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Kei Fukuide is Belial's human host
However, his relationship with Belial is more akin to the one between Reito and Zero (the Ultraman has a seperate personality from the human host) as opposed to the one between Riku and Geed, since Kei explicitly states he's Belial's servant at the end of episode 6. My reasons for thinking this are:
  • Whenever he summons a Kaiju, the transformation specifically states "Ultraman Belial: (insert Kaiju Name here)", as opposed to just announcing the name of the Kaiju, almost as if it's using a different form of Belial.
  • Additionally, he has a ring that has the chest marking of Belial on it.
  • Semi-Jossed. Belial is shown to be recovering in a distant part of the galaxy that Kei needs to focus to contact, so Kei isn't his host. However, he is lending Kei his power to allow his servant to transform into the Belial Fusion Monsters.
Geed would later take possession of the Giga Battle Nizer to summon Good Kaiju

  • 100 Good Kaiju if you want to make Good Counterparts: Example:
    • Gomora
    • Red King
    • Windam
    • Miclas
    • Agira
    • Eleking
    • etc
  • Jossed, but he does technically gain a good counterpart of the Giga Battle Nizer for his movie-exclusive form.

Laiha has Ultraman King's Little Star
It's currently the only Little Star that hasn't shown up, and the last 2 Ultra capsules were from little stars who came from people who have much more direct connections to Riku than the other ones (Zero's capsule was held by the daughter of his mentor, and Father of Ultra's capsule was held by the person who would've been Riku's father had his wife not passed away). Logically, that means someone even closer will have King's capsule, which would likely be either Moa or Laiha...but at the moment, only Laiha has a Little Star.
  • Confirmed on episode 17.

The next season of Ultra Series is an Expy of Ultraman Gaia
Let's see, Ultraman Orb is based on Ultraman Tiga (fighting ancient monsters on Earth (King Demon Beasts)) and Geed is based on Ultraman Dyna (they have much of outer space elements and their protagonists are follow up of the previous Ultra). So whatever the Ultra Series comes after Geed is most likely an expy of Gaia in one way or another (eg, secondary Ultra rivalry, there is nothing much of a form change, just evolution)
  • Assuming that they keep the fusion gimmick, it could be that the next Ultra will gain his powers by fusing an essence of an Ultraman and a Kaiju (either heroic or villainous - take your pick), but like Gaia, he'd have very few forms due to the strain this would have.
  • Confirmed in Ultraman R/B, but not in the part of Ultra / Kaiju fusion.

At the end of the series, Riku/Geed will be accepted as a member of the Space Garrison, and if he is lucky, join the ranks of the Ultra Brothers
As stated at the end of the
Mebius series, the title of Ultra Brother was like the title 'Ultraman' awarded to the Ultras by the Earthlings. Considering that Geed is chosen by King to use his power as Royal Mega-Master, along with public now accept him as their protector, it is possible that by the end of the series, Riku will enlisted by Zero as a new member of Space Garrison. However, if he is lucky, he will also join the elite members with unique abilities like the Ultra Brothers, making him the first and only synthetic Ultraman to join the group. The same also applies to Zero (as another additional member of the Ultra Brothers) due to him assisting Geed on numerous occasions when the young Ultra was in difficulty against tougher opponents. This might happen if: 1) The Earth where Riku/Geed lives is the same one where the Ultra Brothers visited, and 2) Riku accepts Zero's offer.

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