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The show's writers are sick and tired of New Vestroia.
It's obvious! First of all, not only is the story of New Vestroia getting worse and worse writing, but they;re revealing a bunch of stuff from Season 3 (Gundalian Invaders) in the middle of the second arc! Kieth/Spectra's rather easy Heel–Face Turn is also indicative of bad writing as in the first half of the series he'd been protrayed as having gone past the point of no return as far as insanity was concerned. Oh and Gus? Not dead. And not changed at all from his near death experience. Honestly, the fans have stopped caring about the series and the writers stopped caring about it long before we did.
  • Add the fact that everything shown in the second half of New Vestroia will NEVER be made into product and the series is dead in the water.
    • Oh well, at least there's the much-anticipated GI to look forward to. Since all of the cool stuff like Bakugan and Battle Gear has been unveiled anyway, the new series will have to rely more on plot and character development to move.
      • Or it could just as easily end up as complete shit.

One day power levels will go Over Nine Thousand

Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge never received its Japanese Broadcast due to the poor performance of Gundalian Invaders Dub
  • And the whole reason why Sega pulled the plug on the anime and focus on the worst adaptation ever made in the series, Bake Tech! Bakugan.


The rules dissonance is due to the shows happening on different planets.
  • This one is more obvious. Why don't they follow the original rules in New Vestroia? Duh, because those are the rules on Vestal! Dan and Shun developed the official rules for Earth and the Vestals developed their own set for their planet. It's like comparing Cricket and Baseball or Rugby and American Football, it's a twist on the rules of an otherwise similar game.
    • Want some real fun? Try comparing the rules for Mahjong from several different countries!!
    • How the Gundalians fight is yet to be seen...



Gus is insanely gay for Spectra.
  • Gus's adoration for Spectra is CLEARLY above simply that of male bonding. The way Gus interferes in a lot of Spectra's ordeals and goes to any lengths for him can't really be anything but love. Aside from an outright confession, not much effort has been made to conceal this fact in the English dub. This includes a flashback of his jacket covering a sleeping Spectra as his life flashes before his eyes as he doesn't die
    • "Long live Master Spectraaaaaaaaaa!!"
      • He calls him "Master Spectra". End of story.

Wormhole travel arrests growth.
  • This is the only explanation I can come up with for why nobody has grown in the three years since Season 1.

Naga is actually Satan
  • The origins are similar. Naga tries to go to the center of the planet to steal all of the energy and become the most powerful Bakugan ever! However, he only manages to steal half the power which he cannot contain, is driven mad, and is sent hurtling into the torturous realm known as the Doom Dimension/Death Jigen. Sound familar? The Doom Dimension is basically Baku-hell and Masquerade(Mephistopheles) convinces otherwise innocent players to use the "Doom Card/Death Card" to send Bakugan to this hell to grow Naga's powers. Masquerade does this in shockingly devilsh ways that seem harmless to whoever he's tempting but the results are rather devistating.
    • This means that kids who think the Doom Card is awesome are Completely Missing the Point.
    • Possibly, but its also possible that he's simply the Bakugan version of Satan. Different worlds, different entities. Though the new Big Bad Mag Mel may actually be demonic.
    • Well now we've met the Bakugan version of god, Code Eve, who created all Bakugan and their world, including Naga and the cores. A god creates a race of powerful beings and one of them turns against her and falls into becoming an Ultimate Evil. That does sound simular...

Mag Mel is an alien
Because nearly all the villains after Naga have been aliens so far.
  • Confirmed. Apparently, Barodius and Dharak just couldn't stay dead.

Mag Mel is a demon
He seems to have a more demonic air to him and is Sealed Evil in a Can, which so far none of the previous villains have been. On top of that, the past two Big Bad have been aliens, its getting old.
  • Jossed. He's actually Barodius and thus an alien.


Dan will propose to Runo at the next possible opportunity.
  • Because the confrontations are getting progressively more dangerous and his experiences teach him not to let this time go to waste.

Drago is going to die in the new season
His power levels are getting out of control and actually causing the problems this season, including powering up the Big Bad. On top of that, the villains are getting progressively more dangerous as the series goes on, how do they show this? By actually killing off The Hero! That and many fans are getting tired with him.

Razenoid will be killed at some point and Mag Mel will replace him with Naga
According to Word of God, Naga was banished to the Doom Dimension upon his defeat (despite, you know, exploding). Mechtanium Surge has been Continuity Porn filled so far, so I don't see why they'd limit that to just the good guys. Mag Mel will eventually lose Razenoid (either in battle or due to You Have Outlived Your Usefulness after finding Naga) and replace him with a majorly evolved Naga.


Mechtanium Surge may be the last or second to last arc.
The popularity of the series has been slipping a bit and while Gundalian had 39 episodes while the previous two arcs had 52, Mechtanium is presumed to have only 26.
  • The season just got upped to 46 episodes, so it may still have driving power left.

Mag Mel is Dan's true father
  • Why not? Dan has dark red eyes while his parents don't, and it would explain the "link" they share. He is also the worst father ever for mind raping his son in a regular basis.
    • And maybe Dan is another artifical creation of Mag Mel.
    • Possibly jossed considering Mag Mel is actually Emperoro Barodius. But it's still possible, assuming interbreeding between Gundalians and humans is possible.

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