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Tear Jerker / Ultraman Geed

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"Belial-sama... Was I of use to you? Belial-sama... (...) Belial-sama... I will always be at your side."
  • #1:
    • The Ultra Warriors, especially the Ultra Brothers, can only watch as how Belial's Crisis Impact destroys the entire universe. Zero tries to help but Seven prevents him, not only because of his injuries, but also stated that the universe is beyond saving. His words marked the Ultras' state of Despair Event Horizon before Ultraman King recreated the universe. Seven's words take the cake:
      Zero: We have to do something!
      Seven: Don't go! This universe... is not going to last.
      Zero: That can't be...
    • Aside from having his house destroyed, Riku was rejected by his friends when he sought refuge in their house. Even Pega lampshades that they might not be his true friends to begin with.
  • #4:
    • As Pega teaches Laiha in making paper flowers, she stated that there was no one she can gave the flower for. Since she mentioned the death of her families two episodes earlier, it also implies that either she has no friends or had abandoned them long ago.
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    • Tri-Tip was forced to kill the Eleking which was once her pet for good by asking Geed to do so, not wanting more casualties to appear. Becomes more heartbreaking when Kei absorbed its remains into a Kaiju Capsule and used it as part of Thunder Killer. One can also argue that Eleking has now becomes a lingering ghost for the villain.
  • #5: Takashi's life as a struggling comedian. Aside from being abandoned by many of his former partners, he even try to use Moko's power to generate income but as you can see with a female customer, this crosses with Fridge Tear Jerker if you realize that some of his former customers may con him to get away from the payment. He even treats Moko as a tool before he saved the critter for real, showing how he cares about it and restarted their lives as comedians but this time shows no signs of despair in their expressions.
  • #7: Kei's novels are about the adventures of Zero's battles with Belial. While some find it funny that Zero found him strange since he put Zero's character as a villain, the Ultra's main concern may be that he is shocked that the reputations of Space Garrison was silently tarnished on Earth as parody characters.
    • Episode 13 confirms this to the point of even Zero's comrades, Ultimate Force Zero, can't escape from Kei.
    • Zero willingly sacrifices himself to protect Leito's families, Riku and the audiences whose lives caught in Kei's gambit. Good thing that he gets better by the next episode but still, we're talking about Kei here, who is not above committing mass murders as the Belial Fusion Monsters or as The Chessmaster himself.
    • After Zero sacrifices himself, Leito, in shock and hurt from the explosion, is still trying to drag himself over to reach the Zero Eye, as if hoping that there's something he can possibly do to prevent Zero's death.
  • #8: After Zero's death, Leito succumbs into Heroic BSoD and is shown to completely break from what happened, constantly blaming himself despite Zero commending him before his death. One can't help but to feel bad for him, especially when Riku decided to return him so Mayu won't lose a father.
  • #9: Bits of Laiha's past revealed: 6 years ago when she went hiking with her parents, Skull Gomora came out of nowhere and killed them. The trauma that Laiha suffered was enough to unleash her Little Star before it vanished, foiling Kei's own plot. Then she remembers Kei as the murderer and almost dissected him had not for a mysterious voice stopping her.
  • #11: Aside from the reveal that Riku is Belial's son through cloning, the loss of all but one Capsule was enough to send him into a Heroic BSoD, especially when Kei was simultaneously terrorizing the city after using Riku's capsules to become Pedanium Zetton.
  • #12: Riku finally meets the man who provides him the surname Asakura, Sui Asakura. While every moments with Sui is outright heartwarming, the fact that said man is terminally ill and has months to live is quite heartbreaking. When Pedanium Zetton tries to attack Sui for his Little Star, the man insisted Riku to run and abandon him but the boy refuses, wanting him to live as well despite Sui's own illness. It was then when Riku obtains the Father of Ultra capsule that the rest of the episode becomes Moment of Awesome, especially when Riku declares himself as Sui's protector. Sui's dialogue can be reviewed down here:
    Sui: This planet needs you! I'm not going to live much longer, anyway! You need to run!
    Riku: No! I won't run!
    Sui: Survive! You can't throw your life away here!
    Riku: Then you have to live too, Sui-san! Let's play video games together again!
    Sui: This isn't a game! When you die, its permanent!
    Riku: I know that! That's why I can't leave you behind! It's all over when you give up, right? It doesn't matter if I'm not an Ultraman! I can't let you die here!
    (cue explosion)
    Sui: Riku! I'm begging you! Live!
    (Father of Ultra's Capsule activates)
  • Kuruto's death in Episode 15. Despite being given ample chance to back down and accept peace between Earth and Planet Shadow, he instead chose to summon Zegan and fight Geed and Zero. As the fight dragged on however, he showed remarkably little interest in his own safety and it soon became clear that he was actually committing Suicide by Cop while also destroying the Zegan control device in the process. His final words, which he repeated as a Survival Mantra during his fight, were "Kam Tatahl Shadow", which means "May Shadow rest in eternity". If only the poor boy hadn't been indoctrinated as a soldier, he could've been a hero.
  • #17: While in Belial's Lotus-Eater Machine, we get to see one of Riku's memories with his younger self crying behind a crowd at a Donshine stage show, crying alone as other children have a blast. Given the context, it's likely because everyone else was there with their parents while Riku has none. Thankfully it transitions into Heartwarming when Donshine's actor notices him crying in the crowd and goes over to him to offer words of encouragement and set him up to be the person he would become rather than a carbon copy of his father.
  • #21: Pega runs away from Nebula House after a fight with Riku. After stumbling upon the same place where both him and Riku first met, he quickly remembers him and wishes to get back, crouching on the bench in fetal position.
  • #22: After providing shelter and falls in love with him, Arie met her death by Kei after helping him with a staged hostage plot and retrieving the Alien Empera and Dark Lugiel capsules. The fact that Moa mourns over her loss, Riku implying that she already predicted her death and the entire scene is an emotional throwback to how Belial betrays his liberator Zarab doesn't help.
  • #25:

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