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"Let's get that smile of yours back. Here we go!"
  • #1: How did Riku met Pega? He found the alien crying for help and offered the latter a shelter in his house. Riku himself is the only one able to hear Pega's crying for help while others can't (possibly due to his own nature as an Ultra in disguise).
  • #2:
    • Riku himself desires to help his employer Haruo when he's in trouble during their phone call. Good thing that Riku's instincts were right, since Dada is trying to kidnap Haruo's niece for her Little Star.
    • Laiha and Riku dash in to save Eri from Dada as the two combine forces. Even if they're barely known each other, they willing to cooperate in a rescue.
    • After seeing Riku defeating Skull Gomora as Geed, Laiha forces the boy to admit it to her of his identity. Although Riku finally admits, Laiha was revealed to be just trying to thank him and Riku in turn offer her a refuge in the Nebula House in exchange for an intel of Little Star.
  • #3:
    • Leito's debut episode has him trying to save Tohru (a Little Star host) from the falling building. He fails because he slipped over a Banana Peel and gets ran over by a truck.
    • Seeing how the man tries to help despite getting hit by a truck, it was enough for Zero to give acknowledgement and fused with a dying Leito to save his life.
      • Even better, Zero did this by performing the same way Ultraman Jack did to Hideki Goh in the first episode and indirectly paying tribute to his seniors.
    • Zero saving his human host by possessing him and brutally fights against a group of thugs.
    • Tohru desires to use his Little Star for heroism. Riku sees why he's into it due to their favorite show Donshine, making them Not So Different. The boy also cheers up for Geed in against 3 Darklops Zeros despite Geed's own reputation in the media, allowing his Little Star to be harvested and for Geed to assume Solid Burning with Seven and Leo's powers.
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    • Zero reveals that when the universe was in danger of Crisis Impact, it was King who saved it by merging with the entire universe, at the expense of his own consciousness being too scattered to be reached.
  • #4:
    • Pega teaches Laiha how to make carnations and even gave some to her for free so she can give it to a person she likes. Unfortunately, Laiha stated that there is no one left in her life she can gave the flowers for.
    • Moa Aizaki, Riku's childhood friend is said to be the one who took care of him alongside the Aizaki family since he has no parents or families. The boy even has bits of Big Sister Worship for her, saying that she always there for him when he needed her the most and this makes him confortable even without any parents.
    • Remember the Alien Pitt Tri Tip (Little Star holder) who spent the entire episode hijacking vehicles (including Riku's bicycle) and bypass speed limits on road? That's because she was trying to make sure that her Eleking would not terrorize the urban area. She even revealed that she was once a member of her kind's invasion army until she defect after seeing the Earth's beauty and had since hid their invasion weapon Eleking on Earth.
    • Because of Tri's bravery in leading the Eleking away from Earth, the AIB even offered her a place in their ranks.
    • Zero finally reveals himself to Riku but decided to ask questions later, believing how family importance comes first.
  • #5:
    • This episode's Little Star is a space animal Lunah (renamed Moko), who clings over to Takeshi. Aside from its adorable appearance, Lunah poses no harm to others.
    • Takeshi spends the first half of episode using Moko's healing power to generate income and outright sees it as a tool but when Moko gets caught in a fishing net and almost targeted by Arstron, Takeshi went to rescue it. Unlike his former partners who ditched him, Moko was the first to show Undying Loyalty and he in turn displays genuine care for the creature despite his initial intention to sell it. Doubles as Fridge Heartwarming since Moko is also a space pet that was once abandoned by its previous owner, making the pair as Not So Different.
    • Leito willing to risk his lunchtime in office just to get to Takeshi (or rather, Moko) for his healing powers to heal Zero's injury. When Takeshi outright states his initial opinion in selling Moko for a high price, Zero quickly took possession and almost beat the crap out of the man had not Riku interfere. This shows how caring the Ultra is, even to the smallest creature of all.
    • Zero's observation of Geed resolving the fight with Arstron by healing it and letting it simply leave speaks leagues of his opinion of one of Acro Smasher's component Ultras.
    Zero: (Fondly) Cosmos, huh? Well, he sure acts like it.
    • Moa, an idealist who believes in the peaceful coexistence of aliens and humanity decided to just watch Moko from the shadows instead of capturing the animal again and again.
  • #6:
    • The whole episode revolves around the theme of The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side, featuring Riku and Leito arguing whose life is harder. After the two went into each other's lives, they realize their mistake and apologizes the next day.
      • When Leito express his desire to fight like Ultraman (granted, it was Zero in control when he transforms), even Zero felt offended by this, considering that he has gone through a Training from Hell before.
    • Leito Igaguri gives his reason how did he managed to resist his harsh life as a salaryman: ever since his marriage with Rumina and Mayu's birth, Leito is trying as hardest as he can to see Mayu grows into a fine person before he loses his life. He even told Riku that the boy should find something he's trying to protect and this leads to the appearance of Geed Claw.
  • #7:
    • Zero express his disdain towards Kei Fukuide when not only he plagiarizes his adventures and battles against Belial, but also demonizing the faces of Ultra Warriors and Ultimate Force Zero as parody characters in his novels. This is not a matter of pride, but shows his concern towards his race and how their sacrifices being used as a mockery.
    • When Kei reveals himself as the villain and held his fans as hostages, Zero just stand there without laying a single attack on the writer. The reason is his actions were recorded by television cameras and if he kills Kei (which would deactivate Galactron and save his fans), Leito will spend the rest of his life behind the bars only for a crime that he didn't commit.
    • Crosses with Tear Jerker: Zero sacrifices his life to save everyone including Riku/Ultraman Geed by taking the blow from Galactron without transforming. His last word: "Leito, good job hanging there...".
    • The way Leito behaves during the situation, having his family threatened by Kei, not to mention many innocent people, all because Kei is after Zero, shows remarkable courage and trust. He at no point tries to pressure Zero into giving into Kei's demands, and actually tries to make a decision in congress with the Ultraman by asking Zero what he thinks. Considering how much he clearly loves his family, and that (as Zero notes later, he's shaking) he's clearly scared out of his mind, it's pretty incredible.
  • #8:
    • When Zero dies, Geed goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against Galactron despite the massive power differences.
    • When Leito had an argument with Laiha, Riku allows the man to go home since the boy can't afford to have Mayu (his daughter) lost her father.
    • During the period of recharging his Geed Riser, Riku took Laiha's advice to come up with battle plans and had made a lot of failed simulations with RE.M.. She only smiles, knowing that its better to try than never doing it.
    • While the Igaguri family tries to evacuate, Mayu just stand in there confidently knowing that Ultraman will arrive. Aside from putting a smile on her mother, it also restores some of Leito's faith and hugs them before leaving and told them to run in a safer place.
      Leito: I might not be much, but I still want to protect you. You, Mayu and the town you love. All of it. Just pray for the hero's return.
    • Zero revives when Leito announces his will to protect his loved ones.
    • Meta examples: Heartwarming in Hindsight
      • Hikari made his guest appearance to deliver Zero the New Generation Capsules and a Geed Riser for him to assume Zero Beyond. This episode is aired on the same day of Keiichi Nanba's 60th birthday, the voice of Hikari himself.
      • Zero's new form as Zero Beyond has him using the powers of his successors. After spending the time since 2015 to have his powers utilized by them, (Ginga Victory, X's Ultraman Zero Armor, Orb Hurricane Slash and Orb Emerium Slugger), it looks like they returned the favor to him.
    • Leito's tearful apology to Riku and Laiha over his past action, followed by his reunion with his family.
  • #9:
    • When Leito's daughter Mayu contacts the Little Star, it was Laiha who managed to persuade her to take shelter in Nebula House.
    • After Tyrant's destruction, Zero's end Catchphrase cemented his role as Papa Wolf, both the Ultra and Leito alike. Doubles as Funny Moments when Mayu's Little Star is Zero himself, which makes her the daughter of Zero as well!
    • How did Mayu's Little Star extracted? She begs Geed to stop Laiha's Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
    • Before Laiha can avenge her parents' deaths by killing Kei, she was stopped by a mysterious voice who claims that what she did is not her true self. Even Riku can't help but congratulate her for not crossing the line.
  • #10:
    • Despite finally knowing that Moa is an AIB member and the fact that said group has trust issues on Geed, Riku willings to risk his identity just to save Moa from fall. Moa in turn keeps Riku's identity a secret and still sees the boy for who he is.
    • Moa gets her moment in this episode. When a Zandrias came to Earth as a result of heartbreak, Moa gives her own advise to the monster itself, who is also Not So Different for their affection for childhood crush. Nabia even tries to glomp Moa for her bravery. Zero does the same (with his Sluggers as a megaphone) to the Zandrias, sending it to space to be reunited with his lover.
  • #11:
    • Belial shows pride and acknowledgement towards his son despite being a hero created to oppose him.
    • Before transforming and fighting Kei Fukuide/Pedanium Zetton, Riku learns that he is a clone of Belial and everything that leads to him being an Ultraman was staged. Then before fighting, he gets this exchange from RE.M.:
      RE.M.: It seemed that he prepared the creation of the base, along with delivering the Geed Riser and Capsules.
      Riku: Are you my enemy, RE.M.? Or on my side?
      RE.M.: You are my current master, Riku. I will not betray you.
  • #12:
    • When a mysterious letter sent to Riku, he decided to met the writer themselves instead of doing nothing, especially when he can no longer transforms into an Ultraman.
    • Riku finally meets the man who provides him the surname Asakura, Sui Asakura. While every moments with Sui is outright heartwarming, the fact that said man is terminally ill and has months to live is quite heartbreaking. When Pedanium Zetton tries to attack Sui for his Little Star, the man insisted Riku to run and abandon him but the boy refuses, wanting him to live as well despite Sui's own illness. It was then when Riku obtains the Father of Ultra capsule and regain his ability to become Geed, declaring himself as Sui's protector.
    • After Pedanium Zetton's destruction, Riku finally shows his growth of character (no longer fears Laiha's sword) and frequently visits Sui, having faith that the man's illness can still be cured.
  • #13: It looks like RE.M. is Not So Stoic after all. In fact, the entire episode's plot revolves around her faking amnesia when Riku and Pega accidentally hit the baseball to her probe. This was to ensure that they would learn their lesson and took her advise. She even wishes for a body, seeing how the Nebula House residents bonds over by playing around.
  • #14:
    • Moa finally warms up to Laiha after seeing that both her and Riku's cohabitation weren't two people alone.
    • Riku having flashbacks of young Moa taking care of him.
    • Moa bonds over with Alien Shadow Kuruto quite easily. Becomes Tear Jerker when he is revealed to be The Mole that went to retrieve Zegan.
  • #15:
    • After spending his time as the mole, Kuruto finally bonds with Moa for real over their harsh training under Zena. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
    • Zena sees Riku and ask for his help, knowing the boy as Moa's childhood friend and Ultraman Geed. Looks like Zena does have faith in the Ultra, even if he has the Face of a Thug.
    • How did Moa's membership in AIB started: She fearlessly tending an injured Alien Zelan. Zena catches on her bravery and offer her a membership in AIB. She quickly agrees, seeing it as a chance for aliens and humanity to coexist.
    • Zena approaches Kuruto and persuades him to turn over a new leaf, going as far as to offer his own life. Kuruto disagrees and in turn orchestrate his own Suicide by Cop, believing that he himself is beyond redemption.
    • At the end of the episode, Zena acknowledges Moa as an important member of AIB, going as far as to claim the group has changed since her arrival. Moa in the meantime swears not to give up on her dreams.
  • #16:
    • Tri returns since her last appearance in episode 4, this time working to protect and cures the Little Star hosts.
    • With Belial approaches, Riku take this time to discuss as Zero and reveals his family heritage. Zero shows no disdain, seeing how both of them had weird parents and tells that he has nothing to fear and just remember his dear ones should he get lost.
    • When Belial appears and tries to bring Geed away, Zero barges in and tells Geed to step aside as he takes over the fight.
    • Even if they were different in affiliating sides, Belial spends the entire episode shows nothing more but genuine admiration towards his son.
  • #17:
    • How did Laiha contacts the Little Star: She was a baby dying from an incurable disease. Her family's wish for her well being reached Ultraman King, who in turn cured Laiha, allowing her to develop Little Stars faster than anybody else. For someone as ancient and powerful as King to notice the wishes of one family and save their daughter should tell you just what kind of man the series' Big Good is.
    • In a twisted way, Belial is this as he tries didn't even retaliate his son's rebellious nature and even embraced him. Although it becomes Nightmare Fuel as Belial tries to brainwash and/or digesting his own son.
    • The mysterious voice that Laiha heard before (stopping her from killing Kei and warning the arrival of Belial) is none other than Ultraman King. He even assisted her in saving Ultraman Geed from Belial's influence.
    • As a child, Riku cries alone in a Donshine stageshow. Donshine himself came out of the stage, noticing the boy and cheers him up with a fist bump before resuming the stage show.
    • After finally escaping Belial, Geed sends both him and his father to Earth, fighting with all of his forms before obtaining Royal Mega-Master from Laiha's Little Star. When fighting Chimeraberus, Geed makes it clear that he won't run from his fate, but fight against it.
    • After Belial's destruction, the entire public has finally sees Geed as the hero he is.
  • #18:
    • An amnesiac Kei finds refuge under Arie Ishikari, a nonfiction writer who wants a biography on Kei. Even if he regains his memory, she pledges her loyalty to him and hugged the injured man.
    • This exchange when Kei sees Geed assuming Royal Mega-Master:
      Kei: So you obtained King's power?
      Geed: Not his power, his dream!
  • #19: Riku goes at great lengths to save RE.M. when she was brainwashed by Kei Fukuide.
  • #21: Moa and Laiha bonding together to advise Riku into reconciling with Pega when the two get into a fight.
  • #24: Leito's wife reveals she's known Leito was Zero's host for some time now, and wishes him luck in the Final Battle.
  • #25: Riku doing something no one has ever done: actually show Belial compassion and try to understand his deeply buried sorrow over being banished from his home land, rage over that and his repeated defeats, and fatigue over his endless cycle of resurrecting only to be killed again. He even hugs Belial in their briefly connected mental landscape in genuine comfort, causing Belial's mental projection to very briefly revert back to his true, uncorrupted appearance, then tells his father to just let it all go. While Belial refuses to admit his wrongdoing and makes one last attempt at victory, the fact Riku genuinely tried to reach out and understand Belial's pain shows he truly is more of an Ultra than his father ever was.
    • A small one, but the title card of the final episode shows Riku with a big smile alongside his Ultraman form, as if to assure everyone that no matter what happens, Riku is and always will be, himself.

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