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The main characters in San Andreas are based on famous 90s Gangsta Rappers

Some of these are more obvious than others;

Ryder is Eazy-E by any other name, given the obvious physical resemblence, and the parallel between Ryder and E in 'betraying' the hood and chasing money;

Big Smoke is the Notorious B.I.G.

Sweet is Dr.Dre, with a physical resemblence and intense loyalty to his 'roots'

CJ is Tupac. There is a slight resemblence, it fits well with Tupac's mythos of being a warrior against the world, the fight against Big Smoke is similar to the rivalry with Biggie Smalls and later games give hints that CJ may or may not be dead, parodying the myths that Tupac is alive still.


Madd Dogg is Snoop Dogg.

The Green stuff from area 69 is Valkyr

Green viscous fluid? Military origin? Post-desert storm?

CJ's mom was a Black Panther or GTA equivalent

maybe even a high-ranking one who for one reason or another had to flee to South Central LS

with a mistrust of the law, and a strong sense of revolutionary activism, she founded or possibly co-founded the Families note  as a gang to self police the community.

Under her leadership they may have gotten involved with things such as racketeering or theft as a form of taxation to fund their protection of the community, but not drugs as that would have severely negatively affected the community.

Her kids (the ones we see) each have a different aspect of her outlook and philosophy

Sweet shares her sense of community wanting to protect and serve the hood


CJ holds her belief that one shouldn't be held back by their circumstances, as shown by his constant attempts to better his standing

and Kendl understands her dislike of having to resort to criminal behavior to get by

though the game begins with her death her influence remains throughout

Ryder wasn't originally planned to be traitor

  • Unlike Big Smoke, Ryder never shows any suspicious behavior prior to the reveal. Ryder is almost never mentioned; CJ usually just talks about Smoke. Most likely R* made him a traitor to kill him off because they had no further use for his character.
    • Supported in that post-betrayal, all his lines sound suspiciously like generic lines for him to use in missions. Also worth noting that in contrast to Big Smoke's missions, which primarily benefit Big Smoke himself and C.R.A.S.H., Ryder's missions have an active positive effect on the Grove Street Families, getting them equipped with better weapons and more high-quality gear. Not to mention, radio broadcasts following The Green Sabre mission mention that top Grove Street Families members got arrested or died, which considering that the only one such member present at the shootout, Sweet, got arrested, and CJ obviously could not die either, that can only imply that Ryder was initially supposed to die during that mission defending the Grove Street Families at that moment rather than betraying them along with Smoke.
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    • Another thing: in "The Introduction", Ryder is seen firing back at the Green Sabre.

CJ is a Newtype.

  • Given that CJ, who is otherwise a regular gangbanger from a video game equivalent to Compton, is somehow able to perfectly operate a military VTOL aircraft with no experience at all amongst other feats, its easy to see some Newtype (or Coordinator) potential in him.

CJ never truly loved any of the girlfriends besides Denise.

He was just using them for their benefits, such as the heists pulled with Catalina and getting the card from Millie. He remained faithful to Denise the whole time.

The mission Supply Lines is created by snoopy.

The reason the plane you controlled is The Red Baron and this mission is so Heinously hard meaning Snoopy wants to Take revenge on Same baron and to prove us that the Baron was the worst Flying ace ever.

Tenpenny is Tat Lawson from Menace II Society.

  • Tat faked his death, changed his name to Frank Tenpenny, and became a police officer prior to the 90s. In "Catalyst", he mentions his wife loves PCP, and Tat's wife was a drug addict.

There's a reason Toreno chose to use CJ specifically.

One of the things Toreno wants to do is prevent hard drugs like crack and heroin from causing even more problems in Los Santos. To do so, he wants to ensure the Families (one of the few street gangs adamantly against hard drugs) are the dominant crime organization in LS. Remember: it's only after he takes CJ's wallet (and subsequently looks him up) that he indirectly contacts him, teaches him how to fly, how to fight in a guerilla warfare manner against daunting and numerous enemies and supplies him with weapons, cash, and a military jet.

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