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Nightmare Fuel / The Powerpuff Girls (2016)

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Although this show is much more mild in its creepy moments compared to its previous incarnation, it still does have a few creepy scenes.


The Show

  • Princess Morbucks' Demonic Possession in "Tiara Trouble"; not only do her limbs and head rotate at all angles, but she has an utterly demonic shriek while it happens!
    • The fact that if Blossom and Buttercup hadn't been so focused on beating Princess and just let Bubbles do her thing, she could've been the one who got possessed!
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    • In that same episode, Bubbles makes this incredibly disturbing face.
    • The "No Me Gusta" face Bubbles makes is not only funny, but also jarring.
  • The ending of Secret Swapper of Doom. HIM. IS. BACK.
  • How the citizens of Townsville act after they are affected by the rainbow during "Painbow".
  • Donny turning into a monster after being hit with the Transmogrifier ray in "Horn Sweet Horn", and getting increasingly scarier-looking the angrier he gets.
  • Bubbles going through a lot of Facial Horror in "Bubbles of the Opera". First she gets a really bad rash, then it gets much more swelled after she flies into the fan.
  • Buttercup going crazy after being called "Princess" by Man Boy in "Man Up". We get quick shots of Buttercup being restrained by her sisters against a red background, and to top it all off, there's even a Heartbeat Soundtrack.
    • Buttercup blacking out and bruising Bubbles.
  • The Transformation Sequence of Blossom and Bubbles turning into boars in "Sister Sitter".
  • Chelsea's true form in "Odd Bubbles Out" isn't too scary, but her face flipping up when she fights Donnie and Bubbles is. Not helped by her voice during that, either.
    • Also in "Odd Bubbles Out", Bubbles's face during her Inelegant Blubbering fit is kinda scary to look at because of how red and bloodshot her eyes are.
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  • The Nightmare Faces that Blossom and Buttercup made at the beginning of "Bye Bye Bellum". And we do mean at the very start, it is extremely startling and can really catch one off guard.
  • The weird face Buttercup made at Schedule Bot in "Sister Sitter" whilst demanding him to tell her how to make her sisters gulp down the antidote.
  • In "Somewhere Over the Swingset", seeing the citizens mind-controlled by Allegro as they advance towards the Girls is a bit creepy when the Girls go to an opposite dimension. It turns out it was actually just Allegro's army in disguise.
  • Simply the fact that if Buttercup hadn't won the Battle of The Bands contest in "Electric Buttercup", her sisters would have been sent to live with Him for eternity.
    • Blossom and Bubbles' voice and appearance changing to resemble Him.
  • Bubbles's allergic reaction to pimentos in "Power Up Puff".
  • In "Wrinklegruff Gals", we get a extreme closeup on a kid's pimple-covered face. To make things worse, it's accompanied by a LOUD SCREAM!
  • In "Presidential Punchout", Blossom and Princess grinding their teeth until their teeth crack. Their teeth are fine one second later, but that is some rather gross imagery.
  • "In the Garden of Good and Eddie", has a rather disturbing shot of Buttercup standing over a bunch of smashed vegetables while laughing maniacally, and the background is completely red. Also, Buttercup is covered in veggie juice but it's blood red!
  • In "Halt and Catch Silico," Silico's Malicious Slander causes the town to turn on the Powerpuff Girls and form an angry mob. Think about that for a moment, he tried to get the Girls lynched by the very people they protect.
  • Bubbles and Donny getting extremely bloodshot eyes in "Bubbs & Donny Get The Mail" while staring at a snail is sort of gross to look at.
  • The various "funny faces" that Donny make in "The Last Donnycorn". Unlike the reactions from the viewers, the Powerpuff Girls found the face funny.
  • In "Once Upon A Townsville", Bluebelle trying to kill herself to make her prince appear several times, while it's played for comedy, it actually is pretty horrifying that Bluebelle is really willing to nearly die just to get a useless prince to appear. And some of her suicide attempts, such as jumping into a volcano and/or almost getting torn to shreds is very creepy.
  • From "15 Minutes Of Fame", we are treated to one of the videos that Bubbles makes. There is something...unnatural about it.
  • Blossom's leg getting ridiculously muscled-up in "Little Octi Lost".
  • Buttercup's arms going totally buff in "Splitsville". It looks just...wrong.
    • Blossom makes several horrifying faces during her Unstoppable Rage in that same episode. Especially her bloodshot eyes and veiny face when a guy in the library tells her to be quiet, pictured.
  • The Girls nearly getting thrown into the sun in "Super Sweet 6".
  • Blossom's Slasher Smile when she plots locking Bubbles into a closet to star in the play with Jared to have him all to herself in "A Star Is Blossom".
  • Him's nightmarish fusion with Bliss in "Power of Four."
    • Him's true form in "Blisstersweet Symphony".
  • The frightening transformation of the once cute head lice, and their plot to drill a hole into an unconscious Buttercup's skull in "Sugar, Spice and Super Lice".
  • The insane paranoia between Mojo and the three girls in "Quarantine".

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