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Headscratchers / Grand Theft Auto III

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  • So a bomb goes off at the very start of the game. You steal a car and drive yourself and another fugitive away from the bomb site. Where the hell are the cops?? If you so much as ding a cop car, you've got a one-star wanted level. How did this major explosion, big enough to damage the Callahan Bridge, fail to attract a swarm of cops? Okay, maybe it takes a bit of time for the cops to get there - shouldn't there be a time limit to get to safety? I know it's the first mission and thus is supposed to be easy, but it confounds the internal logic of the game.
    • Look closely as the player drives down the Callahan Bridge, a pair of LCPD police cars respond to the distress signal and will drive up the bridge, obviously too late to save the convoy. However, upon closer inspection, the police cars will just stop at the damaged part of the bridge, and the officers inside will not do anything about it.

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