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  • Catalina didn't make a good impression on CJ when he first met her, so why does he go to her house afterwards knocking on the door and literally begging her to give him another chance? Did he fall in love with her based on her looks alone and Love Makes You Stupid? I had read her Character page entry after playing through Grand Theft Auto III and thinking I'd seen all of her appearances, so I got spoiled for her appearance in this game and was dreading what I knew was coming. I was also thinking "Good lord CJ, STOP and run. Run far away!" What's more, why does he tolerate her constant barrage of verbal abuse (along with the physical/sexual abuse that happens inside her cabin) without either getting the hell away from her or doing something about it (as Claude would do years later)? It isn't as though CJ was shown to be a weak man up to that point, either physically or emotionally; before getting dropped out in the boonies by Tenpenny and Pulaski, he was shown to be a huge badass in the two missions before that by fighting off hordes of cops and Ballas in order to save a surrounded Sweet, even when people were telling him to forget it and save himself. But in his interactions with Catalina, serious Badass Decay sets in for no apparent reason. He says he needs money, but he's been established as a guy who does not need Catalina's help to make money. As Sweet said at the start of "The Green Sabre", CJ had been kicking all kinds of ass pretty much single-handed.
    • He was desperate for money to get Sweet out of jail. He probably didn't enjoy her company, but CJ does a lot of crazy things over the course of the story to get Sweet back.
    • To be more specific, CJ needed the money to pay The Truth for the weed Tenpenny ordered him to plant on the DA (555-We Tip). At the start of Are You Going to San Fierro, we actually see CJ handing over the money (in fact in beta versions of the game, the player actually needed $10K to start the mission). CJ needed money fast. Los Santos was dangerous at that point, so he figured the quickest way to make money was to rob the towns Catalina mentioned. Since Catalina had already done the groundwork i.e. casing the joints and planning, plus she was local and knew the area, CJ probably thought it was best to hang with her.
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  • Why does CJ consider the Truth a friend, going so far as to tell him that "[his] credit's good" when he asks for yet another favor? Sure he introduced Carl to Jethro, Dwaine and Zero, which was nice of him. In every other interaction he only seeks to further his own agenda. He dumps Carl outside a military base without giving him any sort of plan or intel. When Carl succeeds he simply drives off without giving him a lift. He refuses to tell Carl the secret of the green goo when he delivers it. Hell, in his very first cutscene he asks Carl to kill his neighbors for him. He's a selfish prick, yet Carl always treats him as a close ally and lets him hang around all the time.
  • In the mission Burning Desire, CJ sets fire to a house by throwing molotovs through the windows. Once it catches fire, a woman (Denise) on the upper floor starts screaming and CJ goes in to rescue her. She is very appreciative for saving her life when you get her out of there... why doesn't she ever acknowledge that you were the one who started the fire that almost killed her?
    • She doesn't know you started it.
  • In the Mission Madd Dogg's Rhymes, why do some guards carry Silenced Pistols (instead of the alerting, noisy Micro Uzis others carry)? That's just begging for an intruder (e.g., CJ) to have an easier time.
  • In the mission Sweet & Kendl, why does Sweet say "That's another funeral you ran away from!" to Carl when he shows up late at their mom's funeral? Even if Sweet was just being angry at Carl for being late, Carl obviously flew all the way from Liberty City to Los Santos just to attend said funeral. That's nowhere close to "running away". Wouldn't it have made more sense if he said "I almost expected you to run away from this funeral like you did Brian's!" instead?
    • Sweet is being unfair to CJ, who only now just shows up after five years in Liberty City, but I suspect it's at least partly because the grave is a visual in-your-face reminder of how far the Families have fallen with Sweet having to see the whole thing with his own eyes (as opposed to CJ, who had thousands of miles of distance between him and the situation). To Sweet, the Families is everything (compare that to Kendl, who is just happy to see her brother again and doesn't care much for Sweet's grudge with the Azteca to the point where she's dating Cesar) and CJ's singular act of running away five years ago meant he ran from two funerals that illustrate the bad state of the GSF: Brian's and their mother's.
  • At the end of Cut Throat Business, why didn't OG Loc spill the beans about CJ stealing Madd Dogg's rhymebook for him earlier in the game?
    • Would Madd Dogg or anyone else believe his words at that point? He'd just look even more like a desperate punk trying to weasel his way out. Also, his own ego of wanting to be "the guy" may have prevented him from acknowledging in the heat of the moment the true source of his material.
  • In the mission Ice Cold Killa, why does CJ say he's gonna approach Jizzy low-key, but then goes right up to him and threatens him at gunpoint(in front of his bodyguards, nonetheless)? The use of a silenced pistol was also redundant, as there is absolutely ZERO stealth involved in the mission.
    • Probably his desire for revenge at Jizzy B being the source of the crack that got his friends Big Smoke and Ryder to turn on him and Sweet overrode the plan. Getting that close would be point blank, and CJ likely reveled in the smell of impending victory a little too long.

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