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"We're getting married!" They aren't but tell that to Moa Aizaki's imagination..
  • 1: Riku's introduction starts with him falling from the ceiling. It because he tried to use his superhuman jumping abilities to get to the top of the shelf, resulting in him smashing his head into the ceiling in a cartoonish manner.
  • 2: While eating instant ramen, Riku quickly orders RE.M. to shut down the news broadcast regarding Ultraman Geed.
  • 3: Zero's interaction with Leito, as unlike the usual Ultra hero type he's just a confused salaryman. Zero borrows his body for a while to defend his host again several thugs, but he has no idea that he's possessed at the time so he can only leave the unconscious bodies of the thugs where they lie confused about what just happened.
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  • 4: The viewer's proper introduction to Moa Aizaki and her partner Zena, different from their first episode cameo, has them storming an Alien Hook's hideout to bust him for smuggling a banned space plant. Moa is well aware of the plant's abilities, a pollen that puts those who inhale it to sleep, but accidentally touches it anyway and gets knocked out.
  • 5: Geed finally gaining popularity after his similar appearance to Belial is looked past. In a nod to a good deal of modern Tokusatsu's Periphery Demographic however, most of his supporters are women who find his Acro Smasher form quite stylish.
  • 6: When Thunder Killer appears and Geed is in peril, Zero finally transforms to back him up. However, Leito has no idea what's about to happen and when Zero semi-possesses him to transform he's panicking the whole time.
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  • 7: Riku's boss Haruo and Leito's wife Rumina spend the entire episode as avid superfans of Kei Fukuide, while blissfully unaware of how Obviously Evil he is.
  • 10: Aside from being a Breather Episode, this episode deals with the AIB, Geed and Zero's efforts to calm a rampaging Zandrias. During the break, the Alien Zobetai Satoko tries to find her ideal boyfriend but to her dismay, most are outright cheaters. One of the person she mind-reads has a girlfriend beside him who slaps in retaliation when she reveals this detail.
    • A Funny Background Event: While Satoko asks Riku what his feelings for Laiha are and why they're living together, you can see the face of Riku's manager Haruo pointing a tool, acting as if he were a nosy reporter.
  • 11: After their vacuum cleaner broke, Riku was sent to buy a new one. RE.M. warns Laiha that he may buy a game console instead, and she was right. Laiha catches Riku coming home with a PlayStation 4 and threatens him at swordpoint to return it.
    • Leito is on his way to an important interview at his office but AIB officers Moa and Zena stop him, wanting Zero's help to investigate Belial's hideout dimension. The next shot has Leito struggling control over his body as Zero successfully transforms and leaves Earth, much to the salaryman's dismay.
    • In space, Leito is still a Bumbling Dad, fearing the darkness while Zero constantly tells him to shut up. Seeing Belial's dimension, Zero flies into it, resulting in Leito revealing he Screams Like a Little Girl.
  • 12: While visiting Sui Asakura, the man who gave Riku his surname, Riku discovers a PlayStation 4 waiting for him. Said man then reveals that he's gained a Little Star with Father of Ultra's clairvoyance ability. He also reveals that he knows what Riku was hiding under his bed, with Riku's reaction implying it to be Porn Stash. However, at the end of episode 19 it's revealed to actually a Donshine magazine featuring the alien princess Rem, who Riku awkwardly admits he named RE.M. after.
  • 13: The whole story starts with RE.M. narrating the Crisis Impact and King's Heroic Sacrifice, only for the scene to cut to Riku and Pega, who are playing baseball inside the Nebula House. RE.M. tries to advise Riku to play outside but he refuses and the ball that Pega hits bounces through the entire base so much that RE.M. gets hit in a cartoonish manner, losing her memories as a result.
    • As the amnesiac RE.M. try to cope with the new data, Zero barges in to help. However, his bragging doesn't help at all.
    • At the end of the episode, RE.M. revealed to have feigned her amnesia as part of a lesson to teach Riku to listen to her.
  • 14: Moa was given entrance to Nebula House by Riku. As if her Imagine Spot of Riku and Laiha's marriage wasn't enough, The Reveal of Pega had been living with Moa and Riku since his middle school brings a hilarious Big "WHAT?!" when she realised that Pega has been secretly acting as the Third Wheel during her "date" with Riku all along, to the point that she was hugging Pega when they went to a Haunted House. But it was then when she realised that with Pega's involvement, Riku and Laiha's relationship is still controlled and regains her mood quickly.
    • The picture of Riku and Laiha's "marriage" can be found in this trope page on the above section.
    • Even better, according to Megumi Han's Twitter, RE.M. (in Moa's imagination) just sit there acting like Funny Background Event.
  • 15: Moa and Kuruto quickly bonds for real by mocking Zena's harsh training and regiment. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment for Kuruto, who spends the entire previous episode as The Mole that puts on a Stepford Smiler Becoming the Mask for real.
  • 16: After Godo-Wynn reveals his true cover and his alien form Alien Godola, Moa quickly takes a mop handle, passing it towards Laiha as she used it as a makeshift weapon. The funny part kicks in when Laiha had the alien on the ropes, before Moa joins her by pointing said alien with a mop head.
  • 17: After the seriousness in episodes 16 and 17, the latter gets a very small one when Geed assumed the form Magnificient against Belial/Chimeraberus. After spending the previous episode pretending to be a caring father who wants his son to choose his path, Belial's reaction sells it:
    Belial: Father of Ultra? Ken and I didn't get along. Don't expect any mercy!
  • 18: Possibly unintentional, but in this episode, the only forms Riku uses both feature Belial as material. It's almost as if he's rubbing in the fact that he (Riku) killed Belial in Kei's face.
  • 19: Arie Ishikari tries to delay Leito/Zero away from Kei while the latter deals with Geed. When Zero sensed Mecha Gomora, he tries to take over as usual by removing Leito's glasses but Arie puts them back (complete with Musicalis Interruptus no less!), allowing Leito to resume control and continue to interview her, much to Zero's dismay. Heck, even Leito kind of against Zero since he saw his interview with Arie as an opportunity for his work career.
    Zero: Don't "okay" that! LEITO?!
  • 20: Gyeron is now terrorizing the city, and while Geed and Zero are able to defeat it each time, it regenerates at 10 AM the next day. Where they get their inspiration to defeat him for good...comes from a group of mothers talking about freezing leftovers.
  • 22: Leito was on his way to an important meeting at his office and seems to be quite confident (even Zero cheers him up for this). Unfortunately, Moa and Zena barges in the moment he enters the building, causing the salaryman to scream in dismay.
  • 23: A subtle one but when fighting against Pedanium Zetton, Geed takes a nearby rock and throws it on the monster. It even get turned into a Memetic Mutation.
  • 24: A scene in the car: When Zena gets close to Moa, it was as if he's trying to have an intimate moments with her but turns out he was paying attention to her cup of coffee and gets an idea on how to fight Belial.
  • 25: One scene in the credits show Moa and Laiha thinking about staying. And when Laiha thinks about saying part-time, Moa considers about staying in the Nebula House seemingly tapping a normal table...only to realize that she pressed a big white button that triggers the House's self-destruction. Moa and Laiha freak out at what just happened with RE.M. warning them to evacuate within 3 minutes, but what does Laiha do? She insists on destroying RE.M. only for Moa to stand in front of it.

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