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  • Not the first time an Ultraman uses Fusion forms to fight and their series lands on a milestone celebration.
  • Though unintentional, Riku is not the first New Meat to be childish, as this goes first with Shin Asuka of Ultraman Dyna, as Geed happened to be in Dyna's 20th anniversary.
  • The AIB is not the first attack team to act like Men in Black.
  • #1: The entire episode is a giant throwback to Ultraman Leo, such as an Earth-Shattering Kaboom that destroy planets and fighting against a two-parter monster debut which resulted in a fight scene in water. The fact that Skull Gomora targets Eri Hara, the Little Star host of Ultraman Leo doesn't help.
  • #2: Kei and Belial's transformation into Belial Fusion Monsters involves him using Belial's image and inhales the projection of Kaiju Capsules into his mouth. Kaiser Belial from Ultraman Zero: The Revenge of Belial transforms into Arch Belial by inhaling all of the emeralds he stole.
    • The way Dada was kicked and lands is a reference when he first appeared in episode 28 of the original Ultraman, as he does the same pose when he is knocked down by Laiha.
    • At the end of episode, alongside with Kei's books, there's a magazine titled Woo and on the wall there is a advert for the magazine Astra.
  • #3:
    • Adding another element of Ultraman Leo, Zero's Ultimate Bracelet wrecked and he loses access to Ultimate Aegis, his multiform change, etc is a reference to how Dan's Ultra Eye broke from his fight with the Giras Brothers. The fact that they were heavily injured also helps it, although Zero recovers by several episode later.
    • Zero fuses with the salaryman Leito in a recreation of the way Ultraman Jack fused with Hideki Go in episode 1 of Return of Ultraman.
    • Geed gains Ultraseven and Ultraman Leo's Ultra Capsules after entering a mentor-student relationship with Zero in a similar fashion to what Seven and Leo had in Ultraman Leo.
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    • The website where the video of Victim of the Week shielding himself from debris is called MagaVideo.
    • Hikari's Ultra Capsules were stolen and worse, we learnt that they were reverse engineered into Kaiju Capsules that Kei and Belial use. For those who had read supplements in Ultraman Mebius DVD, Hikari was known for creating a life force reviving device (the same tool that Zoffy used to revive the first Ultraman) but this knowledge came to Alien Bat (of Return of Ultraman), who used it to revive the original Zetton as Jack's final boss. Poor guy having his inventions misused again.
  • #4: Eleking emerges from the lake, which was how its first generation appeared. Its cub form from Tri Tip's past uses the same model from Ultraman Max's Alien Pitt.
    • The way Geed as Solid Burning destroys Eleking is a complete recreation of Ultraseven's battle with it, but with different order: Emerium Beam to antena, Slugger attack, and finally a final attack to the the head.
  • #5: The Little Star of the week is a space critter Lunah (Moko). Its wields the power of Ultraman Cosmos to heal their targets. So what was the name of Cosmos' default form?
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  • #6: Geed obtains the Geed Claw from his growth as a warrior. One has to remember that his father Belial is a Reionics, as usually other beings like him who has a major development in strength will have their Battle Nizers upgraded into Neo Battle Nizer. Heck, isn't the Geed Claw shared the same color with those Battle Nizers?
  • #8: The name of Zero Beyond's attack is Bulky Chorus. Are you sure its Bulky, not the Alien Valky of Ultraman Taro?
  • #10: Remember how Zero Beyond use his Sluggers as a makeshift megaphone? Well, he's not the only Ultraman to use mundane everyday object if you watch the Showa Ultra Series.
  • #11: Pedanium Zetton's second transformation has Kei shoving the Ultra Capsules. A) the original Zetton was infamous for absorbing and redirect the original Ultraman's attack (which contributes to his defeat) and B) the transformation has Kei turning into reddish blob that burst out the monster, not unlike how Zetton first appeared.
    • This episode is also a big reference to Ultraman Orb's Episode 11 where the protagonist couldn't defeat the Monster of the Week and had his transformation item stolen as he lay unconscious around rubbles. Only for them to gain a new form and defeat the same monster in Episode 12.
  • #12: The scene between Kei and Riku where they're shown face-to-face while transformed is very reminiscent of the confrontation between Shunichi Maki and Udou Takafumi in Ultraman: The Next.
  • #14 & 15: The phrase "Gabra Cano", which means Child of Battle from the Alien Shadow's language. The first word Gabra is from Gabura, the Alien Shadow's monster from Ultraseven.
  • 18: The customized Legionoid that Dada piloted bears the Dada insignia, which was first cameo-ed in Ultraman X.
  • Near the end of Connect the Wishes!, Jean-Bot notes that Riku seems familiar to him before asking him to say his own "Jean Fight!" Catchphrase. Riku's actor, Tatsuomi Hamada, played Nao in Jean-Bot's debut movie.

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