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Five, four, three, two, one. Kids Next Door forever.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.


  • There are many in "Operation: M.A.T.A.D.O.R.", especially the outcome and The Stinger: when Numbuh Four refuses to fight his father, when Mr. Beetles is confused about why he would ever try to hurt his son, the part where he explains how the fathers got in this situation (said dad states they were all going to counseling lessons to be better dads) and Numbuh Four's reaction.
  • The very end of the series, "Operation: I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S.":
    • When Numbuh One is saying goodbye to his parents, who were both recommissioned so that they could better understand the opportunity their son had been given. His mother is understandably weepy but supportive, but seeing the legendary Numbuh 0 try to fight back crying as he wishes his son luck is so touching.
    • When the rest of the team shows up, they each have their own personal goodbyes. It's not all just, "I'll miss you." "Me too." "Me too." "Ect." They actually feel like real people saying goodbye to a dear, dear friend. It's a real reminder that, even though the show can be funny and awesome, the writers do know how to warm the heart.
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    • The final goodbye between everyone, where Numbuh One asks them to always keep the child inside them alive, and they do the "Five, four, three, two, one. Kids next door!" one last time before saying goodbye.
    • Back in the interview, the live-action actors have started crying at the memories. Although it quickly turns into a Funny Moment, the switch to live-action made the mood seem all the more real.
    • During the credits, there's a small montage of stills from all the episodes with the ending song playing and then ends with a watercolor picture of the kids watching a sunset from the treehouse with a single phrase over them: "Stay young..."
    Numbuh 5/Abby:Yeah, we told him everything he wanted to hear, we'll meet you up on the Moon base okay? Oh! And Numbuh one? Welcome back.
  • In "Operation: D.A.D.D.Y.", it was revealed that Mr. Boss is Numbuh 86's father. Despite having being shown as a Child Hater plenty of times before, Mr. Boss explains that he genuinely loves his own children (he just hates everyone else's). Afterwards, they admitted that they didn't really care if they are technically enemies, that they would just do their thing and still be loving father and daughter. It's both touching and funny.
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  • Another Numbuh 86 one: at the end of "Operation: S.L.U.M.B.E.R.", Numbuh Three, seeing that no-one else is willing to be her friend due to her acting like such a Jerkass most of the time, insists that she'll be her friend anyway.
  • Throughout the entire series, Abby and Cree have had fake-out Crowning Moments of Heartwarming. But in "Operation: V.I.R.U.S." they get to have a genuine moment of sisterly caring, no fake-out, no strings attached.
    "You may be my arch-enemy — but you're also my sister!"
    • Speaking of the Lincoln sisters, anytime there's a flashback to Cree's time as a KND operative. It's both heartwarming and heartbreaking to see a time when she and Abby actually got along.
  • Speaking of Numbuh 5, the Friendly Enemy dynamic between her and Stickybeard can come across as this. Despite being mortal enemies, it’s clear that they have a strong mutual respect for one another.
  • Any time Numbuhs 3 and 4 almost confess their feelings for each other.
  • In the episode "Operation: M.A.U.R.I.C.E.", Abby goes through a bit of an identity crisis. Towards the end, with her unable to stop the chicken pox machine and two of the people she looked up to the most (Cree and Maurice) now her enemies, it appears she's about to have a Start of Darkness and is about to accept the inevidability of her approaching teenhood as she says, "I can't keep fighting it. I just... I give up." Suddenly the machine starts exploding and her sister falls into the chicken ammo (It Makes Sense in Context). When she looks at Maurice he's holding a marble bomb, and simply says, "Never give up."
    • And during the credits, after Numbuh Five has learned that some KND operatives keep their memories as they grow up and act as undercover agents, she's looking around at several adults and teens as she walks down the street. For the most part, they just give her dismissive/ugly looks. Then when she comes across some teens hanging around a stoop, the one in the center glares at her for a moment...before winking. Numbuh Five just smiles a little and walks off.
  • Anytime it's shown that, yes, Nigel and Lizzie really do care for each other. Particular episodes that come to mind are "C.A.K.E.D.-T.W.O.", "P.O.O.L.", "S.N.O.W.I.N.G.", "L.E.A.D.E.R.", and "G.I.R.L.F.R.I.E.N.D." (despite being the episode they break up).
  • Operation: Z.E.R.O.:
    • "Tell the Kids Next Door that we miss them!" — The Delightful Children From Down The Lane a.k.a. Sector Z. They miss you too, guys. They miss you too. A lot more than your evil, Brainwashed and Crazy selves, that's for sure.
    • After Sector Z is brought back and told that the effects of the recommissioning module are only temporary, Constance/Numbuh 0.5 looks incredibly sad. Lenny/Numbuh 0.4 puts his hand on her shoulder and she reaches up and puts her hand on his hand. It's very brief, but very cute in a sad sort of way.
    • When Number One plans to use the Recomissioning Module to restore his father's memories of being Number Zero, he gets a holographic message from his dad saying he broke it because, even though he'd like to have more cool adventures with the team, "I'm just not a kid anymore. I'm an adult. And I need to complete the most important mission of my life — being a good father to my son."
    • A minor example, but after Numbuh One's father and Grandfather are decommissioned, Mr. Uno is happy to see his father, believing he'd just come over to visit. From this interaction we can see that after they originally lost their memories of when they were enemies, the two were able to have a good father-son relationship with one another and are able to go back to this since they don't remember the events of the special.
  • "Operation: F.U.T.U.R.E.", "Operation: K.I.S.S.", "Operation: G.R.O.W.U.P.", and "Operation: C.A.T.S." are all also very heartwarming. This show's writers apparently really knew how to portray True Companions.
    • "Operation: F.U.T.U.R.E." deserves special mention. When Numbuh 4's elderly future self comes back into the past, it is of course Numbuh 3 who chooses to believe him.
    "Sometimes a girl just knows."
    • It's also heartwarming that Sally, Numbuh 3's granddaughter, is the one who rallies the future operatives into fighting together. She says she's inspired by her grandmother's stories of boys and girls fighting together. This shows that Numbuh 3 didn't change as she grew up - even in the Bad Future - implying she was a Cool Old Lady and loving grandmother to Sally.
    • And there's the very end of the episode. With the future having been saved, it shows boys and girls playing together in harmony.
  • "Operation: S.A.T.U.R.N." features an artificially intelligent Rainbow Monkey named "Ramon-4" (short for Rainbow Monkey 4-Ever) that was rejected during focus testing for being "too ugly" and was sent to outer space as a result. Out of sheer despair and rage, he steals all the other Rainbow Monkeys from all the other kids of the world. Numbuh Three (who is a BIG fan of Rainbow Monkeys) is appalled that there is a Rainbow Monkey that nobody loves, so she hugs him and lets him know he'll always be loved as long as he exists, granting him what he so desperately needed after decades of drifting across space. After his purpose is fulfilled, Ramon happily returns the stolen Rainbow Monkeys, and The Stinger even shows them their ecstatic owners reuniting with them. Awww....
    Numbuh Four: (comes out with an umbrella) Great, now it's raining Rainbow Monkeys! Well, I hope you're happy now!
    Numbuh Three: (gazing at the moon) I am! And so is Ramon...
    • Also, from earlier in the same episode, when the spaceship runs out of power, Numbuh 4 wants to give up on retrieving Numbuh 3's Rainbow Monkey, since if they each chipped in enough money, they could simply buy a new one. This causes Numbuh 3 to burst into tears, so Numbuh 4 asks Numbuh 1 in exasperation to try to talk some sense into Numbuh 3. Numbuh 1's response is to give a rational explanation as to why they shouldn't give up on the mission: because the Kids Next Door swore an oath to protect kids from tyranny no matter the risks—and since it's tyranny to steal dolls from little girls, then they need to help Numbuh 3 gain her Rainbow Monkey back.
      • The Stinger reveals that, in addition to this, he had his own sentimental reason for wanting to save the Rainbow Monkeys- he has one of his own that he keeps hidden under his pillow!
  • Nigel's "son" finally deciding to trust him in "Operation: W.H.I.T.E.H.O.U.S.E."
    Number 1600: Man! How cool would it be if you really were my dad!
    Nigel: Well, if you were my son, I'd be very proud of you.
  • The scene in "Operation: G.R.O.W.-U.P.", when the team decides to get the Delightful Children's age-changing Applied Phlebotinum to turn Number One back into a kid. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
    Numbuh Five: Forget it! If "Mr. Uno" wants to act like a jerk for the rest of his life, Numbuh Five say, "Let him!"
    Numbuh Three: Numbuh Five, how can you be so mean?! You call Numbuh One selfish, but you won't even help him!
    Numbuh Five: Numbuh Three!... beat Attacking the Delightful Children wouldn't be easy.
    Numbuh Three: We don't care.
    Numbuh Five: We don't even have any of our 2x4 technology weapons.
    Numbuh Two: We'll come up with something.
    Numbuh Five: We may be turned into adults ourselves.
    Numbuh Four: No one's a kid forever.
    Numbuh Five: All right, then — Kids Next Door, Battle Stations!
    • The Creative Closing Credits was a very nice way to close the first season, showing watercolor drawings of the reunited Sector V spending day and night to fix up their ruined treehouse.
  • The moment in "Operation: C.A.T.S." when, after an entire episode of refusing to say it, Numbuh Four tells Numbuh Three he loves her. Then he goes back to being completely unable to spit it out, but still.
    • This is after the two of them have been mad at each other for most of the episode. At first Numbuh Three even refused to go save him from the Crazy Cat Lady with the others. But when he was really in trouble she came through with no hesitation whatsoever.
  • In "Operation F.A.S.T.F.O.O.D." Numbuh's One, Two, Four and Five are ready to storm Chester's restaurant with a battering ram, an axe and a baseball bat when they think Numbuh Three has been eaten. Then they see her alive and well and they all joyously rush over and surround her.
  • In "Operation: F.O.U.N.T.A.I.N.", after Leona turns on the kids, tries to de-age them into non-existance, and is about to fall to her death:
    Numbuh Four: I thought you saw we came to save Leona.
    Numbuh Five: (trying to walk away) Change in plans. She's an adult and a jerk.
    Numbuh Four: (grabs her hand) But she wants to be a kid. A big kid once told me we save kids, that's our job.
    Numbuh Five: ... Kids Next Door... Battle Stations!
    • Made especially more heartwarming since for a good chunk of the episode Wally was the one who wanted to give up on Leona and Abby wouldn't let him. In fact it's Abby's words that he is recalling in the above quote.
  • "Operation: C.A.R.A.M.E.L.". Given all the horrible things that Heinrich has done to Abby (in past episodes, and the stuff he probably did that wasn't shown), Abby still tries to help him and tell him how to reverse the affects of the caramels.
    Abby: Heinrich, just share it with me. I promise, it will all be okay.
    Heinrich: (tearing up) WHY SHOULD I BELIEVE YOU?!
    Abby: Because... you're more important to me than candy.
    • Any other moment that showed that Abby still thought of Heinrich as a friend. Like in "Operation: C.H.O.C.O.L.A.T.E." when, even after arresting Heinrich, she brings him the one food he's been craving for for weeks but couldn't eat due to his previous condition.
  • In "Operation: J.E.W.E.L.S", Numbuh 5 is asked quite a few times throughout the episode why she’s going to such lengths to get back the Blurpleberry Supreme that was stolen from her, and every time, she gives the same answer; “I was saving it for a special occasion”. At the end of the episode, we find out what that “special occasion” was: it was Numbuh 1’s birthday. She went through all that to make sure she got his birthday present to him in time.
  • During "Operation: P.O.O.L.", when Numbuh Four's friends get switched with negative doppelgangers from another universe, Numbuh Four only manages to figure it out by looking into Numbuh Three's eyes, which are filled with cruelty that the real Numbuh Three does not possess. Ergo, they must be from a negative universe, he figured that out by being a friend! It's incredibly cheesy, but still sweet. It's also worth pointing out he realizes this within seconds. As soon as he gets close enough to see her face, he knows.
    • The only other character to figure this out was Numbuh 1 after realizing that Eizzil didn't have the same look as Lizzie, which goes to show just how special Numbuh 3 is to Numbuh 4.
  • Although he's a bit (okay, a lot) of a coward, Daddy is delighted by the prospect of "a world where kids are free." He also cares deeply about the Little Traitor Dudes For Children's Defence and they clearly love him back. The six of them even share a group hug.
    Daddy: I was so worried about my wee little munchkins.
    • Numbuh One shaking hands with Negative!Bruce after the LTDFCD help him and Lizzie escape the trailer. The DNK are blasting the trailer to bits but the LTDFCD's priority is to hold them off long enough for Nigel and Lizzie to get back to their world.
  • Numbah Four (reluctantly) singing with Numbah Three in "Operation L.O.V.E.", even though it's clear he'd rather be doing anything else.
  • "Operation: O.O.M.P.A.H.". As Monty's first appearance, there's plenty of these.
    Nigel: I'm sorry, Dad.
    Monty: That's okay son, you did your best. And according to the Dad's Do's-and-Don't section of the paper, that's all that matters.
    • Monty himself is also heartwarming when you consider the type of father he had. He literally has had no good father figure, but he still tries to be the best father to Nigel that he can be (reading articles on how to be a father, trying to spend quality time with him, etc.). Seriously, he could've easily turned out like his brother.
    • Nigel going to rescue his father. Remember, his enemies are usually adults and he's saving an adult here. He's also had some time to reflect on his earlier behavior and he wants to make up with his father.
  • Moosk's sacrifice in "Operation: K.N.O.T."
    Numbuh Four: Numbuh One, who was that guy?
    Numbuh One: A comrade...
  • Throughout the entirety of the episode "Operation: D.O.G.H.O.U.S.E.", Abby tries to deal with the problem of the episode herself, and is even seen crying during the episode. When Wally tries to help, she keeps pushing him away. Finally, when he finds her at the bottom of the steps of the haunted doghouse:
    Wally: Numbuh Five, are you okay?!
    Abby: Numbuh Four, what are you doing here? Go back to the treehouse!
    Wally: No way, my homework's in there! Along with whoever did this to you. Come on, you and me can—
    Abby: (voice breaking) I said go home! Numbuh Five can handle this herself...
    Wally: I know you can. But two of us can handle it better.
    Abby: Number Four! .... (looks up with teary eyes) Help....
    Wally: (smiles)
    • Pratically all interactions between Abby and Wally in the episode count as this. Like Brother and Sister was in full effect here.
  • In "Operation: P.A.R.T.Y.", it's about the only time the Delightful Children seem genuinely grateful for the Kids Next Door's help, but it's still nice to see.
  • Decommissioning may be scary, especially in context of the show, but think of it this way: these kids sign up knowing that they will lose all memory of a considerable chunk of their childhood, all of their adventures and friends, in order to protect the right of other children to, well, be kids. A Heroic Sacrifice indeed.
  • "Operation: B.U.T.T.": Not only Wally is visibly sad when Nigel leaves the team (to the point of crying), but when he sees how upset Kuki is, he tries his best to cheer her up using her stuffed animals and making sweet voices, even if he HATES them. It was his fault getting her to cry because he snapped at her missing the context of his leaving, but, if anything, that makes it even more heartwarming. He immediately realized his mistake and wanted to fix it for Kuki.
    • Sector V's Undying Loyalty coming out in full force when they save Nigel from getting humiliated by the Delightful Children, arriving in the mansion and ripping all of the DCFDTL's pants off seconds before they're about to take a picture of Nigel's underwear.
      Abby: [gleefully snaps a picture of the Delightfuls without their pants] Alright, Delightful Dopes. You can try and mess with our friend, but I wouldn't!
      Hoagie: And that's a big "but"!
      Kuki: Five big butts! [all of Sector V laughs]
    • And immediately afterward, Wally worriedly asks Nigel if he's still quitting the team. He really didn't want Nigel to leave. None of them did...because why else would they come to save him after he'd quit?
  • Real Life incorporated into the show: a Make-A-Wish Foundation patient named Jacob "wished" to be in an episode of KND. Jacob appeared as a scientist codenamed Numbah 275, albeit only a few times and with no spoken lines, in the second half of "Operation: F.E.R.A.L.".
    • Entering his name in the GKND ARG gives the simple message of "awesome".
  • Throughout Operation: I.T., Numbuh 1 refuses to give up on Numbuh 362 during her episode-long Heroic BSoD. The show never gives much detail as to exactly how far back they go, but it's clear he's just as close with her as any of his team. There's a perfect example about five minutes in where Numbah 1 asks Numbah 362 why she gave up the job. She reveals how very exhausted she was by it and how she didn't want to deal with the stress anymore. Numbah 1 adamantly tells her that he thinks the job is perfect for her and makes it very clear he thinks she should take it back. Numbah 362 politely refuses and holds out her hand for him to shake, at which point Numbah 1 reveals he was It all along, tells her she probably doesn't want to touch him, and leaves the bridge, still It. He could've forced the job on her at any time in the conversation, but instead tried convincing her to take it willingly.
    • When Rachel wakes up in the Moon Base infirmary, Nigel's sitting right by her bedside. He explains she's been out for a week — was he waiting by her side the whole time just to be sure he'd be there when she woke up?
  • Ever wonder why Numbuh 3 loves Rainbow Monkeys so much? Well, in "Operation: C.L.U.E.S." we find out that her mother bought her them because she was never allowed to have any toys or dolls as a kid, and she wants to make sure her daughters have a happier childhood than she did. And in "Operation: H.O.M.E.", we find out she had received her first one shortly after she was born. It's especially nice since, before revealing that bit of herself, Numbuh 3's mom looked like a no-nonsense angry boss.
  • "Operation: D.A.T.E." After Numbuh 1 suggests they should couple up to avoid looking suspicious at the DCFDTL's party (which he suspects has another purpose), he falters a bit...revealing the four other members have already paired up, all with smiles: Numbuhs 2 + 5, and Numbuhs 3 + 4. They didn't even have to think, and certainly didn't seem to mind — any of them.
  • "Operation: C.L.O.W.N." has a minor one but still sweet. The clowns (led by the Clownfather) cease their hassling of Numbuh 2 and Numbuh upon seeing Mr. Lincoln, who used to be his partner, Chunko the Clown. Mr. Lincoln seems pretty happy to see his old friend and even offers him and the rest of the clowns jobs at the hospital he works at (washing pans sure, but still pretty nice.)
    • Also, just seeing Numbuh 5 having a good time at the circus with her dad (and where she sees Numbuh 2 in trouble.) A nice reminder the operatives are still kids who love their parents.
  • "Operation: C.A.K.E.D.-F.O.U.R." features one of the few (if only) references to Numbah 2's dad. He looks up to him very much and uses the old man's worn out inner tube, Ol' Betsy, for the annual Toobathon. Numbah 2 says his father told him he won every year with Betsy, but Father finally tells him that Mr. Gilligan was actually a perennial loser.
    Father: Your father lied to you. Your father was a loser, just like you! Just like that lousy inner tube!
    Numbah 2: No. I believe in you, Betsy. I believe my dad! I believe!
    • Numbuh Two has repeatedly taken part in the Toobathon with Ol' Betsy and has always lost. He's known as "Hoagie P Gilligan, Lord of the Losers" by the time the episode takes place. But Numbuh Two has never lost faith in Ol' Betsy and refuses to use anything else despite being capable of building an inner tube that could probably put all the other contestants' to shame. Nobody thinks it possible that he could ever win. But later on Numbuh Two is going to win. All the other contestants are caught up in Father's plan to bake them into the Delightfuls' birthday cake, leaving him only a short distance from the finish line. Numbuh Two is ecstatic — until he overhears Nick commenting on the situation and realises whats happened. With no hesitation at all he heads off to save them.
    Numbuh Two: There's always next year!
    • A final one for Numbuh Two after the race ends in a six-hundred-and-thirty-four way tie, meaning that everyone has won except for Hoagie and Numbuh Four (who is stranded on an island somewhere). His mother is thrilled that a Gilligan (Tommy) has finally won and tells Hoagie that he really shouldn't believe everything his father told him.
    Mrs Gilligan: Ooh, the imagination on that man! Why, did you know that he swore that one day that raggedy old tube would save all the children in town?! (laughs) As if!
    Numbuh Two: (smiles)
  • "Operation. M.U.N.C.H.I.E.S." ends with Sector V and several of the show's major villains calling an Enemy Mine to save the last box of Rainbow Munchies cereal from getting destroyed by Knightbrace. After everyone beats him up, the villains honor their side of the deal and share the cereal with Sector V. The episode ends with everyone happily enjoying bowls of cereal in the supermarket together, including arch-enemies Numbuh 5 and Stickybeard, as well as Numbuh 1 and Father. Even the cashier gets to have a bowl.
  • Numbuh Four's interactions with his baby brother in "Operation S.A.F.E.T.Y." He's frequently annoyed by Joey's antics but it's obvious he loves his brother very much. When he thinks Joey's been hurt by the robot he becomes enraged to the point of tears.
    • If you watch closely, you see that he also always makes sure to shield Joey with his own body whenever he carries him.
    • After being annoyed by Joey's dancing, Numbuh Four apologises and tells him that he actually thinks his dancing very funny.
    Numbuh Two: Yeah. Maybe you could dance around for him one last time?
    Numbuh Four: (in undertone) What are you saying that for? I was just trying to be nice!
  • The opening montage of Numbuh 3's birth and early childhood in "Operation: H.O.M.E.", showing how happy her parents were when she was born, and them helping her take her first steps and cheering her on when she rides a bicycle for the first time. Notably, this episode is one of the only times we see Mr. and Mrs. Sanban smile. They may be stern, but there's no doubt that they love their daughter very much.
  • At the end of "Operation S.P.A.N.K.E.N.S.T.E.I.N." despite his earlier grudge against Hoagie, Joe Balooka later turns up at the Sanban's house to apologise and to return the chocolate sauce he took from him.


  • The 55th issue of Cartoon Network Action Pack has a short story titled "Operation: E.G.G.N.O.G.note ", where Numbuh One uses a cannon to deliver Christmas presents to his fellow Sector V members and even the Delightful Children from Down the Lane. Numbuh Two gets a magnifying glass, Numbuh Three gets a Rainbow Monkey decoration, Numbuh Four gets a framed picture of Numbuh Three, Numbuh Five gets a carton of candy cane-flavored ice cream, and the Delightful Children get a birthday cake with no strings attached.


  • A cool post showing what Sector V would possibly look like as teenagers.
  • Much of the subsequent events after the G:KND trailer was revealed to be a teaser could be considered this. Despite backlash over the fact that an actual series wasn't in production, fan response remained overwhelmingly positive, including a petition and other fanworks to drum up support, which Tom Warburton (and apparently executives at CN) acknowledged.


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