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Nightmare Fuel / Grand Theft Auto III

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Given the dark tone and Crapsack World nature of the game (especially compared to other 3D-era GTA games), pretty much anything can send chill down to your spine.

  • The very atmosphere of the game. Much like Grand Theft Auto IV, the game has a bleak, eerie atmosphere, even in the daytime.
  • Much like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, blowing someone's head off is pretty graphic.
  • Some designs of the characters are somewhat creepy, especially for the modern gamer. Justified, since it was the first 3D GTA game.
  • The final mission of King Courtney (Kingdom Come) is Nightmare Fuel dialed way past eleven. In this mission, King Courtney betrays you and allies with Catalina, making you fall into a trap with deranged drug-addicts who run to you and explode because they have bombs. If you played the game as a youngster, it's safe to say that you were not the only one who felt highly disturbed with this mission.
  • After you've killed Salvatore Leone, fighting against the soldiers of the Leone Family can be quite scary. Unlike other gangsters, these tough guys are armed not only with handguns, but also with shotguns. Even if you're in a vehicle, they'll immediately recognize you and open fire. Two solid shots will end your drive in a deadly explosion, unless you are in a Rhino tank or have unlocked special vehicles that are immune to gunfire. Additionally, if you're on foot, their shotgun blasts will likely knock you down and prevent you from moving while they close the distance.
    • More terrifying yet? They are unstoppable. Even if you have killed a few, others will appear from corner to corner running towards you, surrounding you and they will not stop until you are killed. Pretty nightmarish.
  • The piano track that plays inside Salvatore's mansion plays constantly, even after his death. There's a reason why visiting the house after "Sayonara Salvatore" can be rather creepy, especially when doing "Gang-car Round Up" mission for King Courtney, where going to the mansion's parking lot is one of the few ways to obtain the Mafia Sentinel safely.
  • One of the most standout examples is a group of four hobos in the hidden tunnel beneath Saint Mark's district in Portland Island. They stand in circle surrounding a Hidden Package, and just stand there doing nothing. What's even scarier is that they drop molotov upon being killed. Some players also claim that they never respawn again after you kill them and/or take the hidden package. Just what the heck are they? Some kind of a cult? Nothing Is Scarier, indeed. note 
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  • Marty Chonks, the near-bankrupt, Ax-Crazy owner of the dog food factory in Trenton, kills people if they get on the wrong side of him, and being the owner of a processing company, you can guess what he does to discard his evidence. That includes his banker whom he accuses of stealing funds from him, two thieves he hired to commit insurance fraud in the fear they could snitch out to him, and even his wife because of her heavy spending and for cheating on him. Bonus points for the fact his toothbrush-style mustache makes it fairly obvious to whom he resembles. Thankfully, his wife's cheating boyfriend discovers this quick and kills him.
  • The ending of the game has protagonist Claude finally killing Catalina. As Claude and another character escaping on a helicopter, the character begins to talk about the events earlier non-stop until a shot is fired and the camera cuts to black. The game doesn't really explain what happens and it's all up to the player own conclusion.


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