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Nightmare Fuel / Baki the Grappler

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  • Open fractures are the least sort of horrible maiming you can expect to see in major fights of this series.
  • Want to be able to hit your enemies with supersonic punches and kicks? Steel yourself for reality: the sheer air friction will then be able to flay your entire arm down to the bone and even if you manage to connect with your enemy you'll break your hands and feet.
  • Consider for a second that your father is the most powerful creature on the planet, and he is grooming you to fight him. Then consider how most fights with Yujiro end either killing a person or maiming them, the situation for parental leniency is low for you at best.
    • Also, consider both possible outcomes. Your father wins, you risk death or maiming. You win, your own father expects you to deliver the killing blow or maim him. Even when a third option is taken, there's an awful lot of damage ensuing.
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  • Hey wanna throw a hit so hard that it breaks the sound barrier? How about punching the ground so hard it stops an earthquake?
  • Jack Hanma`s steroids affecting his body at one point it breaks down on him and vomits green liquid and the steroids themselves turned a mild mannered guy into a unstoppable fighting machine who brutalizes his opponents.
  • While Motobe is in the middle of beating Yanagi, Yujiro out of nowhere just appears right behind him. What's even more terrifying is when Motobe faces him with just only his katana, Yujiro just breaks pieces of it as if it were Styrofoam to show how little of a threat it meant him.

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