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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

The Original
  • When Peter Abernathy, in a past configuration, was a Hannibal Lecter-esque cannibal, he was programmed to quote and reference, among others, William Shakespeare, John Donne and Gertrude Stein. Ford notes that he knew the Stein references were anachronistic, but couldn't resist putting them in.
  • During the saloon robbery, Hector politely moves Maeve to the side, then a safe gets shoved off the upper gallery, slamming to the floor right next to them. Neither of them look at it.

The Bicameral Mind

  • The blackest of Black Comedy, but Destin's antics as he is about to have his way with what he thinks is a deactivated Hector. Especially with all that's going on in the background.
    • When he finally catches on, he turns around and stares in shock at Armistice.... And he has a very visible erection under his smock with his pants down.
  • Plenty of what Armistice gets up to also falls into Black Comedy, including her trolling of Sylvester and her odd fascination with Felix. And her and Hector's delight upon being introduced to automatic weapons.
  • When Felix questions his humanity, he starts unconsciously doing the robot dance move until Maeve tells him not to be ridiculous.

Journey Into Night

  • After slaughtering all the guards, Hector went right to the bar to get smashed. And Maeve immediately knows to go there to find him.
  • Maeve threatens Sizemore after he tries to sell her out to a QA team.
    Maeve: Try something like that again, and I will relieve yourself of your most precious organ and feed it to you. Though it won't make much of a meal.
    Sizemore: I wrote that line for you.


  • After the new El Lazo and all his men kill themselves with a message from Ford that William has to find the door on his own, Ed Harris gives a gloriously frustrated "Fuck you, Robert!"
    • Capped by William then silently firing a few extra rounds into El Lazo's dead body while Lawrence watches in confusion.
  • Sizemore wears a stable boy outfit after he was forced by Maeve to give his clothes to Hector which shows that he's now promoted as the show's resident Butt-Monkey.

Virtu e Fortuna

  • Lee Sizemore argues that Maeve and Hector aren’t programmed to have affection for each other:
    Lee: You two were designed to be alone. Yes, there’s some attraction, but you’d never have an actual relationship.
    Maeve: Oh. I guess we shouldn’t have fucked then.
  • Abernathy breaking away from Bernard and Charlotte to defiantly sing "Battle Hymn of the Republic" right in the faces of the hostile Confederados.
  • Bernard reprograms Rebus into essentially a Knight in Shining Armor, resulting in one very confused board member running from him in terror while he chases after her begging to protect her.
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  • Hector's awed reaction when he witnesses Armistice appear out of nowhere in the catacombs, blasting everything with a hefty flamethrower.
    Hector: She has a dragon!
  • Felix and Sylvester return with Sylvester still being the Butt-Monkey of the two. Felix was just tied up, while Sylvester was tied up and had a grenade tucked between his neck and shoulder with the pin removed. Armistice take her sweet time removing the grenade and replacing the pin.

Akane No Mai

  • After more than a year and half of this season, we finally reach Shogunworld. Which is quickly revealed to largely just be a reskinned Westworld due to Sizemore getting lazy, complete with an Asian instrumental of "Paint It Black." Justified Trope when you remember that A Fistful of Dollars and The Magnificent Seven are remakes of Yojimbo and The Seven Samurai respectively.
    • Maeve and Hector's indignant reactions to their narratives being literally copy pasted is what sells it.
    Sizemore': All, right so I may have cribbed a little bit from Westworld. You try writing 300 storylines in three weeks!
    • Sizemore listing the many ways getting involved with their Shogunworld doubles will be trouble capped off by describing Armistice and Hanaryo's entranced mirrored Quizzical Tilt routine as "That!"
  • Maeve reacts to the sword-wielding forces.
    Maeve: You know the old saying about knives and gunfights...
    (the Shogun warrior wrap them in lassos)
    Lee: Does the saying have a footnote about fucking lassos, then?!
  • Maeve smirks to the gang that "I have everything under control." Gilligan Cut to her marched with a gag over her mouth and a priceless annoyed look on her face.
  • Sylvester suggests that Felix try to communicate with the Shogunworld hosts and get them to let the party go. Felix angrily responds "I'm from Hong Kong, asshole."

Phase Space

  • Emily takes quite a bit of pleasure informing her father that she's taken full advantage of the features of The Raj. After a season and a half of being a terrifying unstoppable force, William is reduced to squirming just as much as any parent getting this information.
  • Emily gets a bit of dark humor when she notices that Lawrence's men are raiding a "honeypot," a fake Ghost Nation raid scene used to lure them into a vulnerable position. She casually shoot both of the men lying in wait.
  • Coughlin's reaction upon confirming that Stubbs's first name is indeed Ashley.

Les Écorchés

  • Sizemore finally makes it back to something approaching safety, only to see the entire Mesa staff and the mercenaries fleeing from Dolores' attack, leaving him to wander through them looking completely appalled.


  • There's some Black Comedy here when Akecheta meets Ford, who is under the spotlights, removing the Ghost Nation hosts' scalps in a very calm fashion as if Anthony Hopkins is channeling his inner Hannibal Lecter role. The way Ford converses Akecheta while holding the scalps is like him conversing over drinks.
  • With some Fridge Brilliance: William looks even more pathetic in his search for the maze after you find out it wasn't even anything Ford did that got him started on it, but the separate efforts of Akecheta that he just happened to stumble across.

The Passenger

  • Sizemore's Heroic Sacrifice is awesome but if you look it in the perspective of the QA security, all they see is their boss ranting like a lunatic. It's even hilarious that while Sizemore is delivering Hector's speech, the guards repeatedly tell him to drop his gun and calm down.


  • Showrunner Jonathan Nolan's antics on Reddit tend to be this.
  • Funny Or Die did a short crossover with the show and City Slickers, featuring appearances with the film's cast members; Billy Crystal and Daniel Stern; as well as the show's regulars/guest stars; Luke Hemsworth, Ptolemy Slocum, and Angela Sarafyan.
  • A Mark Wahlberg AT&T commercial has Teddy, riddled with arrows, asking if he can stop dying. Mark says no because he's so good at it, while Teddy gets shot with another arrow and the park crew drag him away.
  • Jimmi Simpson recaps Season 1 in six minutes.
  • The official blooper reel for Season 1.
  • Stephen Colbert's parody of the show during his hosting stint at the Emmy 2017. It's even hilarious that Jeffrey Wright stays in-character while tinkering on Stephen's "programming".
    • When Wright was later a guest on Colbert's Late Show, they mentioned a cut line where Wright said "Doesn't look like anything to me." after glancing down towards Colbert's crotch level.
  • Aeden the chatbot from the Delos Destination website is back. Unlike the hostile and glitchy version who you had communicate between Season 1 finale and Season 2, this version acts as his usual self but tends to break the fourth wall if you ask questions about the producers (such as Jonathan Nolan) or the actors (inputting their real name will show you their character profile). The most interesting response yet is inputting "Westeros World":
    AEDEN: Winter never comes to Westworld, thankfully, and I have never met Jon Snow. I can tell you that like in certain parts of Westeros, in Westworld what is dead may never die.
  • Before Season 2 began showing, Jonathan Nolan teased there would be a video released that would give out every spoiler in the new season. What we actually got was Evan Rachel Wood singing "Never Gonna Give You Up" with Angela Sarafyan on the piano.
  • Jimmi Simpson, Katja Herbers, Angela Sarafyan read some Season 2 fan theories and commented on them. It's even hilarious that some do ended up true which they tried to deny earlier.
    • In Katja's video, she pretended that she can't understand English expressions because she's Dutch. This got Shannon Woodward coming to the rescue and help her interpret them.
    • Speaking of Shannon, on her own turn she gets to rant about her own Too Dumb to Live moment in Season 1, confident she could say it because Elsie had already been revealed to still be alive when the video was released.
    • Dolores and Bernard meet The Cookie Monster


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