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Headscratchers / Ultraman Geed

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  • Episode 21's plot revolves around Pega accidentally breaking Riku's Donshine clock, which Riku gets upset about, and he says is really expensive. Yet later in the same episode, Pega sees one on sale for 800 yen - is Riku really that cheap? Because last time I checked, that's less than Japan's Minimum wage.
    • It probably has nothing to do with the price but more about it being a Limited Edition item and thus very hard to find.
  • Belial's plan for Geed was to absorb him, his pure Ultra clone, to be able to use the Ultra Capsules, and this was prior to knowing unlocking Little Stars power requires heroics, so why did he abandon him as a baby on the street?
  • Okay, so this question goes for Orb and Z too... why do fusion Ultra's have to use two (or three) specific Ultra's in order to fuse? There's no indication that two Ultra's that have similarities are the only ones that fusion is allowed with, so why not just use two random ones and see what happens?

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