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It's a sillier and goofier version of The Powerpuff Girls, what did you expect?


  • Buttercup has been on fire with sarcasm ever since the first episode aired.
  • Bubbles's general goofy behavior is quite funny.

Season One

"Escape from Monster Island"
  • The reason the Mayor crashed on Monster Island in the first place? His plane never had a pilot.
  • Bubbles forcing Blossom and Buttercup to hug and make up, but can't help but make them say something embarrassing. Blossom doesn't fall for it, but Buttercup walks right into it before realizing she was tricked.
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  • Following the above, Buttercup gets even by jinxing Blossom, which forces her not to talk. When they fall into a volcano and she notices it's about to blow, she tries to warn the others. Bubbles breaks the jinx and...Blossom yells out that Buttercup had jinxed her and that she doesn't deserve to go to the concert. Oh, and that the volcano is about to erupt.

"Princess Buttercup"

  • The way Princess just flaunts her money around now. At one point she even has strong men carry her limousine, instead of just having someone drive it.
  • The monster Princess hires acting like a snobby British actor.

"The Stayover"

  • The whole premise, actually. The fact it was inspired from a very un-child friendly source makes it even funnier.
  • Bubbles' Nightmare Face when the Professor advises the girls to ease up on the candy. She quickly goes back to normal and apologizes.
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  • When all the slumber party girls break out more candy, one of them (Robin) pulls out..some raisins. Blossom tries not to hurt her feelings, but you can pretty much tell her tone is "Really?".
  • Mojo Jojo monologing about his evil Delivery Pizza Man plan. Even the camera knows this is a dumb plan, and pulls away from him as he runs to keep up and tries to finish.
  • This line:
    Buttercup: (excited) There's a bull in the kitchen! (normal) But he's not angry, he's making breakfast.


  • The twerking scene, notorious as it is, is still quite hilarious. Buttercup's reaction seals the deal.
  • The "OMG! YAAAASSSS!" scene, while also notorious, is funny just for the fact that Bubbles is inexplicably wearing a rave outfit just for that scene.
  • This:
    Bubbles: (While hugging Allegro) I can't-
    Buttercup: (Completely deadpan) Can't what?
    Bubbles: Even-
    Buttercup: (Still deadpan) Can't even what?
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  • Allegro in general is a pretty funny antagonist thanks to his really high voice and trying to get Buttercup to hug him.

"Horn, Sweet Horn"

  • The professor warning Donny of the effects the ray could have on his body and presenting him with a overly long contract. Donny's obviously not listening, and spouts that he "skimmed" it.
  • After Donny mutates and runs off...
    Professor: Now how can you say you hate science?
    Blossom: Really, that's what your upset about?

"Man Up"

  • Man-Boy tries to be intimidating on a totem sculpture he made of the girls by throwing his chainsaw at it, only for it to bounce off harmlessly.
    Man-Boy: Aww man. (walks away dejected) That would've been so cool.
  • Buttercup taking awhile to get the "Water and Fire" lesson from the image of Guru Larry in her head. Eventually he gets exasperated with her, and tells her that that's all he's got. Thankfully, she gets it on the next try.
  • Buttercup seemingly learning her lesson at the end of the episode, only to launch into a tirade as it closes.
  • The Guru being rather perplexed about the 'Quiz' thing. Especially when Blossom has pens with her for matter the context.

"Bye, Bye Bellum"

  • The Hotline ringing and the girls not wanting to answer it due to playing their new video game. They decide to settle through Rock Paper Scissors...despite having no fingers.
    Bubbles: Scissors? I always lose this game!
  • Much as it was a punch in the gut that Ms. Bellum was Put on a Bus to most fans, the scene where Blossom reads her letter in Bellum's voice was pretty funny.
  • The girls play their new game all night, and then we find out they didn't even make it past the customization screen due to Bubbles being picky about the options.

"Little Octi Lost"

  • Seeing Buttercup actually play with Octi via taking it to a carnival, while still in her pajamas.


  • Bubbles going into a "World of Cardboard" Speech on why she doesn't need to take off the bionic cast. Just as she's really getting into it, Blossom cuts her off.

"Power Up Puff"

  • The announcer on the Chopped parody stays almost completely Stoic throughout the episode, even when Chef Schnitzel's food starts mutating.
  • After Bubbles gains her new Hard Light power.
    Bubbles: I'm a piggie?!
    Blossom: She's a piggie?!
    Pig-In-A-Blanket Monster: (Squealing, translated) She's a piggie?

"Tiara Trouble"

  • The Mayor buying the cursed tiara from Him and laughing a bit too long after Him stops his evil laugh.
  • The fact that Him set up the whole thing for no reason other than to have fun watching when everything literally goes to Hell. He spends the whole battle kicked back in a chair, and when the girls win he treats the whole think like it was a show and just leaves. Even better, nobody even seems to have been aware he was there.
  • The moment Mojo sets foot on the stage, he gets booed. And when they get to the talent portion, he gets eliminated before he even starts!
  • Princess tries to do a baton twirl, only to fail when she tries to catch it. She then bribes the audience with puppies.
    • It's especially funny that when she starts bribing the audience with puppies, a rap song about puppies plays in the background.
  • Say what you will about Bubbles' "No me gusta" face, but it's hysterical in spite of its "We're Still Relevant, Dammit!" attitude.
  • The Professor recording the whole thing on his tablet (like any normal parent watching their kid perform), despite the chaos going on around him from the possessed Princess's attack.

"The Wrinklegruff Gals"

  • The story of how Pokey Oaks Kindergarten was destroyed, and the fact that the mutated hamster is still inside it.
    Bubbles: (After finishing the flashback) Oh yeah, (Waves) hi, Pee-Wee!
    (Pee-Wee turns to her and grunts out a barely intelligible "Hi Bubbles!")
  • The girls deciding to go take some more of the potion and making their way to the lab.
    Bubbles: (Singing as they tip toe past the Professor's room) Dun dun dun dun duuun, we are sneaking!
    Blossom & Buttercup: Bubbles!
    Bubbles: Sorry!
  • After finding out the potion aged them into seniors...
    Bubbles: Maybe the professor won't notice?
    [Gilligan Cut to the girls at the dinner table with the Professor]
    Professor: Of course I noticed, and I'm very disappointed in you girls.
  • Not shortly after the above, the Professor agrees to make an antidote for the girls while they're at school.
    Girls: School?!
  • Blossom rallying Bubbles and Buttercup to go fight Mojo despite their old age. Which suddenly has her on a horse, the girls wielding weapons, and suddenly having multiple Bubbles and Buttercups ready to fight, before things go back to normal.
  • Professor Utonium accidentally creating a monster when trying to create an antidote for his aging serum, followed by him and the monster hamboning and the monster helping him create the antidote.
  • The narrator narrating Professor Utonium creating the aging potion in the same way he narrated the origins of the Powerpuff Girls in the original show's opening, especially when he complains about nothing going wrong during the experiment.


  • All of Sapna's Motor Mouth moments.
  • The letter the girls send to Sapna to get her to break up with the Professor; Not only does it sound nothing like him, the font they used is Sprinklemist, a highly sparkly, curly font that the Professor would (Probably) never use.
  • The Narrator's ending sting.
    "And so once again, the Professor is single!" [abrupt cut to credits]

"Puffdora's Box"

  • Bubbles being so confused by Blossom's plan to categorize what to keep and what to throw away that she breaks down over not being able to tell whether a toy car is missing its wheels on purpose or by accident.
  • The Stylistic Suck 1970's Space Tow Truck movie that Buttercup and Bubbles watch.

"Blue Ribbon Blues"

  • The dramatic close-up of Bubbles' face when she announces that her science project will involve proving or disproving the existence of the Ghost Horse.
  • The Janitaur tricks Blossom into building a transmutation ray that he intends to use to turn everyone into freaks like he is. Blossom asks him why he didn't just make a machine to return himself to normal. The villain responds by face-palming and asking why he didn't think of that.
  • Buttercup and Bubbles thinking that the real Dr. Kanzington is another impostor.
  • The Running Gag of Buttercup not understanding Blossom's Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness is eventually turned on its head when Buttercup mentions one clue exposing the Dr. Kanzington impostor as a centaur is that he has a "superior posterior" and exasperatedly has to explain to Blossom that it means he has a big butt.


  • Jemmica's appearance in the classroom via swing through a window and landing on the desk.
  • The girls reach the first of the idol and Jemmica gets set to grab it with all of them expecting a trap. After building tension for a bit, Buttercup gets fed up and yells at her to just grab it. This seems to break Jemmica's concentration...until she reveals she already grabbed it.
  • Jemmica forcing Buttercup to talk in a British accent while she's wearing the necklace.
  • Professor Utonium reading the inscription on the box containing the bejewled mouse lemur, especially since he mentions nonsensically random words like "frankfurter".

"Once Upon A Townsville"

  • Buttercup poking at Bluebelle with a stick thinking she's dead, then Bluebelle awakening and kissing her (onscreen).
  • Princess Bluebelle's numerous (and near fatal) attempts at trying to get Prince Charming to come save her.
  • All the songs, especially the girls' impromptu rap number which was intentional Stylistic Suck.
  • When Bluebelle starts throttling the dragon, the woodland animals that were following her start backing away.
  • When Prince Charming finally arrives and Bluebelle demands to know where he was, we're shown a cutaway of him playing video games. He then lies to her, claiming it was "traffic".

"Man Up 2: Still Man-ing"

  • Manboy's army consists of hogs on hogs (pigs on motorcycles), loggerjacks (lumberjacks that are also sentient log men), and some British guys. When Manboy asks himself why he even hired the British guys, they answer that they are an economic power, which Manboy agrees is a good reason.
  • The British guys' laughably pathetic attempt at defeating Buttercup by throwing croissants and biscuits at her.

"Viral Spiral"

  • Pretty much everything about the Baby Bunny game, including Bubbles turning out to be the creator of it.
  • The Amoeba Boys wreaking havoc across the Internet. Highlights include throwing a pie into Princess Morbuck's face while she's applying makeup and messing up the buffering video while Mojo Jojo is trying to watch a telenovela on a Hulu pastiche.

"Bubbles of the Opera"

  • The montage of Bubbles' previous school photos.
  • Buttercup laughing maniacally when she teases Bubbles over having a terrible school photo.
    • Speaking of which, there is one bit, in which Buttercup mentions that this year was the first to have an "okay" photo. This has Buttercup smiling manically.
  • Mojo Jojo's kitten-themed tea set.
  • Mojo Jojo attempts to refuse Bubbles' offer to be her sidekick.
    Bubbles: You have bunk beds.
    Mojo: Curse that aggressive salesman!
  • The Gonk woman who takes Bubbles' school photo, gives her a bad haircut, and takes a group photo of Bubbles with her sisters.
  • All of Mojo's reactions to Bubbles saying he's ugly.

"Sister Sitter"

  • Blossom, Bubbles, and later Buttercup suffer an illness called spotted piglet fever, the symptoms of which are snorting, sneezing, being covered in hives, and delusions of climbing Mt. Everest.
  • Buttercup eating junk food in front of the TV after bragging about how responsible she'll be to Professor Utonium.
  • Schedule Bot dropping bolts and screws when he sees Bubbles and Blossom become giant warthogs.
  • The face Buttercup makes when she asks Schedule Bot how she's supposed to make her sisters take the antidote for spotted piglet fever.

"Odd Bubbles Out"

  • Buttercup lampshading how mundane the unicorns use their magic.
  • The extremely corny song Donny and Chelesa sing about their friendship.
  • Bubbles waiting for Donny to come home and the two arguing like a married couple.
  • The way Mojo's defeated. Bubbles and Donny charge at him, miss, slam into his machine which malfunctions, tilts the ray at Mojo and zaps him.

"Presidential Punchout"

  • That poor student constantly being harassed by bats.
  • Blossom thinking she can get Princess to run a fair campaign. Cue Gilligan Cut and Princess laughing in her face.
  • Princess Morbucks' Manipulative Editing of Blossom where she says things like "This school's students are doody" and "I'm gonna beat up your grandparents!"
  • The "debate" between Blossom and Princess. ALL of it.
  • Everything involving Matt Manser, simply because of how he takes the quarrel between Blossom and Princess as well as the misfortunes and injuries he suffers in stride.

"Cheep Thrills"

  • Buttercup complaining about not being able to retrieve her Zoomsbee and constantly seeing it thrown aside when they do find it. Culminating in a Big "NO!" when Bubbles uses it to get Cheepy to go back to his mother.
  • Bubbles trying to deny she brought Cheepy home with her during dinner and Blossom demanding she show what she's hiding behind her back, which has her pulling out different food until Blossom finally tells her to come clean.
  • Bubbles imagining what would happen to Cheepy if they left him back in the woods that night. Complete with an Art Shift of it via kid scribbles as she describe it to her sisters. It's so childishly cute.
  • While in the cave hiding from Cheepy's mother, Bubbles states that they can live their and points out how to decorate it. Buttercup starts to interject...before correcting her on how to decorate it right before coming to her senses.
  • When Bubbles tells Cheepy to go back to his mom, she reminisces about all the good time they had. Starting her finding and hiding him...and then into stuff that clearly didn't happen such as going to a amusement park and going on a canoe boat ride. Buttercup even lampshades it.
    Buttercup: Dude, most of that stuff didn't even happen!
  • Buttercup likewise gets her own, very brief Good-Times Montage of her and her Zoosbee after having to give it up to get Cheepy to leave with his mother.
  • When Blossom is asked how she knows the adult Chinchillasaurus is Cheepy's mother, she answers that she knows because the creature is making the same whimpering sounds Professor Utonium makes when he misses her, Buttercup, and Bubbles. We then see a Cutaway Gag of Professor Utonium making the exact same whimpering sounds while lying in bed and looking at a framed picture of the girls.
  • The Twist Ending where Blossom finds out that Cheepy's species eats their mothers, causing Bubbles to scream a Big "NO!".

"Fashion Forward"

  • Also a Moment of Awesome, but the Professor deciding to personally handle Blossom after finding out she disobey him. He keep getting thrown onto his car due to being her being brainwashed by the Smooji. But he doesn't give up and and refuses to let Bubbles or Buttercup come help him despite being in danger. Ultimately ending with him accidentally foiling Bianca's scheme.

"In The Garden Of Good And Eddie"

  • A bit mean-spirited, but the Running Gag of Bubbles being blamed when something goes wrong is fairly funny. Especially when Eddie attempts it and causes Bubbles to flare up in anger.
  • Buttercup imagining being able to squash the other vegetables if they win the Veggie Fest contest. And by imagine, we mean standing atop them like dead bodies while a fire burns in the background as she laughs manically.
  • Bubbles cussing a blue streak when Eddie eats their tomato and it getting blocked by a truck backing up. Buttercup claims not even she would say that.
  • While Mojo Jojo gloats about his goggles preventing his onion monster from making him cry, he ends up crying anyway because he pulled his goggles up without thinking.

"Road Trippin"

  • The little squeak noise Blossom and Buttercup make when the Professor compliments them.
  • Bubbles' little dance when she finds the decorative flashlights.
  • The various tourist spots they keep going to when Bubbles thinks the Professor will abandon her.
  • Zeit Geist unveiling her new piece only for it to suddenly glow.
    Zeit Geist: Oh no, they warned me about this, but I didn't listen.
    Professor: About the radiation [from the rock she used]?
    Zeit Geist: No! The underground mole men! [They bust out of the art sculpture]]
  • One of the mole men looking at a art piece that is made like a mole man. It moves him to tears...and then Bubbles vaporizes him.
  • Blossom and Buttercup enjoying being home alone, then Schedule Bot 2.0 starts telling them to do their chores, annoying them. Buttercup "accidentally" laser beams it and Blossom tries to repair it, only for it to look even worse then before, scaring the heck out of the two. When Blossom asked Buttercup what she did to it afterwards, we see in a flashback of her knocking it out with a shovel and burying it in the yard like it was a murder victim.
    Buttercup: (To Blossom) Don't worry about it.

"The Big Sleep"

  • Pretty much anything with Space Towtruck.
  • The Professor's animation acting like something out of an 80's anime when he first alerts the girls about the pillow.
  • The family jumping out to attack the pillow but finding nothing. The professor starts to shrug it off and suggest they get some with cheese only for the pillow to jump him.
    Bubbles: Oh no! He didn't say what he wanted to serve cheese with!
  • The girls opening a door and running into a literal cat scare.
  • Blossom's plan to use Bubbles as live bait...but having her stand under a laundry basket. She thinks it's foolproof until the pillow gets the drop on her.
    Blossom: Clever pillow.
  • The fact that the whole thing was a plan by the Professor to get the girls to go to sleep and that it went off flawlessly.

"The Secret Life of Blossom"

  • We see the various clubs, with one run by Princess who keeps pointing out potential members as "Too poor".
  • The running gag of a robot attacking out of the blue in each of Blossom Imagine Spot as well as Buttercup getting stepped on.
  • The first Imagine Spot set in a Renaissance where she paints a simple chair which incites a mob. We also see Buttercup selling Pitchforks, Torches and Bubblegum Spittoons to which he manages to make a profit from said mob. Also everyone's Victorian accents.
  • The whole Star Wars homage in the second Imagine Spot. Fairly obvious but still pretty cute.
  • The third featuring a ton of Shout Outs to the 80's culture and music videos. As well as the running gag of Buttercup going "Aww yeah" right up until she's squashed by the incoming robot attack.

"Halt and Catch Silico"

  • The slanderous articles about the Powerpuff Girls claim that Bubbles imprisons hamsters, Blossom doesn't wash her hands after using the bathroom, and that Buttercup wears a toupee.
  • A Freeze-Frame Bonus when Blossom searches for the source of the Muck Bucket's articles shows headlines that read "Bubbles Hates Puppies", "Buttercup Fears the Dark", and "Blossom Lives in a Trash Heap".
  • Buttercup punches the projection of the monitor with Silico on it. The projection reappears and Silico tries to explain to Buttercup that punching the monitor won't do any good, but Buttercup keeps interrupting him and punching again. Silico eventually points out how annoying it is.
  • As sad as Silico may feel about the girls destroying his robot friends by accident, it's hilarious to see that he buried them in a whole cemetery, complete with tombstones that have carvings of the robots on them.
  • The girls go over to Mojo Jojo's lair to apologize for beating him up after believing Silico's article about him cooking kittens. Mojo states that he was actually cooking for that he can make them into a powerful army. Unfortunately for Mojo, the kittens don't obey him and just continue being cute kittens.

"Secret Swapper of Doom"

  • Blossom's Imagine Spot of winning awards and disintegrating a monster trying to steal them by using her Space Towtruck earring to deflect his laser fire.
  • The swapper turns into a Tyrannosaurus Rex and exposes several of the secrets of Professor Utonium as well as the girls' secrets. The girls manage to beat him by exposing their own secrets before he has a chance, with some of them even creeping the swapper out, like Blossom wearing underwear for days of the week on the wrong day.


"Air Buttercup"

"Bubbles' Beauty Blog but on Video"

  • Bubbles using Professor Utonium to demonstrate her makeup techniques as well as the revelation that Mojo Jojo was watching the video and using it to learn how to apply makeup.

"Run Blossom Run"

  • Bubbles threatening to kill Blossom if she wakes her up.

"Ping Pong Z"

  • When Professor Utonium tells the girls to do the dishes while he's gone, we see a Gross-Up Close-Up of the dirty dishes while a Stock Scream is heard in the background.
  • Mojo Jojo gloats to a tied-up elephant with an indifferent expression on its face that he'll use his invention to make himself larger and the elephant smaller. When a stray ping pong ball from the girls hits Mojo's invention, it causes him to shrink, much to Mojo's frustration and the elephant's amusement.
  • The girls' ping pong game to decide who does the dishes eventually causes the entire house to be torn down. Needless to say, Professor Utonium is angry when he gets home, but only because the girls never did the dishes.

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