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Shout Out / Grand Theft Auto III

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  • The contest over Donald's mysterious package is lifted straight from Pulp Fiction. Like in the movie, we never see what's in there.
  • Cartel members often say "You want the chainsaw, gringo?" during firefights, a reference to a particularly memorable scene in Scarface (1983).
  • The Triad gangsters sometimes say "Do you feel lucky, punk?"
  • The Spanked Up Madmen in "Kingdom Come" are a shout-out to the Simulacrums from Marathon.
  • Yardies will sometimes yell "I want to hear you scream!" as a taunt, referencing The Serpent and the Rainbow.
    • The Haitian gangsters in Vice City say this as well.
  • Luigi's club is named Sex Club 7.
  • The Rhino tank in GTA III era games(except San Andreas) is modeled after the similiar vehicle from Warhammer 40,000.
  • The white construction worker pedestrian is pretty much a walking source of references to the Village People.
    • "You can sail the seven seas!"
    • "In the Navy!"
    • "There's no need to feel down."
    • "Young man..."
    • "Call the YMCA!"
    • "There's a place you can go."
  • All songs on Flashback FM are from the soundtrack of Scarface (1983).
  • The remote-controlled toy-car-bomb missions are possibly a Shout-Out to Dirty Harry : The Dead Pool.

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