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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

For the Film:

  • The reason that John takes Peter with him to the park: Peter had recently gone through a pretty nasty divorce and the vacation was a chance for him to have some fun. Unlike the series, the "fun" wasn't being a sadist but was more along the lines of leaving his world behind and getting into the role of being a cowboy and an outlaw. In fact, not once do we see anyone take out their anger or frustration on the robots.

For the TV series:

The Original
  • In the first episode, we have Peter Abernathy who, even after he cracks, is still more concerned for Dolores than he is for himself.
  • Dolores' positive outlook on Westworld. Averted as that is her scripted response.
  • Maeve protecting Clementine from the bandits who try to take her. Granted, it was part of a narrative, but Maeve still protected her.
    • A flashback vision shows Maeve with a literal daughter (much like how earlier scenes establish her as A Mother To Her Girls) and the two share a few domestic moments on a homestead together. It doesn't last, courtesy of the Man in Black, but it's a beautiful scene and shows that not all the Host's earlier memories come out as nightmares.
  • When Sizemore is getting right in Theresa's face, Bernard works to defuse the situation by asking to record one of her Character Tics; the way her eyelid twitches when she's trying to control her temper. At the time it's a bit bizarre, but after The Reveal of their Secret Relationship it's apparent he's saying You're Cute When You're Angry.


  • William meeting Dolores for the first time. He may be the first person to be genuinely nice to her. They don't exchange any words, she just accepts the dropped can with a smile and they exchange a look that is just beautiful to watch. When he's called away, he simply gives her a tip of the hat and a small nod.
  • William simply being a Nice Guy who treats the Hosts with courtesy and respect; probably one of the few, if ever, to do so. He is also one of the few guests aside from Craig to show interest in the offered storylines, as opposed to going straight to having sex with every host and killing for the fun of it that most guests appear to do.
  • Dr. Ford meeting a wandering little boy and the two of them walking together and having an amicable chat. Also Dr. Ford once again proving he's a Cool Old Guy by demonstrating his "magic" on a rattlesnake. Somewhat bittersweet when the boy is revealed to be a Host.
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  • Theresa, of all people, letting her guard down with Bernard showing that she's not such a hard ass after all.
The Stray
  • When the Stray attacks Ashley, the first thing he does is yell for Elsie to run to safety.
  • Even though there's no real danger, William saving Clementine from a murderous desperado who took her hostage. He again politely declines her offer to "thank him" although she does give him a kiss for his troubles.
  • Also in "The Stray", Dolores, who has escaped from her rapist and broken out of her loop, finds William and literally falls into his arms in exhaustion. Even though they only met briefly, she feels safe enough with him to pass out. Again, there are no words exchanged between them save a brief look in each other's eyes.
  • Arnold's talks with Dolores, giving her a gift (a book that he once read to his son), and encouraging her to continue developing.
Dissonance Theory
  • Dolores' latest conversation with Bernard, later revealed to have been Arnold, about the pain of losing her family. Despite the pain, she doesn't want to forget or not feel because it's all she has left of them. Also doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • We have William continuing to be kind to Dolores, covering her with a blanket, offering her his jacket to keep her warm, listening to her talk about her life, being understanding, supportive and protective of her.
  • Hector, who refuses to harm Maeve, even at her own request, to the find the bullet fragment that proves the truth about their existence. Even before that, he's still very much polite, respectful and answers her questions. Plus, the kiss that they shared just before being killed yet again is parts this, Tear Jerker and Awesome.
  • Surprisingly, the Man In Black has one when he finds out the story behind Armistace's snake tattoo, which is his next clue to finding the maze. She's clearly not comfortable talking about it. When she does, he listens quietly and gives her no backtalk on the matter. Even his expression is sympathetic.
  • Fleeting as it is, during Dr. Ford's faux-amicable warning to Theresa, he asks her not to hurt Bernard. Which becomes creepier in hindsight after "Tromp L'Oeuil" reveals that Bernard is in fact a Host secretly created by Dr. Ford.
  • Dolores saving William from the Confederados when they overwhelm him and declaring she was no longer a damsel.
  • Felix succeeding in making a damaged bird fly once again. The joy on his face is just beautiful. It's sadly cut short when he discovers Maeve, very much awake, aware and wanting to "have a chat".
  • Logan's brief smile when when William dumps him and escapes Pariah with Dolores.
Trompe L'Oeil
  • One bright spot in the darkness that is "Trompe L'Oeil:" William and Dolores finally consummate their relationship, William confesses his love, and Dolores finds the canyon she's seen only in her dreams.
Trace Decay
  • Maeve, in a silent sign of gratitude, re-directs the events of "Hector´s Heist" to let Hector, after god-knows how many loops, successfully pull his robbery off without him getting killed during it. All for Hector unknowingly helping her discover the truth about the world during one of the previous loops.
    • She also uses her new authority for ensuring the survival of her co-workers at the brothel before the heist starts as well.
The Well-Tempered Clavier
  • Logan shows his softer side, chastising William for falling in love with Dolores while disregarding his fiancee/Logan's sister, and later on revealing he was legitimately concerned that William was losing himself in the park. When he thinks he's succeeded in snapping William back to reality, he hugs him in genuine affection and refers to him as his brother.
The Bicameral Mind
  • The Man in Black's, or, rather, William's, reaction when a newly freed host takes a shot at him. He looks overjoyed when he realizes Dr. Ford's new storyline is finally, after all those years, giving him what he's wanted: the hosts are fighting back.
  • The discovery that Ford's callous attitude towards Hosts is an act and that he was just a disagreeing but genuine friend of Arnold's, not a deadly rival. He really wants the hosts to be free, and wants to make up for his mistakes, resuming Arnold's desire to close the park. His final handshake with Bernard, which seems to encapsulate a sincere goodbye to his oldest friend, an apology to Arnold, and the giving of Westworld to his creations, is filled with unspoken emotion.
  • Maeve initially turns down the chance to find her "daughter," figuring their bond was just a program that doesn't matter anymore. But after fifteen minutes of thinking it over before the train departs to the real world, she ultimately decides it does matter to her and willingly heads back in.
    • Even more significantly, this moment shows that she is without a doubt conscious: Arnold's programming ordered her to travel to the mainland, but she defied that instead. Every other hosts' awakening was driven by trauma, fear and anger. Maeve's freedom ultimately came through love.
    • An added moment from that sequence: Just as Maeve is about to disembark the elevator, Lutz shows concern by asking where she'll be going. Maeve laughs sadly and responds by calling Lutz a horrible human being, which she means as a compliment, given how most humans have treated the Hosts. It goes to show that, despite the deaths and manipulation, Maeve and Lutz, for a brief time, did have a real friendship.
Journey Into Night
  • Hector looks like he's seeing an angel when Maeve comes up to him, and she warmly kisses him while he's in disbelief that she stayed.
Virtú et Fortuna
  • Lee, in disbelief that Hector and Maeve have actually progressed in their relationship when they were only ever programmed to flirt, says that Hector is supposed to be obsessed with a fictional dead girlfriend. The fact this is no longer the case means that not only has Hector achieved some measure of consciousness, he did it by loving Maeve.
Riddle of the Sphinx
  • A minor moment compared to most others on the list, but William allows Lawrence to kill Major Craddock instead of killing him himself. Afterwards, Lawrence and his cousins join William on his quest.
    • Before that, the fact that he decides to save Lawrence's family at all, given that he was previously content to not interfere. Sure, it doesn't make up for the fact that he killed Lawrence's wife earlier, but it's the first time that William has shown he still has a conscience since becoming the Man in Black.
    • It's also a little heartwarming to see that he seems genuinely impressed to learn of Dolores's recent progress.
  • Elsie finding it in herself to forgive Bernard for attacking her, realizing that he only did it under Ford's orders. Plus, she's always trusted code more than people.
  • For all his flaws, Delos (or rather, the host version of him) is clearly greatly relieved to hear that his daughter is ok, and that his granddaughter Emily has grown up to be "whip-smart", chuckling proudly.
  • Sizemore shows the full extent of his Character Development, desperate to save the badly injured Maeve and tearfully admitting that she deserves a life with her daughter.

Vanishing Point

  • Ford actually showing a bit of humanity and vulnerability when he admits to Maeve that she was his favorite host, and that he considered her a daughter.


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