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Nightmare Fuel / Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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Nothing Is Scarier at its most creepiness.
  • CJ walking in the woods. Yeah......enabling the GHOSTTOWN and CFVFGMJ cheats may not be the best idea ever.

  • In general, all the urban legends that the game has: serial killers with chainsaws, the killer of the hut (and indeed, is quite chilling if you get to these huts abandoned overnight in the game), Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, UFO, ghosts, etc.. Just go at the night only to places where supposedly there are such legends and tremble.
    • Then there's the wheelchair located in Fisher's Lagoon. It's just...sitting there. In a place a wheelchair has no reason to be.
    • The wilderness in general can be quite creepy, especially at night. Mainly because of a heavy dose of Nothing Is Scarier. By the time you're dumped in the countryside, you're used to there being at least some kind of background noise going on at all times, whether it's the honk of car horns or civilian chatter. But get far enough out into the woods, and... nothing. Just an eerie silence. Then a thick fog rolls in or thunderstorm takes place, and even though you know they're not really in the game, you can't help but be reminded of all the urban legends listed above.
      • Picture this: You hit a six-star wanted level a few minutes ago, and decide to head to the wilderness to wait out the wanted level. You're driving around the woods in your car, when suddenly, and out of nowhere, a Rhino Tank emerges from the trees, the soldier within hell-bent on seeing the charred wrecks of you and your car being crushed beneath the tank's wheels.
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    • The ghost cars, especially the ones in the Back-O-Beyond. It just rolls down a small hill, completely battered with no driver, and then promptly glides to a halt. No explanation for why it is there or how it got there, miles from any road in the middle of the woods. It isn't malicious, it gives you a free ride, but man is it creepy. Word of God confirmed that "ghost cars" and every other empty turned off car spawn without the handbrake applied, causing them to roll down hills if they don't spawn with a driver inside or on flat terrain.
  • "The Green Sabre" — i.e., the mother of all Mood Whiplashes. Things go all the way from Grove Street's near-triumph over the Ballas... to Ryder and Smoke's Face–Heel Turn, CJ and Sweet's Darkest Hour, and Tenpenny and Pulaski's Near-Villain Victory.
  • Catalina is a really disturbing Ax-Crazy person, especially in her dialogue, with some references to cannibalism and sadism. Not to mention when she rapes/tortures CJ.
  • The death of CJ's mother is a kind of Tear Jerker and Nightmare Fuel in the video "The Introduction".
    • In fact, it gets worse in the mission "High Noon", where Pulaski says that his mother "had most of her face hanging off". And if that weren't enough, he states that Tenpenny and the cops were mucking around with it.
  • Tenpenny and Pulaski are creepy in themselves. They are sadistic and ruthless dirty cops who are accused of heinous acts, including rape and murder of their own comrades. There is no reason why these events take place, and indeed, they have no redeeming traits at that.
    • And of course, what makes them even more horrific is that unlike the gangsters of previous games, they have the full protection of the law and abuse that authority. Tenpenny and Pulaski make it clear that they can do these horrible things to CJ, his friends and his family and get away with it, because they are cops.
    • This also grades as Real Life nightmare fuel, because Tenpenny and Pulaski are members of CRASH (Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums), the anti-gang task force that Los Angeles instituted in the 80s and 90's. Very little of their actions needed to be exaggerated, because based on testimony from former members and victims, this is basically how a lot of the CRASH officers behaved.
  • The death of one of the heads of a San Fierro construction crew in the mission "Deconstruction", where he is buried alive in cement by CJ. Because supposedly, he and others were harassing CJ's sister.
  • After threatening CJ into compliance, Mike Toreno eventually reassures him that if Sweet so much as gets touched, a Prison Guard will go home to discover that his wife and daughter have been murdered. It really goes a long way to show how connected he is, how he really isn't a "good guy", and how much you don't want to get on his bad side.
    • There is a Let's Play of San Andreas written in the POV of CJ, and his description of Toreno is not only nightmare fuel, but you can easily imagine that this is exactly what CJ is thinking. Toreno might look like a pudgy, middle aged white guy, but he is a killer far worse than anything you'll find on the streets of Los Santos. Toreno is a government agent, an authority figure so far removed from CJ's social group that he might as well be from another planet, and he ends up pulling CJ into various government faction conflicts, where he's forced to fight against CIA operatives doing their own little wars. It's disturbing because all you've ever fought for is Grove Street, your own little piece of Los Santos. Toreno? He's a shark, and you're an amoeba. You get a glimpse of some international horror far beyond your scope.
      • Not only is he far out of CJ's league, but to everyone else's as well. Suddenly all of those big time gangsters, Mob bosses, drug dealers, pimps, serial killers, and other criminals look very puny compared to a guy like Toreno and the sort of "work" that he gets up to. Even the genuinely intimidating Pulaski and Tenpenny look like a pair of minimum wage mall cops when compared to a man like Toreno and the kind of power that he has at his disposal.
      • As if it wasn't enough, dialogue and mission details heavily hint that Toreno is not even a government agent, but most likely works for some nebulous, international secret group and only pretends to work for Uncle Sam just to be on the safe side. Suddenly, The Truth's ramblings about the Illuminati and worldwide conspiracies cease to look that crazy.
  • In the motel-shoot-out scene, if you avoid entering the actual motel and run off into the city, it is abandoned, In fact, the entire map is abandoned. No cars, no bikes, no motorcycles. Not a single luxury. Except, about ten miles north, in the middle of a country road, a dead cop. No, really.
  • Out in the desert near Las Venturas and the desert air strip, there is a hole in the ground. The hole is filled with bodybags. And a pickup truck is parked nearby. Thankfully, there's no one in it.
  • The various creepy abandoned settlements in the deserts around Venturas. Imagine the nuclear test site from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull without mannequins.
  • Near the end of the game right after you killed Big Smoke, Tenpenny now wilingly to kill CJ and left him to die by burning down the Crack fortress by shooting one of the engines of this building is pretty harrowing, CJ would have burned alive painfully if he had never escaped unscathed.
  • Near the finale of the game, the whole state of Los Santos broke a massive riot with evacuations, gunfires, car explosions everywhere and all pedestrians fighting among themselves.
  • "The entire GTA SA story but CJ has schizophrenia" by Flying Kitty is incredibly eerie. The video is basically CJ in a post apocalyptic San Andreas where he is the only survivor and has clearly lost his mind due to this. The creepy ambience throughout just makes it worse. The scene where he's begging Catalina not to shoot him is just plain disturbing now as it makes it look like CJ's having a complete mental breakdown.

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