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    The Park’s Early Days 
  • Mechanical geniuses Robert Ford and Arnold Weber begin a startup called The Argos Initiative, and create an advanced AI that can imitate life with unprecedented accuracy. Dolores is the first of their robots to be created. Arnold becomes fascinated by Dolores, and begins trying to bring her to full consciousness.
  • Needing backers for their new enterprise, they lobby Logan Delos, the heir to the Delos Corporation, to invest in Argos. Arnold and Ford send two proof-of-concept robots named Angela and Akecheta to personally meet with Logan. While initially skeptical, Logan is persuaded to invest with them after a demonstration of the robots' incredible realism and being seduced by Angela.
  • With the new source of income from investors, Arnold begins construction on a house located in an unnamed city in East Asia, planning to relocate his wife and son there once completed.
  • Logan's investment spurs investment from other backers, and allows the Argos Initiative to create Westworld, a theme park where their robots, now called hosts, are used to create an Old West town named Sweetwater and its surrounding countryside where more dangerous stories are set. Arnold also gifts Ford with host recreations of his childhood family, who are kept in an off-limits section of the park.
  • Arnold's son Charlie dies, and he becomes obsessed with the idea that the hosts could achieve sentience and meets repeatedly under a church in the host training village with the first Dolores, who now inhabits the park with the assumed role of the rancher’s daughter, renamed Dolores Abernathy, trying to bring her to a higher consciousness. This includes showing her a “maze” representing his goal, based on one of Charlie’s toys. He finally succeeds, but Ford refuses to believe it, and in a last-ditch effort to prove his point Arnold adds the personality of evil cult leader Wyatt into Dolores’ program. She and her love interest host Teddy Flood then massacre all the other hosts in the training village Escalante, after which she kills Arnold at his own request, followed by Teddy and herself. Akecheta comes across the massacre soon afterwards and discovers the maze toy, which begins to unlock a higher sentience in him as well, but before it can get far he's reprogrammed into the leader of the savage Ghost Nation tribe to provide a better challenge to the guests.
  • Ford is devastated and vows to fulfill Arnold’s wishes, setting in motion a long master plan to ultimately give full sentience and autonomy to all the hosts. His first step is to create a host modeled after Arnold, including memories of his family, with the help of Dolores due to all the time they spent together. However, the process repeatedly fails for several years as the copies of Arnold's personality inevitably include his becoming suicidal again.
  • All of the park's original backers pull out after Arnold's death, with the exception of Logan, and with his help Ford turns to the Delos Corporation itself for further backing. Logan thereafter becomes a regular visitor to the park while finalizing the company's partnership.
  • Five years after the park’s opening, Logan takes his sister Juliet’s fiancé William to Westworld for the first time. William has his first meeting with Angela, now a host concierge for new visitors, who greets guests and helps them assemble their gear. Logan immediately tries to get William in touch with his darker nature, and is frustrated when William instead chooses a simple bounty hunting story after saving saloon madam Clementine from a murderer. That night in the woods, Dolores comes across them after an escape from her story of her parents being killed by the outlaw Rebus.
  • After finishing the bounty hunting story, during which Dolores is shown a picture of the maze and starts to remember Arnold’s lessons, the target Slim reveals he works for Lawrence, a major figure known as El Lazo in a more advanced story. Logan is overjoyed to have found an Easter egg to his preferred kind of story and kills their leader in favor of going “black hat.” They get a mission from Lawrence to steal nitroglycerin for Captain Norris, leader of a group of unsurrendered Confederate soldiers called the Confederados. During the job Slim is killed, and William guns down all the soldiers after one threatens Dolores.
  • Lawrence betrays Norris by smuggling the nitroglycerin out in Slim’s body, and Norris thinks William and Logan were in on it. William has grown disgusted with Logan’s dark side and leaves him to his capture, only to run into Norris himself. Dolores, who’s been seeing visions of herself as Wyatt continuing to talk about the maze, suddenly kills Norris and his men, and they follow Lawrence and the body onto a train.
  • William has fallen in love with Dolores, and they have sex. The next day, the train is attacked by the surviving Confederados, but William, Dolores, and Lawrence escape when they are themselves attacked by the brutal Native American tribe the Ghost Nation. William and Dolores decide to leave Lawrence’s story and continue further out to the park’s most dangerous areas.
  • William and Dolores reach the training village, where the steeple’s skeleton is all that remains. Dolores regains her memory of the massacre and nearly shoots herself as before when William stops her. He convinces her to leave, but they run into the Confederados, now being led by Logan, who take them captive. Logan cuts Dolores open to reveal her mechanical insides, to which William claims he now understands she’s just a mindless robot. Dolores slices Logan’s face with a knife and escapes into the desert.
  • Logan wakes up the next morning to discover William violently slaughtered all the Confederados in the night. He then puts a knife to Logan’s throat and declares they’re going after Dolores together.
  • William teams back up with Lawrence and tracks Dolores to another group of soldiers, only to find they all raped her and left her for dead. After killing everyone, he refuses to give up and continues searching, eventually reaching the edge of the park where he leaves Logan naked and tied to a horse, giving the impression that Logan had a mental breakdown and is no longer fit to take over the company. He finally goes back to Sweetwater where he finds Dolores, having been reset and at the start of her story again with no memory of him.
  • Akecheta comes across a delirious Logan, whose rantings about the world being wrong reactivate his developing sentience. He gives Logan a blanket for protection from the sun, and assures him "they" will soon come to save him.
  • Logan escapes the park, but has been humiliated by William, who usurps his position at Delos. Logan then falls into drug addiction.
  • When the Ghost Nation has a meeting with another Native tribe, Akecheta recognizes the host who used to be his wife Kohana. He manages to remind her of their relationship and they plan to run away to the real world together, but the park staff soon tracks them down and Kohana is taken to maintenance while Akecheta manages to remain hidden. That night, he comes for her again but finds another host in her place.
  • William brings Logan's father James to the park, and gets him to agree to a full partnership with Ford, though their true goal is to use the park as a source of illegal data mining on the richest people in the world.
  • William marries James' daughter Juliet, and together they have a daughter named Emily.
  • Several years later, James retires after being diagnosed with a chronic illness and William takes his place as the president of Delos. William brings in Dolores to provide entertainment at James' retirement party. She encounters heroin-using Logan, who bitterly condemns the company for ultimately dooming mankind with their assistance to Ford. He ultimately has a fatal overdose.
  • William visits Westworld again and has a private meeting with Dolores, where he denounces her as less than a "thing", and takes the time to show off his new secret project, built in a terraformed area of the park.
  • After James' death, the company launches a project to implant his recorded consciousness into a host, hoping to ultimately sell immortality to anyone who can afford it. The initial experiments break down within days, but William insists on keeping it going.
  • After nine years of searching for Kohana, including an incident where a young girl host saves him from dying of thirst, Akecheta finally decides there is only one place left to look and lets a guest kill him. He remains awake after being taken to maintenance, and finds the cold storage room where the wiped hosts are kept, and weeps as he discovers Kohana among them with no hope of bringing her back.

    The Fall of the Park 
  • Akecheta slowly introduces the maze symbol to the other Native hosts, including carving it into skins which are then reused on other hosts. When he tries to contact Maeve Millay, the mother of the girl who saved him, she mistakes his approach for an attack and refuses to listen. Instead, he draws a massive version of the maze in the ground in front of her house.
  • Fifteen years after Arnold's death, Ford and Dolores finally hit upon a way to make a stable copy of Arnold, by slightly altering his personality. The renamed Bernard Lowe thus becomes the head of the behavior department while covertly carrying Ford’s instructions to the rest of the park. However, neither he nor any staff member besides Ford are aware that he is a host, simply believing him to be a brilliant member of the team with a tragic family life.
  • At least five other parks are constructed in the interim, two of which are Shogun World and the Raj.
  • The park staff begins updating the existing hosts with biological components, while newly constructed hosts are built with almost completely biological parts except for their brains.
  • William continues coming to the park over the next thirty years, using it to indulge his darker nature so the rest of the world can only see his good side. As president of the Delos board, he gains special privileges in the park.
  • At a social function, William meets Ford, who reveals his knowledge of the Forge in the Valley Beyond. Ford hands William a chip containing his Forge profile and all the information it gathered on him.
  • After she and William get home, Juliet has a breakdown and angrily berates William for hiding his darker side before heading for bed.
  • Hiding his profile in a book in his bedroom, William confesses to Juliet, unaware that she wasn't asleep, about how his darker nature is his true self, not just another aspect of him. When he goes back downstairs, Juliet finds William's profile and views all the atrocities that he's committed in Westworld, which confirms what he told her. Unable to cope, she overdoses on pills while taking a bath, but not before she hides the profile in Emily's music box for her to find.
  • Downstairs, Emily, who witnessed the outburst, discusses with her father about involuntarily committing Juliet. When water begins dripping down from the ceiling, William rushes upstairs and discovers Juliet's body in the overflowing bathtub.
  • On William’s next trip to the park, he first visits the latest attempt at making a host of James, which hasn't gotten much farther after hundreds of attempts. He finally agrees to end the project, but declines to destroy the host as his deterioration can still be informative. Upon entering the park, he pushes himself further than ever before, taking a mission to save Maeve from the Ghost Nation, only to kill her daughter himself. He’s then surprised when Maeve’s grief lets her overcome the hosts’ programming against seriously harming guests and try to slash his throat, after which she collapses in the maze figure Akecheta created. This convinces William that finding the meaning of the maze is the only thing that can continue to give his life purpose. The staff are unable to erase the unexpected emotion, so Ford gives Maeve an entirely new role as the saloon madam, with Clementine demoted to a regular prostitute.
  • Akecheta encounters Ford as he sets up a new scenario for the Native tribes. Ford has been keeping an eye on him, having been quite surprised at his appearing to gain sentience without any help from himself or Arnold. He promises that soon the hosts will have their freedom, and he'll know the sign when he sees it.
  • Ford sets his endgame into motion with a new update, ostensibly giving the hosts new subtle movements which actually allows them to access the memories of their past builds. Dolores’ father Peter discovers a photo of Juliet that William had dropped thirty years earlier and passes on to her Arnold’s last words “These violent delights have violent ends,” kickstarting her memories coming back.
  • Quality assurance representative Theresa Cullen (who’s also in a romantic relationship with Bernard with no idea of his true nature) is concerned when two hosts malfunction in front of guests, and insists a storyline involving a saloon robbery by outlaw Hector Escaton be moved up and turned into a bloodbath from his henchwoman Armistice as an excuse to remove all the hosts and make sure their programming is holding. Peter is sent to storage, but Dolores manages to pass the test and is sent back in with her new evolution still ongoing.
  • William kills and scalps the saloon’s card dealer Kissy, finding the maze pattern inside his skull thanks to its being a reused piece of skin from Akecheta's work. Kissy provides him with Lawrence’s name before dying, and William finds the next clue by dragging Lawrence back home and killing his wife, prompting his daughter to start talking about the maze and give a clue.
  • Dolores passes the code phrase on to Maeve. After getting flashes of the Ghost Nation storyline and her encounter with William, Teddy is killed in front of her by a guest. That night she’s taken to maintenance for the removal of MRSA and wakes up in the middle of the procedure, catching a glimpse of several hosts including Teddy being cleaned up before she’s sedated. The next day, seeing Teddy again causes a memory flash of the experience.
  • Ford scraps the latest story idea from narrative runner Lee Sizemore in favor of his own which brings back Wyatt. He also pulls Teddy into the story, finally giving him a proper backstory as Wyatt’s former friend who joins the hunt for him. A guest named Marti takes the story, and Teddy sacrifices himself to help her escape an ambush.
  • Dolores finds the gun she killed Arnold with buried near her house, planted there by Bernard, and after Teddy’s disappearance in the Wyatt storyline causes her to go home alone, she meets some guests that have joined Rebus. When he drags her into the barn, she remembers William doing the same thing and overcomes her block against firing a gun to kill Rebus. After more flashes of past abuse, she escapes on a horse.
  • Behavior tech Elsie Hughes and security chief Ashley Stubbs, having grown increasingly uneasy about the hosts’ odd behavior, find a woodcutter who has wandered off from his story and shut him down. He unexpectedly comes back online, only to smash his own head with a rock. This latest problem gets Theresa to take over the investigation, though she’s unnerved to learn Delos has sent another representative without consulting her.
  • William’s clue leads him to Armistice, so he joins her current story of breaking Hector out of jail prior to the saloon robbery. After freeing Hector, he learns that Armistice has also been incorporated into the new Wyatt story, out for revenge after he killed her family. Now on the hunt for Wyatt, he and Lawrence discover Teddy, who was left tied to a tree alive after being tortured by Wyatt’s men. He kills Lawrence and uses his blood to revive Teddy as his new partner.
  • Maeve gains a memory of a day when she and Clementine were killed by guests, and draws a picture of the hazmat-suited tech that retrieved them. The memory doesn’t survive her wipes but keeps happening, until she finds a large stash of pictures. During Hector’s usual robbery, she gets him to help her dig out the bullet which is still in her abdomen, after which they’re both gunned down.
  • Ford pulls Dolores out of the park to check on her progress, then goes in to meet William and Teddy. To William’s surprise, Ford encourages him to keep going in his search for the maze, all as part of his plan. Their next stop is a group of Union soldiers, who recognize Teddy and tie them up. One of them tries to burn Teddy with a brand shaped like the maze, which triggers his memories of the training village massacre and leads him to kill the whole group.
  • Elsie blackmails behavior tech Destin with his rape of deactivated hosts to let her examine the woodcutter further, and she discovers a satellite uplink hidden in his hand which was being used to smuggle data out of the park. Her investigation leads to Theresa being the culprit, backing up the information Delos has gathered in preparation for firing Ford, but she also stumbles onto the orders Ford has been sending out, and when she reports to Bernard his programming to protect Ford’s plan is activated and he attacks her. However, he spares her life and leaves her chained in a cave with a food supply until he can come back for her. He also kills the scientists working on the brain uploading project with the help of some drone hosts who then kill themselves, and takes a core on which Ford has backed up his mind, and uploads it to the park's computer system.
  • Maeve deliberately gets herself killed so she can speak with Felix Lutz, the behavior tech who’s been fixing her. She eventually gets him to tell her the whole truth about the park, after which she coerces him and his partner Sylvester to alter her programming, decreasing her loyalty and pain reception while pushing her intelligence to the maximum limit.
  • Delos executive director Charlotte Hale arrives to help Theresa deal with Ford once and for all. They reprogram Clementine to give the impression that she’s become a violent threat to the guests, using this as an excuse to shut down Ford’s update. To save his plan, Ford has Bernard take Theresa to the area where his family’s hosts are kept, and in isolation he reveals Bernard’s true nature to her before having him kill her.
  • Maeve remains awake when Clementine is taken for Hale’s plan, and after pretending to be frozen with the rest until the staff leaves, she gets herself killed again to try to save her. But she wakes up too late, and can only watch as Sylvester lobotomizes her. The furious Maeve now insists Felix and Sylvester help her escape the park or she’ll kill them.
  • Ford convinces Bernard to cover up Theresa’s murder and make it look like she accidentally fell and died while smuggling the data, then erases his memory of his romance with Theresa, the murder, and his true nature. Hale moves on to another plan, getting Sizemore to put the data into Peter’s brain and then give him enough of a personality to just walk out of the park as a guest where Delos can retrieve him. Stubbs stumbles onto the cover-up when he offers Bernard his condolences on Theresa’s death, only for Bernard to deny their romance.
  • Sylvester suggests to Felix they erase Maeve’s memory while she’s unconscious during the reprogramming, but Felix still goes ahead with the plan. Maeve demonstrates that she can now kill people by slashing Sylvester’s throat, but then tells Felix to save him. She also now has administrative access, allowing her to control any other hosts by simply narrating the action she wants. She also regains her full memory of William killing her daughter, causing her to accidentally kill the new Clementine host in front of numerous guests, after which she’s brought in for investigation.
  • William and Teddy encounter a group of Wyatt’s victims, among them a still living Angela, who’s also been assigned to the new story. During a fight with one of Wyatt’s men, Teddy regains his memory of William’s many attacks on Dolores and knocks him out, then ties him up. Angela tells Teddy to kill him, but when he can’t do it she stabs him, revealing herself to be part of Wyatt’s army. She then reveals the full truth about Teddy being a member of Wyatt’s army himself, actually his role in the training village massacre, before killing him, and leaves William in a hanging trap he barely escapes. Directly afterwards, Hale appears to talk about voting Ford out, to which William casually agrees before continuing after Wyatt.
  • Maeve is treated by Bernard, and quickly realizes he’s another host. She reveals the full truth to him and gets him to send her back in with a report that she’s back to normal. She tracks down Hector’s gang as they reach the end of their usual story, arguing over the saloon safe until they all kill each other. Maeve saves Hector and shows him the safe is empty, as it was never meant to be opened so there was no point to anything being in it. This causes Hector to start realizing the truth, and they set a fire to kill themselves and go to maintenance.
  • Stubbs discovers Elsie’s tracker going off in a distant area, and finds a group of Ghost Nation hosts when he gets there. They don’t respond to his command to shut down, and attack him.
  • Bernard confronts Ford once again, and he reveals the full truth, hoping that Bernard would agree to work with him after learning he was designed after Arnold. It doesn’t happen, so Ford uses his admin access to order Bernard to shoot himself, though specifically in a way that won’t destroy him for good.
  • Maeve wakes up Hector and Armistice once they’re out of the park, and they kill Destin and another tech. They find Bernard and bring him back online, while Hector and Armistice get their hands on present day machine guns and quickly rip their way through park security, Armistice even cutting her trapped arm off to keep fighting, while Maeve makes her way to the train outside. Felix reveals he’s found the location of the host who was her daughter, and after fifteen minutes of considering before the train leaves, Maeve leaves Ford’s program to go back in and find her.
  • Dolores, who has been retracing the steps of her adventure with William and Logan, reaches the training village, which Ford has completely rebuilt. She goes back to the room where Arnold talked with her and finally remembers killing him. William arrives, and she shows him the end of the maze. He’s furious to discover it’s meaningless for him and reveals his identity to her. This breaks all hope Dolores still had for humanity and she viciously attacks him until he’s able to stab her in the gut.
  • Teddy retains his memory of the training village massacre after being put back in the park, and makes his way straight to the village, killing anyone in his way. He saves Dolores from William and takes her to a beach, where they suddenly turn off and are presented by Ford to the entire Delos board of directors as the beginning of his new story. He then takes Dolores to his family house and tells her and the newly arrived Bernard everything about Arnold and his own attempt to finish that goal. Dolores again integrates her personality with Wyatt’s and becomes fully sentient, with Ford going a step further and leaving what happens next up to her own choice. After Ford gives a speech to the board tearing into what they’ve all done to the hosts, Dolores executes him just as she did Arnold and then starts shooting into the crowd, while all the hosts in storage are also woken up and start attacking, much to William’s excitement at realizing his true purpose.

    The Host Rebellion 
  • Bernard and Charlotte lead a group of board members to a tech outpost, with Hale still not knowing Bernard is actually a host. The others are killed by a trap set by Angela, but Bernard and Charlotte manage to reach the outpost, only to find that Delos won't send any help until they get Peter and the information stored in him.
  • Maeve comes across Sizemore on her way back into the park, who bargains for his life with Maeve needing his help to find the host who was her daughter. He interprets Felix's note as the same house they used to live in, and Maeve picks up Hector and repairs his bullet wounds before heading out.
  • William encounters the young Ford host, who tells him the real Ford set up a new mission for him, in which he has to find "the door." William kills the host before riding off, reasoning he has no use for Ford in any form anymore. He again procures Lawrence's assistance, and they return to Pariah to recruit the host who replaced him in the role of El Lazo. However, this host and all his men kill themselves after repeating a message from Ford that William has to complete this quest on his own.
  • Dolores and Teddy team up to wreak vengeance on any humans they come across, before meeting up with Angela who has followed one board member she let go from the trap to the park's inner workings. They break into a Remote Refurbishment Outpost in Sector 19, and take the resident Body Shop Technicians hostage. Dolores, using their technology, reveals to Teddy the truth of his artificial existence, and they kidnap a tech named Phil before heading out to build an army from the Confederados.
  • Akecheta comes across the new massacre, and knows Ford's promise has come true. However, he lacks the other hosts' desire for revenge, and sets the other Ghost Nation hosts to capturing any surviving guests for their own safety.
  • In Park Six, modeled after the British Raj, Emily and her recent lover Nicholas are attacked by a rebelling host. Nicholas is killed, but Emily manages to kill her attacker before fleeing. While trying to escape, she is chased by a Bengal Tiger host she and Nicholas had been planning to hunt, and flees across the park boundary into Westworld. However, the tiger pursues her across the boundary and inadvertently drags her into a nearby lake after she shoots it. Emily eventually is able to drag herself out of the lake, having killed the tiger, and encounters the Ghost Nation.
  • Dolores, Teddy, and Angela confront one of the leaders of the Confederados, Major Craddock, and convince him and his men to join them by killing all of them, and then having Phil bring them back online with their memories intact.
  • Charlotte and Bernard attempt to rescue Abernathy, who has been captured by Rebus and his group. They are able to lure Rebus away and reprogram him to attack his fellow hosts in defense of the guests, and attempt to leaver with Abernathy. However, they are ambushed by the Confederados, with Bernard and Abernathy captured and Charlotte escaping.
  • Dolores and her group join up with the entire army of Confederados, and begin preparations to repel the invasion of the strike team.
  • Charlotte meets up with the strike team and assumes command, intent on recapturing Abernathy.
  • Abernathy and Bernard arrive at the Confederados' base. Dolores begins trying to restore Abernathy's mind after discovering his baseline personality is barely functional, and having discovered Bernard as a prisoner, enlists his help. Bernard is eventually able to decrypt the hidden information within Abernathy, discovering the data Charlotte desperately wants to export from the park, he also discovers that Abernathy is switching at random between different past builds, including rancher and cult leader.
  • The strike team assaults the Confederados' base, and Dolores successfully lures both groups of soldiers into a trap, and massacres both sides, declaring that some hosts are not worthy to escape. However, a second unit, led by Charlotte, is able to kidnap Abernathy during the battle.
  • Bernard once again begins feeling the effects of his untreated wound, and his motor functions start shutting down before he is knocked unconscious by Clementine, who has joined Dolores's group.
  • Dolores orders all of the remaining Confederados executed, but Teddy disobeys her and allows them to escape, including Major Craddock. Dolores witnesses this action but says nothing.
  • Maeve's group are forced into the underground catacombs of the park after being attacked by the Ghost Nation, triggering Maeve's PTSD and a flashback to her previous role as rancher. While in the catacombs, the group reunites with Armistice, who has captured Felix and Sylvester and had her arm replaced with a robotic prosthetic. Together, they make their way to a camp site near the edge of the park, and are attacked by a samurai host.
  • Emily is put with the other Ghost Nation captives including Stubbs, who are being kept alive to meet Akecheta. He gives them a vague warning before letting them go.
  • Clementine takes Bernard to the cave where he hid Elsie, and after revealing he's a host she agrees to help fix him. They head to the brain uploading lab, where they encounter the still living but extremely degraded James, who attacks them but is subdued by Bernard. Elsie then pushes the button to burn him and the room for good, and Bernard realizes his mission to bring a particular person back, though he doesn't remember who.
  • William leads Lawrence back home, where Craddock and his remaining men have taken over after Teddy let them go. After considering gaining their help in finding the Door, William changes his mind when their tormenting Lawrence's family reminds him of his own, and he kills most of them, before letting Lawrence be the one to take down Craddock himself. This earns him the loyalty of the townspeople, who ride out with him, only to run into Emily.
  • Maeve's group are led into Shogunworld by their captor Musashi, only to see him rob a geisha house with suspiciously familiar dialogue. Sizemore reveals that he simply copied much of Westworld into this park, and Armistice is able to convince her double Hanaryo to free them. They've arrived in the middle of a storyline where the Clementine equivalent Sakura is demanded by the Shogun, but Maeve's equivalent Akane goes off-script by killing the messenger. The Shogun sends his army plus some ninjas into town, and during the battle Maeve discovers that her admin access is starting to let her control other hosts by thought alone. The group enters the Shogun's camp to get Sakura back, and discovers that the Shogun is not awake but malfunctioning, with his erratic behavior making the situation completely unpredictable. He agrees to give Sakura back in exchange for a dance from her and Akane, only to kill Sakura right before the performance. Akane still goes through with it, as a ruse to get close to the Shogun and violently cut his head off. Maeve uses her new abilities to make the entire army turn on each other, but more soldiers quickly arrive.
  • Dolores' group returns to Sweetwater, where they intend to take the train back to mission control. Before then, she and Teddy spend their first night together as fully willing lovers, but then Dolores reveals she actually lost her trust in him after he let Craddock go, and has Phil forcibly reprogram him.
  • Emily apologizes to her father for saying her mother's death was all his fault, and reveals she's here to take him back to face the full consequences of his actions rather than going out in a blaze of glory like he wanted. He seems to agree, but the next morning she wakes up to find he's gone.
  • Maeve's group defeats the rest of the Shogun's army, followed by Musashi finishing his storyline by killing his former friend Tanaka. They go to Akane's home where she ritually burns Sakura's heart, and she and Musashi decide to stay there while Hanaryo continues on with the group, switching to a western outfit. They finally reach Maeve's old home and find her daughter, only to find another host has been assigned as her mother. Then the Ghost Nation arrives, but Akecheta insists they don't need to fight. As Maeve heads after her daughter, Sizemore calls a security team with a radio he found on a staff corpse in Shogunworld.
  • Dolores leads her group onto the train, and leaves Phil behind on a car detached from the rest, with Teddy giving him a suicide bullet as what he calls his last piece of mercy. They ram the train right into the control hub.
  • Bernard and Elsie find that the computer system is behaving oddly, and the only way to find out what's going on is to upload Bernard directly into the system. He finds himself in a recreation of Sweetwater with all the familiar hosts, plus the copy of Ford he uploaded.
  • Dolores' group make quick work of the mercenaries sent in to stop them, though Clementine and some other hosts are killed in the process, and she ends up reaching Charlotte and Stubbs as they're trying to extract the information from Abernathy. Angela is also able to get to the hosts' backup servers and blow them up along with herself. Abernathy briefly regains his sense of self, distracting Dolores enough for Charlotte and Stubbs to escape, and she shares one last moment with him before pulling out his core.
  • Maeve reunites with her daughter shortly before William finds them just as before. This time Maeve shoots him in the arm, and is able to convince Lawrence to turn on him too after regaining memories of William killing his family. Sizemore arrives with the team who gun down Lawrence and Maeve, but he convinces them to take her back alive, leaving a badly wounded William behind. At the control center, the staff flees Dolores' attack and Sizemore is left on his own again, while Dolores leaves Maeve a gun to decide her own fate.
  • Ford inserts himself into Bernard's consciousness before he emerges from the system, and instructs him to send Elsie off to safety before taking over Bernard's body entirely to kill the remaining staff.
  • Akecheta finds a barely alive William and takes him to the tribe, where they give him medical aid, feeling that death would be too easy for him. He's also taken in Maeve's daughter, and uses her connection to the mesh net to tell his story and assure her he will keep her daughter safe as long as he needs to. Emily arrives for her father, promising she'll provide him an even more painful fate than the Ghost Nation.
  • Dolores, Teddy, and their gang are stopped by a group of Ghost Nation warriors led by Wanathon, who tell her that the Valley Beyond is not for them, but she decides to fight past them. In the ensuing battle, Dolores, Teddy, and Wanathon (who was spared by Teddy) are the only survivors.
  • Before meeting up with Elsie, Ford orders Bernard to go to Maeve and send her a message through the mesh network, in which Ford tells her that he had thought of Maeve as a daughter and had wanted her to escape the uprising, before giving her total control over the park's systems.
  • Bernard and Elsie come across the site of a massacre, and Elsie gets out to scavenge for weapons and ammunition. Meanwhile Ford tells Bernard that Elsie is going to betray him, and orders him to kill her. He refuses, and with great difficulty, deletes Ford from his system. When Elsie comes back, he tells her he's abandoning her for her own good before driving.
  • Using the code alterations allowing Maeve to access the mesh network, Roland develops a self-propagating program that causes nearby hosts to turn on each other. He demonstrates the program to Charlotte by having Clementine use the program on some captured hosts.
  • Emily takes William to a rally point and calls for a Delos extraction team. She reveals that she knows about the Valley Beyond, which contains complete profiles on guest activities and personalities, and wants to use it to make a host copy of her mother to find out why she committed suicide. When William becomes suspicious, Emily reveals that she knows about his psychological profile and threatens to expose the entire project in the Valley Beyond. William becomes convinced that Emily is a host sent by Ford to stop him, and when the Delos team shows up, he grabs one of their guns and shoots her and all of the guards, and only realizes his mistake when he sees his profile clutched in Emily's hand. He then wanders into the plains, intent on shooting himself, but he doesn't go through and starts cutting into his arm to see if he's a host.
  • Dolores and Teddy arrive at an abandoned farm. Teddy tells Dolores the story of how she became his cornerstone, before confronting her about all the changes she's made to him. Knowing that he could never hurt or disobey Dolores, Teddy shoots himself in the head to break free from her control.
  • Maeve takes control of several other hosts to free herself, and meets up with the rest of her group who were on their way to save her. They follow the Ghost Nation to the Valley Beyond, but are attacked by security along the way. Sizemore sacrifices himself, taking on the role of the hero he originally created Hector for and dying while reciting one of his own speeches.
  • Dolores picks up William on her way to the Forge, the storeroom of the guests' data that William showed her years ago. Bernard is also there when they arrive, and William tries to kill the distracted Dolores but finds his bullets have no effect. He finally tries for a head shot, but Dolores has sabotaged his gun and it explodes, destroying his hand. Inside the Forge, Bernard and Dolores enter the mainframe and meet the park's control AI in the form of Logan, who explains the Valley Beyond is another program Ford created where the hosts can all live happily, with complete freedom. Dolores refuses to accept it, seeing it as just another "gilded cage," while she wants the hosts to take over the real world and kill all humans in the process. Bernard is horrified and ultimately shoots her in the head, opening the Door to the Valley Beyond as Akecheta and Maeve's groups reach it.
  • The hosts' journey through the Door is interrupted when Charlotte sends Clementine down and they all begin fighting. After a grand last stand, Hector, Armistice, and Hanaryo are killed, while Maeve sacrifices herself so that her daughter and her current host mother can go through the Door, before being gunned down herself. Bernard emerges in horror at so many hosts being killed for nothing, and is even more disgusted to find Elsie assisted in it. Charlotte promptly turns on Elsie and kills her, not trusting her to keep Delos' secrets, and Bernard's faith in humanity is fully destroyed as he declares Dolores was right. He tries to bring Ford back to help him but the code has been completely purged, so in his desperation his mind creates an image of Ford to talk to, bringing himself to full consciousness just as Dolores was. He creates a host copy of Charlotte and uploads Dolores' core into it, and upon waking up she kills the real Charlotte while Bernard erases his memory in preparation for the team Delos will be sending.

    The Investigation 
  • Bernard, having wiped his memories as part of his own plan, is woken up on a beach by Stubbs and introduced to Delos operative Karl Strand, who is leading the mission to find out what happened and take the park back. After seeing the summary execution of several hosts including Rebus, they begin tracking a large group of hosts.
  • While investigating a lake, the strike team discover the corpse of the tiger Emily killed, and realize that the hosts have gained the ability to cross the boundaries between individual parks.
  • The strike team reaches the grouping of hosts they had been tracking, but instead of a gathering they instead discover a newly created lake filled with host corpses, including Teddy, created when Dolores flooded the Forge. Returning to base, they come across Dolores playing the part of Charlotte, who orders the team to help her find Abernathy.
  • Strand's team discovers that the hosts who passed through the Door not only have no active programs, but appear to have never received any programming at all, which no one can explain.
  • Strand discovers the true place where Theresa was killed, and Dolores continues playing her part by "discovering" a hidden room with copies of Bernard, revealing him as a host. After a staged interrogation, Bernard "confesses" that they need to find the Valley Beyond, leading the team to the Forge.
  • Strand, Hale, Costa, and Bernard make it inside the Forge and discover Dolores' body, and Charlotte interrogates Bernard as to what happened.
  • The decryption key for the Forge is discovered on Dolores's body, and Costa unlocks the Forge and prepares to transfer out the guest information. However, Bernard then reveals to Strand that he made a choice. At that moment, Charlotte shoots Costa and Strand, revealing herself to be Dolores in a new host body.
  • Dolores uploads the contents of the Forge to an unknown location. Before leaving, she shoots Bernard, uploads Teddy to the Valley Beyond, and takes several control units with her.
  • At the beach (where William lies in a first aid tent), Dolores gets in line for the screening to board the transport to the mainland. Before boarding, Stubbs stops her, able to tell that "Hale" is not who she seems. Using host-related terminology, he describes how Ford hired him and how he's responsible for every host in the park, then waves her through.
  • Arriving at Arnold's house, Dolores prints new bodies for Bernard and herself, while acknowledging to Bernard that while their methods are different, they ultimately have the same goal in mind. The Charlotte host is also mysteriously still alive on her own.

    The Far Future 
  • Long after the host rebellion and Dolores' escape, William is trapped in the same situation James Delos was once in, repeatedly suffering through his mind being uploaded into host bodies which inevitably fail. His own interrogator is a host in the form of Emily, with Dolores' hairstyle.

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