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Ultraman R/B takes place in the daily Slice-of-Life of a family.
Family is the main theme of this season, so its inevitable.

More elements from Ultraman Gaia.
  • Rivalry of Rosso and Blu like Gaia and Agul.
  • The Big Bad is a universally powerful force that sends space monsters to Earth which our heroes will fight.
    • Additionally, they are also prophesied threats from the distant past.
  • Their powers are literally from the same source, just like Gaia and Agul's shared origin as personifications of Earth and Sea.
  • The last boss is going to be like Zogu, who first appeared angelic and beautiful until she was revealed to be Bitch in Sheep's Clothing. Or rather, Light Is Not Good.

Ultraman Orb Dark is...
  • Gai Kurenai when he is Brainwashed and Crazy.
  • Jugglus Juggler's own Ultraman form.
  • A copy of Orb's power that gets corrupted.
  • An Evil Counterpart Confirmed by magazines! His R/B Crystal is corrupted into Orb Ring NEO and used by Makoto Aizen, making Gai and Orb Dark as separate beings!
  • An Evil Knockoff from an alien with the ability to disguise as an Ultraman.
  • A physical manifestation of Gai Kurenai's existential crisis as an immortal. Seeing your closest friends grow old and die if you're an immortal will lead to emotional trauma.
  • Although he might be a Red Herring, but Orb Dark might be Makoto Aizen, as seen in Episode 2 where he "borrows" Gai's catchphrase, and seems to know something about the Ultras. Confirmed by the magazines, he uses the Orb Ring NEO in his hand!

Gue-Basser is the original form of Maga-Basser.
  • In Ultraman Orb, 4 out of 6 elemental King Demon Beasts are variants of past monsters. In my theory, the appearing Gue-Basser may be an original variant of Maga-Basser.
    • This leaves Maga-Jappa left as an original monster.
    • Unfortunately Jossed. Director Kiyotaka Taguchi was interviewed by a group of fans last year that the original breed of Maga-Basser is Basser, it looks like the former without his forehead cyrstal.

Ultraman R/B will contain a story from Ultraman Orb Chronicle.
With Ultraman Orb Dark is expecting to appear, its not a huge stretch to assume that the 10 episode Ultraman Orb Chronicle will also be involved.

The brother's Super Mode will be a Fusion Dance

And the formed Ultra will be named R/B or Rube.

  • Confirmed by magazine scans.

Asahi is an alien who retconned herself into everyone's lives fullbringer style.
She only appeared in the last few minutes of the first episode with no explanation or foreshadowing. And she is most likely the entity who gave the brothers their powers.
  • In episode 3, Aizen comments that he didn't know Mio had a daughter...
  • In episode 6, Kaoru (the Minato brothers' old friend) says that the Minato family used to have four before correcting it as five. She only gives a silent look at Asahi as if there's something mysterious.
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  • Episode 10 finally jossed this theory, with Asahi was revealed to be there all along as a baby in their flashback. Suddenly Makoto and Kaoru's inability to recognize her makes sense since she was just a baby back then, but of course, this gives no excuse as to how Makoto never knew Asahi, since if Mio was pregnant he would have noticed about it.
  • Resurfaced again in Episode 12, where Ushio found an old family picture taken by Mio during a family trip. The problem is in his recollections, Asahi was present as a baby in the photo taking process but in the photo, only Katsumi, Isami and him are in it.

The mother is still alive...
But being brainwashed into the villain pawn. She might be the one who summoned the kaijus.

  • For now, Jossed on the Kaiju part.

R/B's power is tied to Orb
Orb, Rosso, Blu together formed ORB.

The mother is the previous Rube...
and her powers have now split between (been inherited by) her sons. Ep 1 Flashback makes this dodgy, though it wouldn't be the first time in recent Ultra series that a flashback turned out to be lying...

Mio hid the fire and aqua crystals inside her children.
Mio either discovered that Makoto was evil or was possessed like all good modern Ultra Big Bads and hid the crystals inside her sons before Makoto murdered her. The reasons her sons "changed" is because they are now Ultramen hybrids like Riku and the changes are the personality traits of the original Rosso and Blu bleeding out subconsciously. The whole research being lost is a lie, as Makoto stole it and used it to summon the kaiju, create his own gizmo and Orb Dark.

Chereza will have a Heel–Face Turn.
Sometime in the story, as Saki would become a bigger threat, Chereza would fight against the brothers again but has a Heel Realization that he is not progressing as a true Ultraman. Eventually, he will assist the brothers in any way or another while making peace with them and understand the true meaning of being an Ultraman.

Ultraman Orb Dark Heel–Face Return pending.
Since the Orb Ring NEO is still exist, anyone can use it later on, allowing Orb Dark to assist our heroes for good. Relating to the WMG above, one of his potential user may be a Heel–Face Turn Chereza or Asahi Minato herself.

New Ultraman and their potential host.
Based on the link here, we have new Ultra names and their potential host/allegiance.

  • Ultraman Tregia: An evil Ultraman because he's released as Ultra Kaiju DX.
  • Ultraman Grigio: A hidden sibling of Rosso and Blu, if he is Asahi, then its illogical because Asahi is a girl.

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