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Tear Jerker / Baki the Grappler

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  • After Yujiro has beaten Baki into unconsciousness, decimated his friends, and killed his mother. Baki is walking through the streets, happily talking and joyfully describing how wonderful it is to be in such a loving family while carrying his mother on his back. A stranger bumps into him and reveals that he was imagining it all and is only carrying a ring while wearing the bruises and scrapes from his fight. He screams out, much to the dismay of the people on the street, fumbling after the ring that belonged to his mother. Crying, he laments.
    Baki: Not just yet, mister. Let me hold onto this for just a moment longer.
    • Much more intense in the manga, where he isn't carrying his mom's ring. He's carrying his mom's corpse.
  • Emi's final moments with her son Baki; they're probably the only time Baki will ever have a (somewhat) normal parent-son relationship. You WILL hate Yujiro afterwards.
  • Baki visiting Yasha Ape after their fight. He realizes that the Yasha Ape wasn't just a vicious predator, but a creature with its own culture, as shown by Yasha's cave filled with his ancestors' skeletons, and that Yasha is likely the last of his kind. Baki apologizes for misjudging it, and Yasha gives Baki one of his own fangs as a gift. Even more of a tearjerker, when Yujiro taunts Baki with a box with Yasha's head inside, and then proceeds to eviscerate it to pieces with one decisive strike.
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  • Once Orochi manages to defeat Dorian, the Death Row Inmate loses himself even further. He ambushes Orochi, blowing his face off, and then is defeated in one strike by Retsu. As it turns out, Dorian wishing for a genuine defeat (one where he is absolutely defeated with no possible chance of him winning) as results in him wishing for a genuine victory, realizing he's never defeated someone without cheating through use of tools or other Combat Pragmatist strategies. The result is that despite being one of the top five dangerous death row inmates in the world (along with being a Kaioh purely on the merit of his own strength), Dorian realizes he's essentially wasted his entire life as a martial artist. Dorian snaps, regressing mentally into a Manchild, with Retsu describing this as his soul being "cleansed".
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  • At the end of the fight between Yujiro and Baki in the third Baki series, Yujiro still manages to beat Baki (though this time Baki had become so strong that Yujiro had to put some real effort into beating him and didn't come away unscathed). While that isn't a tearjerker in and of itself as it was an amazing fight and even Yujiro who rarely ever compliments his opponents nor seems to get any real satisfaction from his usual fights said that Baki would soon be a Hanma without a care in the world and that the fight was fun, what was heart rending is that while Baki couldn't move and was still conscious, he will to keep fighting was so strong that his battle spirit created a shadow of himself tangible enough for expert fighters to see, which then proceeded to attack Yujiro. Doppo Orochi, one of Baki's closest friends and allies, A master Karateka and Person of Mass Destruction himself and definitely a Good Is Not Soft kind of guy looked like his heart was breaking when he saw Baki beaten, injured, and unable to move with his fighting spirit still burning strong.
    Doppo: ...With nothing but his fighting spirit...Even in that state it doesn't waver...I can't bear to watch this any longer.
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  • Retsu’s death at the hands of Musashi. Made worse with Tokugawa’s regret of trying to pair Retsu against Musashi.
    Tokugawa: I made a mistake. That is all there is to it.

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