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"Nobody's clean; everyone's got a little dirt on them. You just gotta know how to use it to make them squirm."
B. Ransome, Alien: Isolation

We have a host of employees. I can't know every one of them by name. I do, however, know that you are not one of them. These "encoded transmissions" you've been sending back to your little club... It's been educational. You forgot who owns the networks, who created the cryptography. You are trespassing. You are in violation of contracts signed in blood. You are breaking binding agreements made in Venice. The Council tends to frown upon such things... As do I. And I am both less forgiving than the Council, and much better armed. But... I'm also a reasonable man. It doesn't have to become ugly. Shall I continue?
Orochi Director AKA Samael, The Secret World


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