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Ho Yay / Bakugan

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  • There was one major Ho Yay in the New Vestroia arc. Spectra and Gus. Not convinced? Episode 16.
  • Alice and Runo have a Romantic Two-Girl Friendship, which goes pretty good with their Love Interests' Heterosexual Life-Partner type one.
    • Runo and Julie also progressively develop this kind of relationship as well, particularly by the second season.
  • Chris from Mecatanium Surge seems to be really fond of Sellon. Need proof? Watch how she behaves around Sellon in episode 4
  • Shun and Ace's dynamic as Vitriolic Best Buds, with Shun saying that Ace reminds him of Dan.
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  • Marucho and Ren's friendship, with Marucho's influence on him participate on Ren's Character Development. Even after Ren betrays the Brawlers, in the end he comes back to them thanks to his friendship with Marucho.


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