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Nightmare Fuel / Bakugan

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  • Mag Mel. Everything about him. He's an Omnicidal Maniac who feeds on fear and has been performing Mind Rape on Dan and Drago For the Evulz.
    • Mistress Sellon's death...
  • From the first season, the Doom Dimension! It is scary looking and in Dan and Masquerade's second to last battle against each other after beating Dan and sending him and Drago to the Doom Dimension, Masquerade himself says that the Doom Dimension is the afterlife for Bakugan! So basically he's sending Bakugan to Hell!
    • That's not even the half of it. When Drago is sent to the Doom Dimension, we see just what becomes of the Bakugan who are sent there. They are doomed to wander aimlessly until they become nothing more than fossilized remains. The only one who hasn't succumbed to that yet is Reaper, but his body has started to decay since first arriving in the Doom Dimension.
  • Coredegon/Wiseman/Mechtavius Destroyer. Just...DAMN. If you thought Mag Mel was Nightmare Fuel, Coredegon is worse. Besides having the highest body count in the series, Coredegon has pulled off several events that can leave you terrified.
    • Coredegon's Wiseman identity. The way Wiseman is able to instill fear within the humans and Bakugan in Bakugan City and manipulate the Battle Brawlers and the Nonets is impressive and makes Mag Mel look like a saint, and the best part is that even if Wiseman is unmasked, his identical appearance to Gunz Lazar will simply paint Gunz as a criminal.
    • During Countdown to Doomsday, Mechtavius Destroyer manages to defeat Dragonoid Destroyer for the first time. It's pretty unnerving to see Dragonoid Destroyer, who effectively curb-stomped Mechtavius Destroyer effortlessly TWICE, suddenly be overpowered and trashed by Mechtavius Destroyer.
      • To make matters worse, Mechtavius Destroyer tells the Brawlers to KILL THEIR OWN BAKUGAN PARTNERS (naturally Dan, Marucho, and Shun don't do this)! What happens if they do? Mechtavius Destroyer will still kill them, but only them. What happens if they don't? Mechtavius Destroyer will kill the entire population of Earth. JESUS, Omnicidal Maniac indeed.
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    • When Slycerak, Exostriker, and Mandibor are revived and battling Dan, Marucho, and Shun, Coredegon (in his Wiseman form) kills Balista for finding Gunz. Unlike the other Nonets he kills, however, WE DON'T ACTUALLY SEE COREDEGON KILL BALISTA.
    • During the battle between the Battle Brawlers and the Nonets, Wiseman expresses a Slasher Smile as he gets closer to ressurection, and his stoic demeanor has clearly vanished. This is only topped when Wiseman begins cackling madly as he transforms into Coredegon.
    • It gets better, after revealing the fact that he used them, Coredegon tells the Nonets to either go to the Doom Dimension and rot for eternity or die at his hands before shedding the Wiseman persona for good. Coredegon is essentially telling the Nonets to literally go to hell or be slaughtered brutally. To top this off, Coredegon is transforming into his true form, which causes the cave that Gunz and the Nonets are in to start collapsing, nearly killing Gunz in the process. Coredegon, Slycerak, Exostriker, and Mandibor then combine into Mechtavius Destroyer and effortlessly defeat the Battle Brawlers. Luckily, Mechtavius Destroyer feels that killing the Brawlers would be unsatisfying and sends them to the Doom Dimension, which is Bakugan's equivalent to hell.
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    • It doesn't stop there, folks. After sending the Brawlers to the Doom Dimension, Mechtavius Destroyer proceeds to kill the Nonets with the exception of Betadron (who escaped with Gunz) and Worton, the latter fleeing to the Doom Dimension, in a brutal fashion and absorbs them, eventually becoming larger than he already was. Surely, Mechtavius Destroyer is going to stop now, right? He won't think of attacking Bakugan City, New Vestroia, Vestal, Neathia, and Gundalia, that would be silly.
      • One Nonet's death worth noting is Mutabrid. When Mutabrid, Betadron, and Kodokor attempt to combine, Mechtavius Destroyer blasts them to stop them from doing so, and then proceeds to severely injure Mutabrid. As Mutabrid struggle to combine with his brothers, Mechtavius Destroyer proceeds to blast Mutabrid again, causing him to scream in agony. However, before Mutabrid can return to ball form, Mechtavius Destroyer BLASTS Mutabrid one last time, effectively killing Mutabrid. Fridge Horror kicks in when you realize Mechtavius Destroyer could have done this at anytime, but chose not to in order to give his enemies false hope.
    • After Gunz rejoins the Brawlers, Worton says that Mechtavius Destroyer is on the move. We then see Mechtavius Destroyer arrive at Bakugan City, where he unleashes an energy dome around him that engulfs Bakugan City. After the flash of light ends, we see Mechtavius Destroyer has completely annihilated Bakugan City, along with everyone in it. By the way, prior to this event, no human had ever died in Bakugan.
    • It STILL doesn't stop there, folks. Mechtavius Destroyer then heads to New Vestroia and proceeds to kill all the Bakugan there, including the Brawlers' previous partner Bakugan. To see the Bakugan that had helped defeat Naga, Zenoheld, and Mag Mel be killed in such a brutal manner shows that Mechtavius Destroyer will not stop until all Bakugan are dead.
    • As the Brawlers go down the Current of Time to prevent Mechtavius Destroyer's slaughter fest from happening, we see that Mechtavius Destroyer eventually heads to Neathia, Gundalia, and Vestal since there are Bakugan there and lays waste to all of those areas. Keep in mind that he must have also killed Fabia, Rafe, Ren, Paige, Spectra, Gus, Ace, and Baron since they would've tried to resist him. Thank goodness Dan, Marucho, Shun, and Gunz stopped all of that (minus the Nonets' deaths) from happening.
      • Now, let's count how many named characters died (and would have likely died too) at Mechtavius Destroyer's hands before history was changed for the better. Fridge Horror is in effect here.
      • Bakugan: Balista, Mutabrid, Tremblar, Kodokor, Spatterix, Stronk, Angelo/Diablo Preyas, Infinity Trister, Hammer Gorem, Amazon, Minx Elfin, Master Ingram, Taylean, Storm Skyress, Preyas, Alpha Hydranoid, Aerogan, Blade Tigrerra, Aranaut, Rubanoid, Akwimos, Hawktor, Coredem, Wolfurio, Linehalt, Phosphos, Contestir, Plitheon, Avior, Sabator, Boulderon, Infinity Helios, Rex Vulcan, Knight Percival, Saint Nemus, and Magma Wilda.
      • Battle Brawlers' Allies: Runo Misaki, Julie Makimoto, Mira Clay, Kato, Fabia Sheen, Serena Sheen, Linus, Captain Elright, Rafe, Ren Krawler, Lena Isis, Zenet Surrow, Jesse Glenn, Mason Brown, Nurzak, Paige, Spectra Phantom, Gus Grav, Ace Grit, and Baron Leltoy.
      • Like I said before. JESUS, Mechtavius Destroyer is an Omnicidal Maniac indeed.

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