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"The Universe was almost destroyed once. The one who saved it was an old guy named Ultraman King. The Universe was like your body, on the verge of death. We Ultramen can fuse our bodies with someone to heal them. But the whole Universe... It was just too big. It wasn't destroyed, but Old Man King is now dispersed throughout the entire cosmos. You can call out to him, but there's no response."

  • #1
    • From the side of villain, Belial by his own power (and Giga Battle Nizer) manages to take down an entire army of Ultra Warriors, just like how he did in Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends. This time, not even Zero with his shiny Ultimate Aegis can outmatch him like before and he succeeded in destroying the entire universe, with Earth as the epicenter.
    • Geed's main entrance has him dropping from the sky, followed by a mysterious aura which gives the townsfolk the impression of Belial. He also has this moment when charging up the Wrecking Burst, cracking his neck in a similar manner to his father.
  • #2: Laiha rescues Eri from Dada before Riku joins her. Her martial arts proficiency and swordsmanship cements her position as the Action Girl of the show.
  • #3:
    • Zero appeared and manages to overpower (but not destroying) Darklops Zero when Geed's attacks are No-Sell. Mind you, Zero is still injured from Crisis Impact and his Ultimate Bracelet damaged but still get to kick the Darklops Zero's butt.
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    • Under possession of Leito, Zero mops the floor against several thugs that Leito accidentally bumps into. Zero even made it clear that the thug was simply messing with the salaryman. Aside from the downrock feat, it takes Up to Eleven when he can even used the most mundane object (a pen) as his makeshift Zero Slugger.
    • Ultraman King recreated the freaking universe. It's implied to have taken a lot out of him, but if there was ever any doubt that Ultraman King was a god, that does a good job of dispelling it.
    • Geed assumes Solid Burning, a form consist of Seven and Leo's powers. With Seven's super resilience and Leo's martial arts skills, Geed manages to handle all three Darklops Zero at once.
  • #5:
    • The Space Rare Beast Lunah (Moko) is small, meek and feeble but also a Bouncing Battler who manages to outwit AIB capture for 7 years.
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    • Acro Smasher's debut has him quickly disables Arstron before calming the monster.
  • #6: After finding something that he can protect, Geed obtains the Geed Claw and use it to destroy Thunder Killer.
  • #8: Zero's resurrection after being killed by Galactron's beam an episode earlier. He later obtains a new form Zero Beyond and manages to overpower Galactron with Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs before launching not one, but eight Wave-Motion Gun finisher beams.
  • #9: Zero overpowers Tyrant and finishes it easily. His end catchphrase seals his position as an Action Dad towards his human host's daughter, Mayu.
    Zero: If you want to mess with my daughter, try again in 20,000 years.
    Leito: Uh, Mayu is my daughter.
    Zero: Close enough, y'know?
  • #10: Moa finally realize that the Zandrias' reason of staying on Earth was due to a heartbreak with his Childhood Friend Romance. She takes a megaphone and told the monster to be brave. Double as Funny Moments, Zero also do the same thing with his Sluggers as makeshift megaphone and sent Zandrias away from Earth.
  • #11: Pedanium Zetton has one as a monster who combines both Zetton and King Joe from Series/Ultraman and Ultraseven respectively. Yet, it manages to get on par with Solid Burning in their Beam-O-War and ends with both sides at a stalemate.
  • #12: After gaining access to Magnificient, Geed easily shrugs off Pedanium Zetton's attacks and declared himself to be Sui's protector. After giving an insane Kei/Pedanium Zetton a massive Shut Up, Hannibal!, he seals his opponent's fate with Big Bustaway.
  • #16: Belial's arrival to Earth, which parallels his own son's debut, complete with the wheezing noise background. Aside from that, him assuming the form Chimeraberos doubles as a Nightmare Fuel.
  • #17: After escaping Chimeraberos, Geed uses the Wrecking Burst to launch both of them back to Earth. Soon he uses all of his forms to fight his father before obtaining King's Capsule to become Royal Mega-Master. At this point, Geed and Belial engages in an aerial combat which ends with a Wave-Motion Gun fired upon Chimeraberos, seemingly ending the threat of Belial.
  • #18: The returning appearance of a Legionoid (a robot from one of Kaiser Belial's Mecha-Mooks) which was captured and remodeled by a single Dada to hunt an amnesiac Kei. Considering its past as a Cannon Fodder, this variant was able to catch up with the likes of Zero Beyond and is only defeated by Zaigorg, the Big Bad from Ultraman X The Movie.
  • #20: Star Bem Gyeron returns, and although Geed is able to take him down, Gyeron comes back the next day. So, how does Geed deal with it? Maybe perhaps kicking it into the sun, causing it to burn up each time before it can regenerate, much like Wizard did with Phoenix? Nope! Geed destroys Gyeron yet again, but this time, he has all the civilians come together and gather up all the fragments of Gyeron...which are then frozen and transported to different parts of the galaxy! It's pretty neat to see the civilians help the the Ultraman they had confused with Belial at first.
  • #23: Geed destroying a gigantic Pedanium Zetton in mere seconds.
  • #25:
    • The glorious return of Father of Ultra, backdropped by the music usually accompanied by Geed Magnificent! While Belial Atrocious is too powerful for him to take head on, he still manages to keep him trapped in a barrier long enough for Geed to recharge and Zegan to be completed and engage their plan to defeat Belial
    • The Ultraman King summoning clones of Geed's other forms to assist him in fighting against Belial.
    • Geed facing off with Belial one on one in a dimensional vortex in the sky on top of rubble, ending in a Beam-O-War and Geed destroying his father.

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