball member. But Buttercup becomes jealous when she hogs the spotlight.
  33. Bubbles The Blue: Bubbles becomes depressed all of a sudden and Blossom and Buttercup try to find a way to cheer her up.
  34. Deb O'Nair: A woman named Deb O'Nair finds the girls heroics "improper" and convinces the Professor to teach them how to be "proper ladies".
  35. Man Up 3: The Good, the Bad, and the Manly: Man-Boy returns and develops a weapon that causes beards to grow on whatever it hits. However when Bubbles is shot, her newfound beard causes her to go mad with power.
  36. Not So Secret Service: Mojo employs the girls as protection when his latest invention turns against him.
  37. The Blossom Files: Blossom thinks she's uncovered a space alien.

     Season 3 
  1. Aliver: The girls compete on a reality show to be the greatest superhero. But have to contend with Princess who naturally cheats.
  2. Worship: The Fashionistas unleash a mind-controlling perfume on Townsville.
  3. Blossom3: After getting hit by Duplikate's ray, Blossom becomes triple trouble.
  4. Mojo the Great: Seeking to make himself "great," Mojo Jojo steals the powers that make the girls superheroes.
  5. Trouble Clef: Princess Morbucks turns Townsville against the girls when she realizes that they see her as a villain.
  6. Save the Date: Ms. Keane is nervous about a first date.
  7. Can't Buy Love: Princess Morbucks falls in love with Barry Mackerbacker, but he's oblivious to her advances.
  8. Largo: Bubbles sees everyone acting mean or sad when a mysterious rain cloud plagues the city.
  9. Blundercup: A mysterious force knocks Buttercup off-kilter.
  10. Ragnarok and Roll: The girls race to save Townsville from an ancient prophecy.
  11. Total Eclipse of the Kart: The girls compete in a go-kart race for a mysterious prize the Mayor possesses.
  12. The Long Skate Home: The girls and the Derbytantes must clear themselves of a crime they didn't commit.
  13. Quarantine: The girls and Mojo Jojo are trapped inside after a chemical spill.
  14. In the Doghouse: Buttercup must save her family from a kidnapping.
  15. Salamander: The Professor is kidnapped and taken to a mysterious island.
  16. Small World, Part 1: Abra-Disaster: After defeating Mojo Jojo again, the girls believe they are unstoppable.
  17. Small World, Part 2: Stone Cold Spider: The girls travel to the Arctic on a mission to save Townsville from Lester Van Luster, who with Mojo has shrunk Townsville and encased it in a snow globe.
  18. Small World, Part 3: Maze Daze: Having retrieved the first Heartstone, the girls travel to find the other two.
  19. Small World, Part 4: Heart to Heartstone: The girls return with the Heartstones to face Lester Van Luster but are deceived then captured.
  20. Witch's Crew: On Halloween, Princess Morbucks creates a concoction that has some disastrous effects.
  21. The Gift: The girls try to replace the Professor's Christmas present on Christmas Eve.
  22. Oh, Daisy!: Buttercup is not a fan of Bubbles' digital assistant.
  23. Brain Freeze: A new ice cream flavor takes Townsville by storm, making the girls suspicious.
  24. Lights Out: A new tech product Bliss brings to town proves to be more powerful than imagined.
  25. Bucketboy: Barry Mackerbacker lets being called a hero go to his head.
  26. The Fog: A new villain makes an offer to the city's old villains.
  27. The Spoon: A crash landing sends Townsville over the edge.
  28. Cat Burglar: A familiar cat burglar returns to Townsville.
  29. Hustlecup: Buttercup competes against the Gangreen Gang for the Professor's invention.
  30. Rebel Rebel: The Professor makes new friends but they appear to be a bad crowd.
  31. Our Brand Is Chaos: Bubbles and Buttercup make a questionable deal.
  32. Tagalong: Buttercup gets tired of Bubbles following her everywhere.
  33. Brainlord: A superhero with a dark secret arrives in Townsville.
  34. Checkin' Out!: A trip to the supermarket has bizarre consequences.
  35. Drama Bomb: The school play goes off the rails when the drama teacher interferes.
  36. Man Up 4: The Donnyest Games
  37. Watch It!
  38. The Oct-father
  39. Sideline Dad

  1. TTG v PPG: The crossover with Teen Titans Go!. Billed as a Teen Titans Go! episode.