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Heartwarming / What's My Line?

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  • At the end of Sammy Davis Jr.'s first appearance on the show as the mystery guest on the 13 March 1955 episode, just before he bowed out, John Daly took a moment to express his admiration for how Sammy had responded to a horrible accident he had recently been through, saying "You proved yourself to be something beside just a great entertainer. You're sort of a great man, 'cause you didn't let the accident stop you in your tracks."
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  • Emmett Kelly—famous for his act as a "Sad Clown"—gets guessed off by Arlene Francis without even uttering a word, as shown when he was the mystery guest on the 11 March 1956 episode. He plays up his act after she removes her blindfold, pretending to have a good cry, which causes her to beg, "John, give him the fifty dollars!" Daly is more than happy to do so.
  • Bishop Fulton J. Sheen was the mystery guest on the 21 October 1956 episode, and was guessed after a few minutes, but Daly flips over all the cards to give him the full fifty dollars anyway, which Bishop Sheen requests that he send to three-hundred leper colonies. Daly is not only pleased to do so, but promises that they'll "add some more to it." note 
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  • John Wayne's only appearance as a mystery guest on the 13 November 1960 episode was one of the shortest ones on the show because the audience applauded so hard and so enthusiastically for him that the panel knew it couldn't be anyone else.


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